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Stop running! Where are you going?

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ISO a few good madmen…

I originally asked @screamfix if I could share this post here because I think it’s a legit, no-bullshit offer that will be a win/win for everyone. Plus, I know a handful of BBB readers who will want to jump on this immediately.  But, there IS another reason… I want to shine the spotlight on Dön & Donna Harrison, and The screamfix Horror […]

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Fangirling ~ Like A Boss

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DWELLER by Jeff Strand

Eight year old Toby Floren was on an adventure, chasing bank-robbers, and disintegrating aliens in the woods behind his house. He didn’t mean to get lost. His parents said that monsters aren’t real, and his dad didn’t see anything when they went back to find his knife. It was just his imagination. That’s all. Monsters […]