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A sight for sore eyes…

Optical Delusion (Mail Order Massacres)

Optical Delusion by Hunter Shea
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Optical Delusion centers around a gag-gift, ordered from the back of comic book, that begins to consume a man’s life.
Martin can’t stop peeking – but, for him, it’s all in the name of science! ::dramatic eye roll:: The fun is long over when Martin realizes that he has taken peeping too far, and there are just some things just can’t be unseen.

I love how Hunter Shea builds the story up!

You can feel the main characters inner conflict & turmoil in the beginning, but his desire to see more soon overrides any sense of guilt he may have once had.
It’s so much fun riding along as Martin loses his grip, and slides faster & further down that slippery slope!
I know I’d be in the same boat, My need to poke my nose into everything is already out of control – having x-ray specs would turn me into a fa-reak!

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What You Need to Know Before Tonight’s AHS5: HOTEL Premiere

‘You can check out any time you like…’¬†

Less than one hour to go!! 

Who else is going ‘Gaga’ over tonight’s premiere?

Lady Gaga, American Horror Story: Hotel

American Horror Story: Hotel ¬†finally premieres tonight after months of anticipation. And with such a large cast and so many bizarre teasers, we understand if you’re slightly confused as to what exactly you can expect on the FX drama.

So before checking in to the Hotel Cortez, check out this primer on Hotel below.

Who will star:

Lady Gaga¬†as The Countess, the Hotel Cortez’s owner
Kathy Bates¬†as Iris, the hotel’s manager
Matt Bomer¬†as Donovan, The Countess’ lover and Iris’ son
Sarah Paulson¬†as Sally, one of the hotel’s resident junkies
Angela Bassett as Ramona Royale, an actress and former lover of The Countess
Wes Bentley as John Lowe, a detective investigating the 10 Commandments Killer
Chloe Sevigny¬†as Alex Lowe, John’s wife
Finn Wittrock as Tristan Duffy, a male model
Denis O’Hare¬†as Liz Taylor, a hotel employee
Max Greenfield as Gabriel, a Hollywood junkie
Cheyenne Jackson as Will Drake, a fashion icon
Evan Peters¬†as James March, the Hotel Cortez’s original builder
Naomi Campbell as a Vogue editor who insults The Countess
Lily Rabe as Aileen Wuornos, the famed serial killer
Mare Winningham¬†as Ms. Evers, the hotel’s laundress
Darren Criss as a hipster
Madchen Amick as a mother whose sick son receives treatment from Alex

How it’s connected to previous seasons:

Murder House‘s real estate agent Marcy (Christine Estabrook) will return inHotel‘s premiere when she gives Will Drake a tour of the Cortez. But she won’t be the only familiar face returning. According to creator¬†Ryan Murphy, fans will see people from previous seasons checking into the hotel as well.


What you can expect:

It’s going to be bloody:¬†Thanks to an ancient blood virus, The Countess and those in her adopted family crave the taste of human blood. But since she lacks vampiric fangs, The Countess uses a deadly tipped glove to slit her victim’s throats before they even know what’s happening.

She also puts a whole new spin on the phrase “bloodlust” when she and Donovan pick up a couple only to murder them mid-foursome. So if you’ve ever wanted to see Lady Gaga screw a dead guy while wearing nothing but pasties and a thong, you definitely won’t want to miss the premiere.

It feels like a real horror movie:¬†Not since¬†Murder House¬†has¬†American Horror Story¬†felt so closely aligned to actual horror. The first half of the premiere plays out like a movie, as we follow two Swedish girls whose stay at the Cortez quickly goes from bad to worse to deadly. And while¬†AHS¬†will always be loved for its campiness, it’s fun to see this extravagance balanced with classic horror tropes.

The mattress imagery will be explained right away:¬†No, it has nothing to do with¬†The Godfather. Or¬†You’ve Got Mail¬†for that matter. But all the mattress-focused teasers will be explained quickly. And once you find out just how true to the show this promo is, you’ll probably think twice about staying in a hotel again.

There’s more than one villain:¬†There are so many evil forces haunting the halls of the Cortez that it can be hard to keep track. But there’s one that is by far more frightening than all the rest: The Addiction Demon. If Rubber Man had a baby with the Infantata, and that baby had a conical drill bit for a penis, then that would be the Hotel’s new monster, which preys on those suffering from addiction.

