Audio Friday The Thirteenth


Learn how to pronounce this word:

What is it? Paraskevidekatriaphobia is the irrational fear of Friday the 13th, and all things associated with it. There’s good news, but it involves successfully saying the word. ♪ dun dun dunnn ♪

Dr. Donald Dossey, from the Phobia Institute in Asheville, N.C., says that “when you learn to pronounce this word, you’re cured of all your Friday the thirteenth related fears!” But how do you even begin?

Korva Coleman, an expert on pronunciations, gives us this advice: “Break it down into syllables,” she advises. “When you take a look at that middle “i” after the “v” … it’s pronounced like a double “e.” para-skev-EE-dek-a-tri-a-pho-bia

That helped me a little bit, but I’m more of an aural learner –

The second, and lesser popular friggatriskaidekaphobia is another name for a fear of Friday the 13th.

Stay safe out there today! Pet a black cat, stay away from ladders, and wear your mask!

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A TASTE OF YOUR FEARS 2 – More personalized horror stories from Matt Shaw

The second volume of the “Literature-Ly You” stories.
For more details on LITERATURE-LY YOU, see the discussion on A Taste of Your Fears 1

“Literature-Ly You” is the new service offered by horror author Matt Shaw (published author of over 40 stories) whereby he invites his readers the opportunity to star in their very own short story based upon their fears and phobias (some normal, some not so normal) …

Included within this book is an introduction to the “Literature-Ly You” service and a collection of just some of those stories:

The Infected:
A fear that we can all relate to – the dentist!
I couldn’t figure out who’s story this is – it’s a guy, and at 6’4″, covered in tattoos – still being afraid of the dentist is nothing I’d tease him about! Seriously, I get it. Panic attacks in the dentist’s chair… ::shudders::

Home Sweet Home:
Kelly & Matt’s story is, and I mean this with total love & respect, one of the most fucked up stories I’ve read. Thumbs up all around! Matt answered the question – “What do you do when there’s an intruder in your home?”, and I may be scarred for life.

The Barking:
Dogs, metal, and heights. Three fears turn into a story ripped from Mandy’s nightmares!

The Help:
Bunny’s literary husband is a dick! I’m sure Art is an . Awesome guy IRL, but, Matt’s version of Art bought Bunny a robotic helper. One that learns, and reacts. Creepily enough, this one wants to be loved, too!


Interview with the Author:
This one…
This one is mine.
I gave him a couple things, but mainly I gave him free reign. In this story, I win a contest to be whisked across the pond for a dinner with my favorite author.