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ISO a few good madmen…

I originally asked @screamfix if I could share this post here because I think it’s a legit, no-bullshit offer that will¬†be¬†a win/win for everyone. Plus,¬†I¬†know a handful of BBB readers who will want to jump on this immediately.¬†

But,¬†there IS¬†another reason…

I want to shine the spotlight on D√∂n & Donna Harrison, and¬†The screamfix Horror Community¬†for a minute, and¬†I really hope that everyone will check them¬†out. I believe¬†that screamfix and Shadow Girl started out¬†with a similar intent – to¬†SUPPORT/PROMOTE INDIE HORROR!¬†Or, as¬†screamfix so eloquently puts it¬†–

‚ÄúPromoting creators of independent horror by feeding rabid horror fans‚ÄĚ

♥ You gotta give it up for Oscar Wilde-like wordplay that good! ♥

This is the point where I would usually start detailing all the awesome, but not this time.¬†I don’t need to. Check them out. I’ll be surprised if you tell me that you disagree. I’ll be rockin’ my screamfix Horror Community badge here on BBB,¬†while I think of ideas, stuff, and things – hopefully there will be a Horror Network badge to keep it company soon.

Support & promote independent horror, dark fiction, and sci-fi in all their various forms: movies, books, poems, comics, artwork, music, games, fashion, etc.  Write a review. Share a link. Update your status. Tweet the deets. Tell a friend. Call your mom. Shout it from the rooftops!



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Fangirling ~ Like A Boss


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DWELLER by Jeff Strand

Eight year old Toby Floren was on an adventure, chasing bank-robbers, and disintegrating aliens in the woods behind his house. He didn’t mean to get lost.
His parents said that monsters aren’t real, and his dad didn’t see anything when they went back to find his knife.
It was just his imagination. That’s all. Monsters aren’t real.


Toby is fifteen now, and uses the woods as a place of solace. They’re somewhere where he can be alone, get away from everything, and think. Seeing the monster scared him again now, just as much as before. But now he’s a little older, and that thing from seven years ago deserves another look…

Fifteen year old Toby found a friend when he found the creature living in the woods. A friend he calls Owen.

DWELLER is Toby and Owen’s story. It’s about a bond formed between two… souls, a friendship that lasts more than fifty years. Like any friendship, there are good times, and bad. Unlike most friendships, there is also blood, and an occasional body to deal with. To be completely honest, there are some parts that are very hard to read through. I was a weepy & snotty mess at times, but I also laughed out loud, too. And – I felt every emotion in between.

Thank you, Jeff¬†¬†ūüôā
I want to believe in monsters now.
Everyone deserves an Owen in their life.

You can find DWELLER on Amazon & Goodreads.


Fans (like us) are awesome people. ¬†People like Jeff make it easy for us to WANT to be awesome, though. ¬†He’s never too busy to take the time to connect with us, and he honestly¬†loves, and appreciates the little things we do just to try and get other people as excited as we are about his books! ¬†I’ve said before that¬†I’d love to meet Jeff, and¬†it would probably feel like we were just catching up with an old buddy¬†– inappropriate humor and all! ¬†I’d love¬†to meet other fans, too.

If we all got together one night for a #StrandFan¬†get-together,¬†¬†I wonder if he’d come and bail us all out of jail. (oh, you know it would happen!)¬† I bet he’d go to the station to bail us out, but somehow end up arrested with us!

I don’t know how I came across this video posted by #StrandFan¬†Chris Morey, but I had to update this review to post it! This is #fangirling to the nth degree! I love this so much, and I can’t wait to stalk the rest of Chris’s videos to see what else is hidden in there.

Yeah… I bet Chris is a guy we could go to jail with…

“Have a listen to the Dweller song and learn something about the book!”

“Dweller is a horror novel written by Jeff Strand. Jeff Strand, if you’re not familiar with him, usually writes with an excellent blend of horror and comedy and is truly a unique voice in the genre today. You’ll fall in love with his style as soon as you get your hands on your copy of Dweller.”

* From¬†Chris Morey’s YouTube channel