Lisa Lane’s ‘Words From The Grammar Nazi

I want to share this Blog post from Lisa Lane (aka Leigh M. Lane). It isn’t a WordPress Blog, so I couldn’t re-blog it. Here is a sneak-peek, along with a link to take you to her original post from 2/25/13.

WORDS FROM THE GRAMMAR NAZI on the Cerebral Writer

“She’ll point out every little mistake. She’ll scream at you for using comma splices and split infinitives. She has no tolerance for fragments and run-ons. Today, she’s taken over the Cerebral Writer and, hate her if you will, she does know her grammar.”

Today’s lesson:
The Most Common Punctuation Errors You Probably Didn’t Know You Were Making

As writers, many of us use our intuitions to get through much of our prose. While this might be a good thing where characterization, dialog, and storyline are concerned, it can also be a huge pitfall when it comes to proper punctuation use. Before formally learning all of the rules, for example, I based my own comma use on various canonical works I’d read. After all, the authors of acclaimed classics had to have gotten it right . . . ? Unfortunately, the answer to that is not always a “yes.” Following are a few of the most common errors I see in other authors’ writing.

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