On the less supernatural side of things, there is also the 10 Commandments Killer, whose Bible-inspired murders are particularly gruesome (think: penis glued inside a dead girl, eyeballs in an ashtray). John Lowe is first lured to the Cortez by a call from the killer, who seems particularly interested in the detective’s life.

The Countess has her fair share of enemies: After being taken in by The Countess in 1994, Donovan has stood loyally by her side. That is, until he finds himself kicked to the curb when The Countess trades him in for a younger, hipper model, Tristan Duffy.

Donovan doesn’t take this spurn lightly, and he isn’t the only one of The Countess’ exes out for revenge. He teams up with another one of The Countess’ former flings, actress Ramona Royale, to get vengeance against the bloodsucking diva.

Watch the cast talk about The Countess’ twisted romances below.

There’s a new man in charge:¬†Unbeknownst to anybody except The Countess, the Cortez changes hands in the premiere when New York designer Will Drake buys it and moves in with his son Lachlan. Will hopes the hotel’s unique energy will help reignite his creative flame, but little does he know just how unique the Cortez is.

And since his arrogant behavior quickly makes enemies of the other residents and employees, Will better watch his back – and keep his son away from The Countess. The fashionista proves she isn’t above recruiting other people’s children into her bloodsucking family.

Not every character is what they seem:¬†Much like¬†Murder House,¬†Hotel¬†leaves you unsure of which of the characters are alive, which are dead and which aren’t quite human. And by the end of the premiere, at least one character’s surprising origin will be revealed.

Get ready for the most disturbing scene yet:

We have seen some terrible things go down on American Horror Story, but trust us when we say that nothing will prepare you for this one. The premiere features an incredibly graphic scene between Gabriel, Sally and The Addiction Demon, who puts its drill bit dildo to horrifying use.

Mr. March is taking cues from H.H. Holmes:¬†Much like H.H. Holmes, who built Chicago’s notorious Murder Hotel during the World’s Fair, James March is a charming, but psychopathic killer who designed the Hotel Cortez specifically to hide his murderous schemes. So while the Cortez is a beautiful art deco building, it’s also a labyrinth of secret rooms, dead ends and shafts. Exactly what Mr. March used these nefarious additions for will be explained when¬†Hotel¬†flashes back to the 1930s.


The Halloween episode will be epic:

As always, Horror Story is going all out for Halloween in another anticipated two-parter. The first hour will follow John to a dinner party from hell at the Hotel. (Fingers crossed Alison DuBois will be in attendance.) The other attendees include a handful of famous serial killers, including John Wayne Gacy and Aileen Wuornos, and poor, innocent John mistakenly thinks the entire event is an elaborate prank.

The second part will feature Darren Criss as a hipster who checks into the Cortez with his girlfriend to avoid trick-or-treaters. And unfortunately for them, their elitist attitudes and constant demands inspire the wrath of manager Iris.

Stay away from Room 64:

You know you’ve done something to piss Iris off if she’s assigned you Room 64. Back when the Cortez was originally built, mass murderer James March chose Room 64 as his office. In current day, it has become a playground for deadly mischief, including some of the resident bloodsuckers and The Addiction Demon.

Iris and Sally have a twisted history:¬†As Kathy Bates¬†told us, Iris absolutely loathes Sally because “she’s vile, she’s trash as far as Iris is concerned.” But this hatred of Sally goes far deeper than looking down on Sally’s addictions and it will be revealed by the end of the premiere.

John is deeply connected to the hotel:¬†At first, it seems John has no connection to the Cortez or any of its inhabitants. However, as John investigates a series of murders, the killer’s taunting phone calls lead him directly to the Cortez. And it’s the ongoing threat this killer poses to John’s family that eventually inspires him to move into the hotel’s dangerous Room 64 on a semi-permanent basis.

Is this exactly what the killer wanted? Most likely. Is the killer tied to a tragedy in John’s past? Probably. But the killer isn’t the only thing tying John to the Cortez. Under its roof, John will also find a link to a loss he suffered in 2010 living directly under his nose.


