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Matt Shaw’s 200th Kindle Release!

A new horror to sink your teeth into...



of the food he’d cooked her was divine. When she told him, over their many online messages, what her favourite three course meal was – she never expected him to cook it for her and yet, that was exactly what he had done. Sitting opposite her, he watched her enjoy every mouthful despite not wanting any food for himself. A man content with the glass of red before him: A liquid dinner. Normally she would feel uncomfortable with a relative stranger watching her eat, but the food was so good that she didn’t care. Anyway, she knew this was her treat… Just as what he had coming for himself – as soon as she was done eating – would be his treat, not that he hurried her to finish. He was happy to wait. He knew

all good things come to those who wait

Have you read PLENTY OF FREAKS? OMG, Poor Matt could have ended up in so many of his stories!

To meTASTE feels like a re-imagining of the 2001 ‘Love ‚ô° Cannibalism’¬†case involving Armin Meiwes & Bernd Brandes. ¬† Details on THAT are below… heh heh heh…

Like the rest of the White Cover collection, this short story is intended for those who want a quick read before bed, or members of Kindle Unlimited. If you’re looking for something longer, please try any of the Black Cover Range.

Warning: Strong sexual content.

See below for details on Armin Meiwes & Bernd Brandes –

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Strange Sex 3

 Fancy a ménage à trilogy?

Have you ever felt the urge to fuck the photocopier at work? Or maybe you’re obsessed with panda sex. Perhaps you have a bomb in your cunt, or better yet, you have the Demon Vibrator of Eden in there. Whatever your taste, STRANGE SEX 3 has the scratch for your itch.

As usual, #SS3 is packed with awesome from cover to cover, and there is surely something within it’s pages for everyone’s hidden kink. ¬†(If it’s not your kink now – it just might be after you read about it!)

Once again the craziest perverts in the industry have gathered together to give us some of the most fucked up erotica you’re ever likely to read, and a possible #VVD (virtual venereal disease) in the process. 

Since this is our third installment of Strange Sex, I’m not going to touch on every story this time. ¬†I know, I know… you’re disappointed. Don’t worry – I’m not going to make you walk in to the madness blindly! Here are a few highlights to make sure you don’t stick to the floor…

Billy Tea taught us something¬†very important in #SS2 – Rule 34: If it exists, there‚Äôs porn of it. Now, in #SS3, John Bruni teaches us that it doesn’t matter how fucked up something seems…¬†there is ‘A Market For All Things’. ¬†People collect weird things –¬†especially Hollywood memorabilia. ¬† (I also learned “…they’re not called selfies if there is more than one person in them. Those are ‘usies’.”¬† Thanks, John!!)

Do you remember how you felt when you walked into an ‘adult book store’ for the first time? Mike Lombardo vividly describes Lee’s first excruciating foray into the neon paradise in¬†‘Just Like The Real Thing’. Poor kid.
There is a¬†scene in Clerks¬†that shows Randal on the phone,¬†placing an order¬†for RST Video – I think Kevin Smith should hire Mike Lombardo as a porn consultant for the filming of Clerks 3…

I’ve always hated when someone refers to themselves as a ‘foodie’, EVERYBODY¬†loves food, right?!¬†¬†MP Johnson¬†shows us how some people just take their love of food to an entirely different, (and lower), level in ‘Combo Platter Number Three’.

I think we can all agree that the ‘auto-correct’ feature on our cell phones was invented by Satan, right? If you’ve ever have had an auto-correct disaster in your life you’ll love the hilarious transcript, ahem…¬†story from Mandy De Sandra – ‘Duck Me In The Bass: An Autocorrect Anal Sex Text Adventure’.

Leonard Delaney tells us a touching story about falling in love, (complete with ¬†heartbreak, and betrayal), that almost everyone can relate to in ‘The Office Photocopier Wants To Fuck Me’.¬†

There’s a thin line between love & hate, and ‘Mine’ by¬†Elle Stanger sits dead center.¬† “They say that love can be like a fire, quick and unpredictable. But what they don’t tell you is that love can burn your house down.”

The Stories:

‚ÄúJust Like The Real Thing‚ÄĚ by Mike Lombardo¬†
‚ÄúCombo Platter Number Three‚ÄĚ by MP Johnson
‚ÄúTanuki vs. the Aokigahara Swingers Club‚ÄĚ by Arthur Graham
‚ÄúEctoplasm Orgasm‚ÄĚ by Adam Millard
‚ÄúThe Mark Of Zorra‚ÄĚ by Rich Bottles Jr.
‚ÄúSnowballin’: I Fucked Frosty‚ÄĚ by Auralie Vierge
‚ÄúCuntBomb!!!‚ÄĚ by TruckDrivingMagicMamma
‚ÄúRat Fuck‚ÄĚ by Robert Tannahill
‚ÄúDuck Me In The Bass: An Autocorrect Anal Sex Text Adventure‚ÄĚ by Mandy De Sandra
‚ÄúA Market For All Things‚ÄĚ by John Bruni
‚ÄúBigBoobenstein And The Demon Vibrator Of Eden‚ÄĚ by Jeff O’Brien
‚ÄúThe Office Photocopier Wants To Fuck Me‚ÄĚ by Leonard Delaney
‚ÄúMine‚ÄĚ by ¬†
‚ÄúThe Aliens from HerAnus‚ÄĚ by Made In DNA
‚ÄúBionic Bonkers Feline Sextacular 3000‚ÄĚ by Jason Wayne Allen
‚ÄúRed Hot Panda Love‚ÄĚ by Danger_Slater


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Find more stories from these deviants on Amazon:

John Bruni,¬†Mike Lombardo,¬†MP Johnson,¬†¬†Arthur Graham,¬†¬†Adam Millard,¬†¬†Rich Bottles Jr.,¬†Auralie Vierge,¬†TruckDriving MagicMamma,¬†¬†Robert Tannahill,¬†¬†Mandy De Sandra,¬†Jeff O’Brien,¬†Leonard Delaney,¬†Elle Stanger,¬†Made In DNA,¬†Jason Wayne Allen,¬†Danger Slater¬†