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Ten years ago on Christmas Eve, Silas Herzinger donned a Santa suit and took an axe to 15 members of his extended family. Luke Herzinger, his youngest son, was the sole survivor of the infamous Herzinger Family Massacre.

Now, after a decade away, a despondent and suicidal Luke has come home.

Luke returns to ‘Haunted Hill’ after ten years, and¬†plans on drinking himself brave enough to use the shotgun that he has brought with him to his old hometown. Dressed in a Santa suit, Luke¬†enters an old, somewhat familiar haunt – a bar that he remembers from the old days – Sal’s Place.¬†

While sitting & drinking at the bar,¬†what Luke finds isn’t the courage to wrap his lips around that shotgun – it’s some familiar faces and friendly voices¬†from people that he once knew.¬†

Instead of running from his memories, Luke decides to face his past and battle the evil that people say still roams the halls of his old family home on Haunted Hill. 

Stop by Spotify before you start reading CHRISTMAS EVE ON HAUNTED HILL¬†and queue up the¬†playlist of the music that is playing in Sal’s Place¬†(created by the author, Bryan Smith):¬†¬†
‚ąó Drinkin’ with Luke and Greg on Christmas Eve¬†‚ąó


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