Words Of Blood


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GRISTLE & BONE by Duncan Ralston


Gristle & Bone ~ 7 Delectable Tales of Terror from Duncan Ralston

When successful restaurant owners Jim and Leanne Taymor confess to a grisly series of small town murders, their neighbor learns the gruesome truth that led them to kill. A young couple discovers the secret of a tourist town’s prosperity may lie in its sinfully delicious cuisine. Gonzo pornographers learn a brutal lesson following a tragedy they caused when life imitated “art.” Disgraced soldier Dean Vogel returns to his hometown and confronts the bullies, and a traumatic event, from his past. A reporter uncovers what really happened to the latest internet sensation, a troubled girl who disappeared on camera.

Gristle & Bone includes the novella, Scavengers, 4 novelettes, and 2 short stories.

Cannibalism, monsters, vengeful spirits, the apocalypse–chock-full of blood, mayhem, psychological horror, and good old fashioned gross-outs, Gristle & Bone is a tasty treat for horror fans!


I cannot praise this book highly enough.
Each short story pulled me into Duncan Ralston’s world a little bit further, and his world is a scary place to be. Not in the gross out and gory way that I’m usually going on about, but on a psychological level that is terrifying.
Candace and Joel McMurray have fallen into a joyless routine, living more like a brother and sister than husband and wife. The doctor informed the couple that they would never be able to have a baby. He literally called Candace ‘barren’, and said that it was most likely caused by years of taking childhood antidepressants. Not caring how callous she sounded, Candace said that she wanted her own children – not someone else’s.
As determined as she was to not let the news affect their sex life, the depression and despair wouldn’t stay outside of the bedroom. They crept in when she wasn’t paying attention, and within a month even Joel stopped trying to initiate sex. They developed individual hobbies to keep them occupied. Candice started scrapbooking, and Joel started masturbating. Little did they know that by summertime, they’d be hearing the pitter-patter of little feet in their home.

June hated the temper tantrums that that her husband threw. When one of her girlfriends asked her if she and her husband ever wanted to have kids, she was only partially joking when she replied with “I’ve already got one kid to worry about, thanks”. They’re multi-tasking a vacation this weekend – attending the wedding/union of their friends Max & Darrin, June’s photo shoot to help scout locations for an upcoming movie, and the annual 4th of July party held in a multi-million dollar mansion in the same town. Today’s tantrum was brought on when David couldn’t find the letter inviting them to the ultra-exclusive Independence Day party.
June was only trying to calm her husband down and pacify him by saying that perhaps the maid had mistaken the letter for trash, and accidently threw it away. David jumped on the opportunity to place the blame on anyone other than on himself, and promptly complained to the front desk. Again, trying to keep any semblance of peace, June jumped in when the clerk asked how the hotel could make up for the negligence of one of their employees. She asked the clerk if she could recommend a restaurant – the couple referred to themselves as Foodies, and were always on the lookout for something special – a diamond in the rough.
Whatever the reason – the staff at the Seaside Inn directed the couple to Ambrosia. The smells and the atmosphere pulled them in immediately, and they fell into a kind of trance while listening to the Chef prepare their meals – only coming back to their senses when they were back in their car and David was vomiting up his spleen.
Something had come over them while they were in that restaurant, and when June returned to Ambrosia unannounced the next day – the nightmare truely began.

Dean Vogel returned to his hometown after being dishonorably discharged from the armed forces.
He has been placed in the care of his aging parents, and is about to start his court ordered therapy. Therapy that he had no intention of finishing. By his fourth session, Dean was on the verge of a major breakthrough.
With help from Dr. Baswell, the skeletons that have been hiding away in Dean’s subconscious have started moving again – and they were ready to come out once and for all. Dean is about to remember the truth behind the incident from his childhood, and the truth doesn’t always set you free.

Mason Adler is a paranoid man, he can be summed up pretty neatly by the t-shirts that read “Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me”. The relationship that develops between Mason and Jenna, (his CPU), started out like the relationship that Joaquin Phoenix had with Scarlett Johansson in the movie HER, but it took a left turn at Albuquerque – and things got really messed up from there!

