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Fancy a #FREE download of ‘BOX: A Psychological Horror’ by Matt Shaw?

I killed a man so it is only right I am put to death…

The execution was scheduled and the last meal consumed.
The coolness of the poisons entering the blood system
slowed the heart rate and sent him on the way to Judgement.
He had paid for his crime with years on Death Row waiting for this moment –
now he would pay for them again as the judgment continued…

Matt Shaw, 聽author of Sick B*stards, PORN and 2016: A Year of Horror and Pain, is giving us a #FREE DOWNLOAD of this short, psychological horror. 聽HURRY! Limited Time Offer!!

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DEAD MEN WALKING by Duncan Ralston

I’m probably going to lose points for telling you this, but… I did not realize what the cover art is until – just now! I was only seeing a window – not prison bars.

Cover art is titled "HANDS OF THE PRISONER" by BortN66.
Cover art is titled “HANDS OF THE PRISONER” by BortN66.

It’s awesome work, and I especially like how the shadow of the book’s title is being thrown onto the head of the accused. Maybe I just wasn’t paying close enough attention before now(?) IDK. ::sigh::
It reminds me of one of my absolute favorite pictures of Mike Ness.


“Stay dead, Bitch!”
~ from my Things I Wish I Would’ve Said collection.
~ from my “What I really said was…” collection

Welcome to Alamosa County Prison, Noob. You wanna fit in ’round here, just call it Alamo, like the rest of us. I’m George Palomino, your Welcome Wagon!
It takes a special kind of person to work here on Death Row. Yeah, that’s why we call it that – Z Block. Dead men walkin’, just like zombies.
Some people got what it takes to work here, and some people don’t. You got that look, though… you might just be OK here – if you can make it through your very first shift! I’m just kiddin’ with you, Noob. The man that you’re replacing? They didn’t tell you? That’s a long fuckin’ story, man. Well, we do have some time to kill before our rounds. It all happened on the night of Jos茅 Vasquez’s execution.”

“On Z Block, we’re all dead men walking, whether we wanna believe it or not. Just a matter of fuckin’ time.”

“The man you’re askin’ about… that was C.O. Friedkin.
The late Jim Friedkin. Yeah, dead.
I’ve had this job at Alamo for a looong time. I’ve been here while eight death-penalty verdicts were ‘carried out’, and the old-timers have told me stories about even more. No matter how many you see, you’ll never get used to them.
They’re bad. Real bad.
But the worst, the absolute fuckin’ worst execution of all was Jos茅 Vasquez. It killed Jim Friedkin. It literally killed him. That’s the night it all happened.
Chaos erupted so fast. Jos茅’s heart-monitor was flat-lining as he was ripping out of his restraints! Jim was using his baton, trying to ‘subdue’ the prisoner about the head & neck, but it was violently ripped from his hands. He was left with no way to protect himself.”

“There was so much blood in that room. Blood & vomit.
I’ll never play Jenga again.
Jos茅 Vasquez was killed, the second time, by a shotgun blast to the head. He didn’t get back up after that.
Sometimes, I can still hear the beeeeepppp…”




Did you catch the author’s nod to Thomas Harris in the story?

You can smell my what?!
SotL had Miggs ~ DMW has Biggs



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