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Stephen King by Christine Dougherty

STEPHEN KING A Short Story by Christine Dougherty
‘STEPHEN KING A Short Story’ can be downloaded on Amazon for 99Β’, and is part of the collection – Evil Eight, Eight Tales of Horror.

My copy says WRITTEN BY CHRISTINE DOUGHERTY, all of her books on Amazon [dot com] now say ‘Chris Dougherty’.

Harold promised his wife, Michelle, that he’d be home early tonight. I know I’m not the only person who’s husband is constantly saying the same thing – just like I know that I’m not the only one who is let down by that promise every single time! Michelle is in our group tonight, because it’s 1:15 am, and Harold is still sitting at his desk in the office! He thinks since she probably went to bed hours ago – he’ll go ahead and work through his email.
He runs ‘GravenWords‘, a website (formed from a blog), dedicated to his love of books (and sometimes movies) in the horror realm. This generates a truck-load of email – trust me on this! Fans comment on their favorite books & movies, post about long awaited releases, and in the horror community – a ‘bond’ is formed between fans. It can be awesome! But, if fans don’t agree with your opinion, they let you know that, too!
Harold also receives numerous requests from writers who want him to review their work. – (There’s a bit where he’s bitching to himself about people writing nothing but ‘shitty little horror novellas’ these days, and I actually laughed out loud when I read “Who the fuck reads novellas?”) And, that’s exactly what this last email is! As he reads it, he thinks it’s a nice change to receive a polite and professional request from someone, until he gets to the end – where the guy compares his writing to Stephen King’s.
Tired and irritated, Harold fires off a quick, and nasty reply.
He regrets his harsh reaction immediately, and that’s the only reason he accepted the chat request. He comes to realize that accepting this chat may turn out to be the biggest regret of his life!

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The website that Harold runs, GravenWords, is a real blogspot address, and it’s ran by Christine πŸ™‚ Check it out –

This is just the beginning.

I’ll go first and you keep a hold of my shirt; don’t lose me in the dark!

I think there’s worse to come.

Don’t be scared, though.

I know the way.

Yeah, I’m that kind of person. I check fictional posts, sites, and sometimes phone numbers. I just like to see how far people are willing to take a joke! (More than once… I’ve been very pleasantly surprised!) Don’t judge me! Ask ANY child of the 80’s who’s phone number this is, and if they’ve ever called her! 867-5309

The book is dedicated to Christine’s hero, The King of Horror
I love that, and I really hope that SK is the kind of guy that would pick up, and read, a book titled with his name.

Visit Christine, browse titles, and catch important updates –

Watch for my review of Evil Eight – coming soon on BBB

$2.99 @ Amazon
$2.99 @ Amazon

Evil Eight, Eight Tales of Horror by Christine Dougherty
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