If forced to choose a favorite from Gristle & Bone, VIRAL would be it. It centers around a fourteen year old girl, and a video that was uploaded on YouTube moments before she disappeared.
Daria Walker’s story isn’t a new one, she is picked on at school, and feels invisible in her home. She started cutting when she was twelve, and she used it as a way to deal with her depression. It was never about wanting attention, or crying out for help or sympathy. What sets Daria’s video apart from others like it, is the same thing that caught the attention of reporter Tara Maxwell – the teenager didn’t just end up missing, she literally disappeared – right in front of the camera.
Most of the people who have seen the video call it a hoax. But, Tara sees something else. She can see the pain in Daria’s eyes, and can hear the desperation in her voice. She sees herself at that age, and that is what is pulling her into the story. Tara knows what it is like to feel invisible at home, and wish to become invisible at school. She knows each and every one of those feels. That is what is driving Tara to find out exactly what happened to Daria.
If she can help Daria, will she be able to save herself in the process?

This SS has the feel of a Girls Gone Wild video, with a little bit of Boogie Nights sprinkled on top. Throw in a vengeful spirit, and let the fun begin!! ¬†It’s hard to talk about each story individually when they’re all so damn good!

I started this story, and fell into a Grant Mazzy trance…

¬†Grant Mazzy: Mrs. French’s cat is missing. The signs are posted all over town. “Have you seen Honey?” We’ve all seen the posters, but nobody has seen Honey the cat. Nobody. Until last Thursday morning, when Miss Colette Piscine swerved her car to miss Honey the cat as she drove across a bridge. Well this bridge, now slightly damaged, is a bit of a local treasure and even has its own fancy name; Pont de Flaque. Now Collette, that sounds like Culotte. That’s Panty in French. And Piscine means Pool. Panty pool. Flaque also means pool in French, so Colete Piscine, in French Panty Pool, drives over the Pont de Flaque, the Pont de Pool if you will, to avoid hitting Mrs. French’s cat that has been missing in Pontypool. Pontypool. Pontypool. Panty pool. Pont de Flaque. What does it mean? Well, Norman Mailer, he had an interesting theory that he used to explain the strange coincidences in the aftermath of the JFK assasination. In the wake of huge events, after them and before them, physical details they spasm for a moment; they sort of unlock and when they come back into focus they suddenly coincide in a weird way. Street names and birthdates and middle names, all kind of superfluous things appear related to eachother. It’s a ripple effect. So, what does it mean? Well… it means something’s going to happen. Something big. But then, something’s always about to happen.

But this isn’t Pontypool, and these Scavengers are more the LURKER type.
(If you don’t know Pontypool – yes, this is a huge compliment)

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CONSUME some free Matt Shaw!



Hurry & Download this limited free e-book from Amazon!

I apologize for using this link this way, but my new device does not have an easy link set up. I’ll figure it out soon. Until then…


You can also check out my post about this book, view the synopsis, & chat with me when you’ve finished!


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A Hacked-Up Holiday Massacre:

Halloween is Going to be Jealous

24 holiday themed horror shorts by some of the leading names in the genre. You want blood? You’ll get buckets.


In my best ‘Joe Dirt’ impersonation…”When good fetishs go bad, dang!” In a style that only Jack Ketchum can deliver, this story of extreme S&M, and the lengths some people will go to for sexual pleasure, will make you cringe!

Boyd E. Harris tells us the story of Patrice, and how she comes to put her love life into the hands of an online dating service, Agent Cupid, and the bizarre man behind the Agent Cupid program.

February 29th is a day of chaos. The day that shouldn’t be. Thank goodness it only comes once every four years. In this Leap Day themed short by Patcick Shand, Logan learns just how sinister this day can be.

In PINCH by Shane McKenzie, we’re in a dark & gloomy back-alley with Slim and his dog Luther. Starving, homeless, & strung out, Slim is just trying to be invisible to the drunken bar-hoppers. He knows that in the spirit of the holiday, if you’re not wearing any green on St. Patrick’s Day, you can get ‘pinched’ by other SPD celebrators. It’s a shame that his dog Luther is color-blind.

