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Cecil & Bubba meet a Succubus (Single Shot Short Story Series)Cecil & Bubba meet a Succubus by Terry M. West
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

You say succubus, Bubba says suck-a-bus.
tomaytoe / tamahtoe

Cecil and Bubba do odd jobs for money. Not the kind of odd jobs that we think about when we hear that phrase, but literally – ODD jobs. They like to gamble, drink, and hunt tail, so no matter how many odd jobs they do – they never have enough money.
The boys got into some big trouble last week when they accidentally ran over the dog of a gypsy named Rosalita Parez. She cursed the boys on the spot. Bubba remembered the words that she spoke – “doomed to be plagued by strange and evil until the end of their days”. The phrase kept repeating itself in his mind, even during the latest odd job that Cecil & Bubba were hired to do by Conrad Woods.
Whether it was the power of a succubus, or the power of the curse, Bubba Teague and Cecil McGee learned that these evil forces are not things that they want to mess with… especially this close to Halloween.
The dark humor had me cracking up – I’m really excited to read the ongoing adventures of Cecil & Bubba!

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FATHER DOOM: The Damned Priest – Brain Food from R. Archer

'Blonde Witch' by LeoLaino76 on Deviant Art
‘Blonde Witch’
by LeoLaino76 on Deviant Art

Father Damon has been cursed by a witch.
Cursed to suffer the sins of the damned.
He finds solace in believing that this curse could help his fellow-man; the souls of some of the most despicable & depraved beings that ever walked the earth may use his body to act out the funnest of the seven deadlies, but at least he can lead them to the Lord for redemption afterwards. If he survives this first possession, that is.
Father Damon sees the sins of this particular miscreant in his mind, and this guy is was a real doozy! Along with rape, and murder, the father is horrified as he sees the killers spirit relive past dining experiences, and he’s betting that when he’s forced to act – Becky won’t taste like chicken.

FATHER DOOM - Now available on Amazon
FATHER DOOM – Now available on Amazon

I hate saying things like this, but, I think this might be my favorite one of Rog’s books so far. Emphasis on SO FAR.
Flight 370 was my first real foray into speculative fiction, and I’m excited to read the alternate history in 50 Years Later. I must say… I’m diggin’ it. But, the next one on my list is INSANE BEDTIME STORIES (5 tales of insanity to delight the crazy person in us all!)

BTW…I had the Jello theme stuck in my head all day – Thanx for the ear-rape, Rog!

Here are ways to connect with Rog, get to know him a little better –

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And, this is his incomplete Goodreads page – Let’s get on him to update this one 🙂