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ANSWER ME!! The First Three – from Jim & Debbie Goad

Answer Me!: The First ThreeAnswer Me!: The First Three by Jim Goad
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I can’t tell you, for sure, when I first got my hands on this.
I can remember getting one of the first three ‘issues’, mailing away for it to some unknown P.O. Box after a buddy sent me info about it. He said, “Hey, you like fucked up shit, check out this (forgive me…) ‘zine!”
It was perfect – full of dirt, grime, and grainy pictures.
Jim & Debbie Goad were a pissed off couple who hated everything, except each-other, and I was obsessed.
I got a letter some time later. Something personal was happening, so they were putting ANSWER ME! The First Three together in one issue, with a glossy cover and a bit of supplemental material, to raise some dough. I sent for it the same day!
I’ve read this cover to cover HUNDREDS of times.
The pages still leave ink stains on my fingers, it’s beat up and worn.
I still sometimes worry about the person who finds it after I die…
Serial killers, suicides, Dr. Kevorkian – (he was very much alive and in business when they called him. And since the good doctor was dealing death [practicality] right around the corner from me, it was that much cooler!). It still feels wrong, and dirty. I wouldn’t sell it for anything!

I always wanted ANSWER ME! Issue 4, the RAPE issue, and everything else advertised in the back of my copy. I never sent for anything after finding out that the ‘something personal’ that was going on came to a sad end. I didn’t know if address were changed, if people moved around, then it would slip my mind until the next time I picked it up again.
I’m going to stop writing this now, so I can read up on what Jim Goad & Goad To Hell have posted on… Goodreads!? Really?! I’m smirking at this, but… hey – freaks of the world, UNITE! Why not there?