In this Easter themed short from Lee Thomas, we’re spending the day with Sally, her family, and… her memories. She finds Easter, and it’s traditions, distasteful. But, she won’t ruin her daughters holiday. She covers her disgust by feigning disinterest, but she will never forget that Easter of her tenth year. She’ll go to any lengths to assure her daughters holiday will never include her Uncle Easter Bunny or his ‘egg hunts’.

Emma Ennis tells the tale of Easter in the town of Murrins. It is not a time of fluffy bunnies or chocolate eggs. Murrins has a dark and embarassing history. One that returns to haunt the towns inhabitants, and to remind them – the sins of the father are to be laid upon the children.

In this short by Kevin Wallace, Arbor Day is celebrated by the trees – and this year…they’re pissed!

Kirk Jones pens a different kind of Arbor Day tale this time around. One where the plants and humans intertwine to become one grotesque creature. A creature that doesn’t want to be alone!

A creepy twist on Earth Day from author Leslie Connor – The last place Matt wants to be is in the woods, with his family, just because his step-dad wants to plant a tree for Earth Day. But this Earth Day awakens something evil in these woods, and Matt doesn’t know if he, or his family, will make it out alive.

Author John McNee knows how to ruin a perfectly heavenly Mexican dinner! This is a Cinco De Mayo celebration story of four boys and a prank gone horribly wrong. A short story about the obsession of revenge!

I do, I do! ¬†“Out in the country, no one will hear you scream!”
When I talked to A.J. Brown, he told me that Mother’s Day was not his first choice of holidays to write a horror short about, but he wrote one that will stick with me forever!
Cyrus is a down home, good ole boy. He hates kids and goes to any lengths to ensure he never has any of his own. Extreme lenghts. But, when he finds a woman to settle down with – she’s willing to use even more extreme measures to make sure she gets the child she wants. Who will emerge the victor?

Steve Lowe has created many holidays for this story, but – it’s mainly a story about Fathers Day. Set in an apocalyptic future, one faimly goes to extreme lenghts to make sure the father is our of their lives for good.

SunVerge is having its annual Employee Appreciation Day picnic & festivities. The employees have their own hidden agendas for this event. A team building exercise based on a Venesualan tradition, La Tomatina, is being incorporated into the event – hopefully to let workers get out some of their aggressions in a fun and structured environment. The author, Chris Lewis Carter, had more in mind for us readers, and twisted together a story violence & revenge for this outing! Who will make it out alive ? I’m looking forward to reading more of CLC’s works!

For World Animal Day, Matt Kurtz writes us a story about revenge on the cowardly assclowns who abuse animals for
fun. Taking revenge on as ‘an eye for an eye’ task – this story is pretty gruesome. Scenes of violence against the animals disturbed me more than the extreme violence on the humans, tho!!

BY BIZARRE HANDS is a story about a traveling preacher, trying to spread salvation (among other things) & His word. ¬†Joe R. Lansdale wrote this Halloween short story about Preacher Judd, who’s gotten wind of a retarded girl who is in need of some of bible-learning. A girl just like his late sister, the one who died on Halloween many years ago. If he can get some God-Sense into this girl – maybe he’ll be able to let his sister rest in peace.

A Halloween story by John Bruni.
Sid & Stan. Identical twin brothers, with urges… like their father and their grandfather before them. At one time – they were the perfect yin and yang. These days, everything surrounding Stan is a cluster-fuck that Sid wants no part of. They were taught that family means everything. But, Sid has his own family now. A family that he has taught well.
This is a cute story, and I especially liked the line… “You’ve had enough fun for one night. It’s bedtime. Take your uncles face off.” HALLOWEEN Fun for the whole family!! Hahaha

This Veteran’s Day story by Lee Thompson is about a retired soldier, trying to come to terms with his past. He can’t hide from his own mind and the memories of things he had done. The story is told in journal form, as he is trying to cope with the ghosts.

I hate to admit this, but this short story was my first experience with Wrath James Wright! I know! Right? For a lover of sick & twisted like myself – I should have started ages ago. I have many full lenghth novels in my queue now, so… fear not! Many reviews to come! NOW… about Pascal’s Wager… I loved this. The obsession with “which religion is the right one” is taken to such a bizarre extreme! Although this is set during our traditional November Thanksgiving – it touches base with traditions from every religion during this time of year. It has an ending that will leave you with your jaw hanging open & a WTF expression on your face.

