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The Great American Slasher by David C. Hayes

Get ready for a real American bloodbath!


The All-American girl meets the All-American psychopath in a duel to the death!

Suburbia will never be safe again!

Adrienne Marks lives a semi-charmed kind of life; she’s a cheerleader, the prom queen, and dates the most popular boy in school. Adrienne is pretty, athletic, and popular – all the things that her brother is not. Andy is introverted, dark, and prefers the internet over human interaction.

For twin siblings, they couldn’t be more different.

Andy and his best friend TJ found a new underground website called VictimNet. The page looks like an interactive ad for a new horror movie. There are ‘trailers’ of girls being murdered, graphic pictures, and forums to chat with other fans. VictimNet members can add people to the site, and auction them off to the highest bidder.

Andy and TJ decide to put Adrienne up for auction on the site – they can have some fun pretending that some psychopath is going to murder her, and it will be the perfect way to bring Adrienne down a peg or two.

Little did they know that VictimNet is a real ‘Red Room’ site, and the trailers are real ‘snuff’ videos. They just auctioned off the prom queen to brutal serial killer. Once they realize that everything is happening IRL, it is too late to stop The Bidder from getting exactly what he paid for.  He has plans for the girl he just bought – and his plans would turn Lucio Fulci’s stomach!

Scene from ZOMBIE – directed by Lucio Fulci

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CHERUB by David C. Hayes

Nothing lasts forever…

except a mother’s love.

“Get ready for a ride through the absolute worst in human nature. Hayes has the unique ability to convey the most sickening acts in a way that will have you laughing between retches. Once the book closes, you’ll need to shower and after that you’ll wonder what it says about you that Hayes managed to touch so deep and dark. You will be affected.”


In every small town, in every section of the world, there is always that family. The family that is whispered about in the grocery store, and used as fodder for campfire horror stories. There is one family that urban legends are based on, and local children dare each-other to spy on in the dark.

In Brockton, Michigan, the Richardson family is that family.

In 1966, a very pregnant Marie Richardson helped to perpetuate the stories when she arrived at the hospital – she was about to become very non-pregnant, and claimed that she had never been with a man.

The things that happened during Marie’s labor, and the birth of her child,  almost killed her, caused a lifetime of therapy for two nurses, and led the attending physician into retirement. Since that day, not a soul had seen the product of those horrors – until Brockton PD was sent to the Richardson place some 40 years later to investigate complaints of a bizarre smell.

What the deputies found was described as being ‘worse than the most horrible car wreck in the world’.  Chained to the wall in the basement was a man of about 500 pounds. He was about 7 feet tall, balding, and could be compared to Chunk from The Goonies – on a good day.


The man was sent to the Blessed Arms State Hospital, (formerly Michigan’s official State Tuberculosis Hospital, and has a striking resemblance to ELOUISE psychiatric hospital in Westland, MI), and into the custody of Dr. Godfrey and nurse Angie Fletcher.

Cherub, as he comes to be known by the staff, quickly becomes a special project for Nurse Angie and her sinister plans for Blessed Arms.

We all know how much I love hometown authors, and David C. Hayes is one of my Michigan Madmen ❤ The little details placed in MI stories always make me smile. The town of Brockton is described as a town in southeast Michigan, almost on the Ohio border – exactly where my ass is sitting right at this moment.  The day that Cherub was born was a brisk autumn day in November with leaves changing color and blanketing the ground everywhere – just like today. I mentioned above, Blessed Arms feels like it is based on Elouise Psychiatric Hospital, and I’ve had an obsession with that place for YEARS. (They’re making a horror movie at Elouise now, too! Awesome!) David also mentions ‘Kroger’ – a MI based grocery store.

I highly recommend CHERUB, no matter where you live 😉 The story shines some light on nature vs. nurture, and the author  proves that sometimes humans are the worst monsters of all.

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CANNIBAL FAT CAMP by Mark C. Scioneaux & David C. Hayes

Boy, that escalated quickly.


Mark C. Scioneaux & David C. Hayes

The school year is about to end, and Miles Landish is ready to start his summer vacation. Especially since he just got busted, again, for stealing his classmates lunches. Not just a Twinkie here, or a sandwich there – oh no. Miles had just binged his way down the hall, breaking into lockers along the way. If the embarrassment from being caught red handed wasn’t enough, he also split his pants bending over – flashing ‘The Goat’ to every teacher & student in the hallway!

The principal has had enough of Miles, and wants him to spend his senior year at another school. Well, if you’ve got snooty parents, and more money than God, you can pretty much write your own ticket – and his parents take full advantage of how much the school needs their financial support.

They put their heads together and come up with a mutually beneficial decision – send Miles to Camp Tum TumA weight control camp for spoiled teens, aka a Fat Camp for over privileged brats. Miles is nervous, but he knows that he needs this – he can’t lose weight on his own. He’s tried.

Camp Tum Tum is completely isolated, no phones, no computers, nothing to distract the campers. That’s a good idea, in theory. But when TSHTF, and there is no way to call for help – things spiral out of control faster than their will-power at an all you can eat buffet.

CFC is a great story, bonus for having a kick-ass title and the best cover art ever! I used to have full collections of Garbage Pail Kids, and the cover pic makes me want to jump on eBay and pay a fortune to start collecting again!

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Also contains the short stories:
Glamgina by David C. Hayes
The Chest by Mark C. Scioneaux
That Other Plan from Outer Space by David C. Hayes
An Unexpected Hunt by Mark C. Scioneaux