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This would be awesome, wouldn’t it?! “I read that shit so hard!”


I Noped Out On Today’s Plans Pretty Quick. It’s Hot Outside!

Does anyone else have a hard time reading while laying in the sun?
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Sick B*stards: The Comics

This is your chance to revel in the filth of someone else’s misfortunes, while you sit there, smug in your nice little life. You Sick B*stard, you.


Help back this new comic series based on Sick B*stards, the number one best-selling horror novel from Matt Shaw on Indiegogo.


Deep down, we are ALL Sick B*stards. But we don’t think we are, and we will, hopefully, never find out. But some people are not so lucky. Sick B*stards is an extreme horror survival novel written by Matt Shaw and adapted for graphic novel by the experienced Dave McCluskey.

Check out the campaign & find out what you can do to help!
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Shadow Girl is an official ‘Sick B*stard

What does that mean? Check out The Sick B*stards Society for details!

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Writers Block


If I could bring back C&H, I’d be a happy, happy, gurl. Bring back the comic and ban car decals of Calvin pissing stuff.