A SPECIAL SURPRISE AT THANKSGIVING DINNER by Elle Richfield is another SS surrounding Thanksgiving, but this one focuses more on a traditional family holiday than on one guy in November. Hector has prepared a special holiday feast for his fat wife Norma, and her bitch of a mother Ilene. The women that were the bane of his existence all these years. But, with some luck, and a special recipe, he’s going to turn into the bane of theirs. Not a traditional family Thanksgiving story, but one I’ll remember every year as the turkey is about to be carved! I can’t wait until someone asks me why I’m smirking at the table this year. I’ll just be thankful if I can hold my tongue!

Bently Little believes that you’re never too old to believe in Santa. The man in this story is surprised when he finds out his 23 year old wife honestly believes in the fat man. He’s shocked when he is awoken on Christmas Eve/Christmas Morning by sounds on the roof… then inside his home. He is horrified by what he learns about Christmas this year, and what takes the place of candy & toys for adults. But he’s even more terrified when his wife brings up The Easter Bunny a couple of months later!

Christmas miracles are few & far between during these hacked up holidays. So – keep your eyes peeled when Ty Schwamberger gives us a serial killer Christmas! A murderous Santa breaking into homes on Christmas eve, and hanging more than just stockings from the fireplace.
“The hands are hung by the chimney with care…
In hopes that folks from everywhere far and wide, will know that Christmas is the time to die.”

A Christmas SS by Marie Green
Sunshine (aka Sunny) is full of joy this morning! As she sneaks outside to take a peek at the neighbors beautiful Christmas tree, she has an idea… she is going to decorate the tree in the yard as a surprise for her family. And, they are really surprised when they wake up and see what she’s done.

A group of friends decide to sneak across the border into Mexico. One of them has a ‘girlfriend’ in the area whose parents are out of town for the holidays, and she will have the house to herself. They’ve saved up some cash and are ready for an adventure! But… the adventure they run into is not what they had in mind! One of the guys escapes after watching his friends die , and THATS when the fun really starts! It’s The Day of the Innocents and Elias Siqueiros is going to teach you all about it.

Well…we’ve come full circle ¬†)O( ¬†Nate Southard is rounding-up this collection with a¬†SS¬† about the last¬†New Year’s Eve that mankind will ever¬†celebrate.¬†Told through a series of¬†journal entries from one of the men who helped introduce ‘The Complex’ to an unsuspecting Manhattan. It’s happening all over the world, The Complex is being released and a handful of people have volunteered to watch and take notes until they’ve succumbed to the virus. A great story and IMO – an absolutely perfect¬†ending to this anthology!

A Hacked-Up Holiday Massacre was edited by Shane Mackenzie.
I’ve gotten to chat with, or became friends with most of the authors since reading this. So, even though a ton of work went into getting this post together on time – it was worth every second of editing, formatting, and a lengthy html headache.
(You’ll need to ask my husband if my overly-anal editing was worth the time he had to spend fixing the vacuum cleaner that mysteriously fell apart all on it’s own – with no help from me whatsoever. I wasn’t even in the same room.

I didn’t do it.
Nobody saw me do it.
You can’t prove anything.



* CHRIS LEWIS CARTER can be reached at –



* BOYD E. HARRIS works at, and can be reached at –

* FUN FACT: Joe R. Lansdale wrote BUBBA HO TEP, the one that our Main Man BRUCE’s movie was based on! He’s also featured in Showtime’s MASTERS OF HORROR series. You can contact him on Facebook – helluva guy!

* TY SCHWAMBERGER’s official Blog is right here on WP –


* LEE THOMAS’s Blog can be found at –

* LEE THOMPSON’s official Blog –

Most of the authors have Facebook pages, but until I get permission from everyone – I won’t post any addresses. That shouldn’t stop you from looking them up on your own & reaching out to tell them how you felt about their work. I’ll ask my Facebook stalker expert if she has any tips to share!
I hope you had fun with this one. I took a different approach, and I liked how the reviews turned out. Let me know if you felt the same – all comments are appreciated.

