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The Song of Dweller

DWELLER by Jeff Strand

The story of a macabre, decades-long human/monster bromance.
A relationship that will last their entire lives, through times of happiness, tragedy, love, loss, madness, and complete darkness. Gear up boys & girls – I cried buckets of tears throughout this one.  Read my original review of the book HERE.


A video for “The Song of Dweller”, a heart-wrenching and gut-twisting song about DWELLER, the latest novel by Jeff Strand. Song by the mighty Trevor Strong of the Arrogant Worms. Video by the mighty Terri Garey.


The lifetime story of a boy and his monster.
The lifetime story of a boy and his monster.
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Book Trailers for ‘RITUALISTIC HUMAN SACRIFICE’ by C.V. Hunt

Ritualistic Human Sacrifice by C.V. Hunt


Nick Graves is a miserable man. Every day he comes home from his dream job to a stale marriage. On the day he finally summons the courage to tell his wife, Eve, he wants a divorce she has exciting news for him – she’s pregnant.

Nick is a spiteful man. He purchases his dream home in an ideal location far away from family, friends, and coworkers. It’s a life changing decision he’s chosen to make without Eve’s consultation.

Nick is a terrified man. He quickly realizes the residents of his new hometown are a bit eccentric. After a trip to the local doctor’s office Eve begins to behave strangely. And once Nick finds out what’s really going on he’ll never be able to look at Eve the same way.

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Book Trailer for Michael Noe’s ‘The Darkness of the Soul’

William is a writer returning to his hometown after a traumatic separation from his wife. Nick is a member of the Losers’ Club and is crippled by his anxieties and insecurities. William reconnects with Kelly, a women from his past, but Nick has fallen in love with Kelly, putting him on a collision course to destroy her. Now, the characters from William’s most recent story have a different idea. Sometimes there are no happy endings.

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GRISTLE & BONE book trailer from Duncan Ralston

Check out the full review of GRISTLE & BONE.

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Preview of BITCH CALIBER 45 by F.P. Curti – with video trailer

by F.B. Curti
BITCH CALIBER 45 – the new book by FPCurti. Available everywhere. “…The boy turns towards me. Boom. The bullet blows his brain into pieces. The blood splatters on the ceiling. His body falls on the floor. The whore screams in terror. The sight of the black bloodstain on the train carpet blocks her. The other two men escape. One of the guys opens the door communicating with the other wagon and slips through it. The other guy grabs the yellow handle of the sliding door. I raise my bitch and I blow up the left side of his neck. His carotid artery is now fucked…”
Amazon synopsis :
•The whore pushes that damn bitch caliber .45 into my mouth. She smiles at me with her scar-laced lips. She knows she can blast my brains out in a split second. The bitch’s barrel is cold on my tongue. I can feel it pulse, ready to peer down my throat and blow a hole as big as the heart of a pig. The whore has fucked me, she has overturned the game. Now she’s handling the bitch, and the gun barrel is in my mouth. I’m not even trembling anymore. Her eyes stare at me full of rage and anger…

Bitch Caliber 45

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