Splatterpunk vs Horror

Just a sticky note post,  a little fun fact  just learned from reading a post from John McNee. The following is taken from a post on Goodreads.

” Erin wrote: “What’s the difference between splatterpunk and horror? I would never use the term splatterpunk if I were describing a gory book, I would just say it was gory”
John McNee answered…

“‘Splatterpunk’ is (or was) a subgenre of horror, but I think most people just use the term ‘extreme horror’ now.

Usually it means you can expect a LOT of gore and “extreme” subject matter crossing the line of good taste. At least, more than you would tend to find in mainstream horror like Stephen King or Dean Koontz.

I’m honestly not sure how helpful the label is. People who are looking for a more intense horror experience will gravitate towards so-called ‘splatterpunk’ writers, but a lot of otherwise open-minded horror fans refuse to read any ‘splatterpunk’ at all because of what they imagine books with that label will be like.”

I like that.