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PORN by Matt Shaw

After a bit of research to assure that authors will be getting paid, I started my Kindle Unlimited membership.
I thought long & hard about this, (that’s what she said), and I thought it was more than appropriate to pop the cherry on my free trial with PORN by Matt Shaw!

There is gore.
There is bad language.
There are scenes of a sexual nature.
PORN is a violent tale of sex and revenge.

Ever since she a little girl, Victoria wanted to be an actress. She starred in a commercial when she was just six years old, and couldn’t dream of doing anything else. Unfortunately, the gigs she’s picking up aren’t steady. Working just for experience doesn’t pay the bills. Her credit cards are maxed out, she has shut-off notices arriving in the mail, and a nasty habit of wanting to eat every day. (sheesh! some people! am i right?!)
She knows that something has to be done, and soon. She starts hitting casting calls for some ‘less than savory’ roles, and eventually finds herself with a casting agent for adult films. It doesn’t take long for him to come through – and within a few days he’d set her up for an informal audition with Mr. Adams – a producer of one of the largest adult film companies in the UK.
To her surprise, Victoria loved working in porn! She feared that it would make her feel used, or dirty – but it was just the opposite. She felt strong, empowered. Alive.
Victoria Sheldon has just become Vicki Blows.
Her career skyrockets, money is no longer an issue, and she is in high demand.
But, not everyone is a fan.
Vicki barely escapes the session that is supposed to be her final performance. Victoria Sheldon wants to give up – Vicki Blows won’t give up!
This story of hard core revenge Tarantinos you through Victoria’s quest for her ultimate justice. One creepily psychotic moment ran a chill up my spine –

“Who set up our shoot?” she asks.
He replies with – “I’ll never tell you.”
She smiles. “Yes. You will.”

Matt’s first person narrative writing style continues in this book, and how he got into Vicki’s character amazes me. I picture him in front of a Ouija Board, channeling the ghosts of Dawn Schiller, and Madame Delphine LaLaurie. (Maybe getting an accidental session with Rose West.)