A Hacked-Up Holiday Massacre: Halloween is Going to be Jealous on Amazon

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Fables For The Sick And Twisted
by Jeremiah Cress


This review was originally posted on 4/02/13

Scoop up your own copy of 7S¬≥ for FREE on Amazon! Then pop over to his author page and tell him we’re waiting for more…

WARNING: Stories contain scenes of violence that may shock or disturb some readers.

With a mixture of dark humor and creepy storytelling, this collection of bloody and disturbing tales is both entertaining and downright chilling. Each story, with its creepy tone and terrifying set of events, exposes a real and terrifying fact; that no one is ever safe.


‚ÄĘ Right now, she’s being hunted. It all happened so fast! One minute, she’s celebrating at her annual birthday party with her besties, some drinks, some laughs… good tiimes. A minute later- she’s hiding from the man who destroyed everything, and left pieces of her friends in his wake! This ss is tense & uncomfortable. I’m kinda pissed at Katy Perry, too.

‚ÄĘ Do you realize just how much personal information you put online? For this stalker, social media has made finding his prey almost effortless. This story will make you think about deleting your entire networking persona!

‚ÄĘ “If you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. “
Having to surpress your deepest desires, for [lietrally] as long as you can remember, is not only futile – but it’s also dangerous. When that dam bursts open & the first drop of blood trickles out ‚Ķ nothing will be able to stop the impending tidal wave that is to come.
This one gives a whole new visual to the phrase ‘hold your tongue’! :p

‚ÄĘ Waking up bound & gagged in an unfamiliar place, with no memory of how she ended up here… Janice is terrified. Once she calms down, she realizes that the reason it’s hard to breathe is because of the duct tape on her mouth. And, she cannot see because her eyes have been sealed shut. How long do you fight against your restraints, how much pain do you put yourself through, how much silence can you take before you give up? Just give in & accept your fate?

‚ÄĘ Keeping a journal is therapeutic, I’ve had one readily available for as long as I can remember – even if my most recent entries have been sporadic, at best. Serial killers need an outlet, too. That’s what this short story is about. Short, but to the point. It has a particularly gruesome murder detailed within its pages, too

‚ÄĘ Haven’t finished this story yet – but had to stop to say OHMIGAWD!!! Wait till you see!!!
Ok. I finished … I could have waited, it was only a little more – but… on the Kindle, you’re never really sure. I can’t say too much. I’ll just stick with what everyone tells me. “Smoking is going to kill you.” AbFab story! Please comment – I want to talk ‚ô•

‚ÄĘ You’ve heard me say it before – (‘Holiday Horror’ anthologies & Genital Grinder reviews etc.), I love when the shorts give a little nod to each other. Especially if they’re from different authors. This is the same author, but – this final story, ZEN, ties together with the first story, HIDE & SEEK. So so good. It gives the whole collection a nice feel of closure. This time around, told from the killers POV instead of the victims, we get a little deeper into the story… the birthday party, the friends, the killings!

I’m so pleased with this book. I loved each & every SS, and that’s pretty rare. With a lot of anthologies, you’ll get a couple really good ones, and a few ‘meh’ stories. (If you’re lucky – none of em suck). I wished they were longer, I just didn’t want to stop reading. The stories live up to the title! Slightly sadistic stories, written for the sick & twisted! I am going to go on Amazon right now to see what other work is available from Jeremiah Cress!

As always, leave comments – I can’t wait to see how you like it ‚ô• ~P, L &N~ sg

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2013 Zombie Easter Bunny Contest

Today, I used “press this”, instead it just a general ‘reblog’. So‚Ķ
Be sure to follow this link to check out the 2013 Zombie Easter Bunny Contest, as well as other kreepy posts by Kim Sofia, and her Kreepy Kreations from Kim’s Sticks & Strings!

2013 Zombie Easter Bunny Contest.

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By Alan Gandy
Did you ever wonder about Dracula’s childhood? His parents? Do you think you know how he became Vampire, better yet – do you think you know how any Vampire came to be?

The Fable of Dracula & Lulu is a ‘children’s book for adults’, that takes us on the journey of how a sad & lonely little boy became the infamous blood sucker we know today. Alan Gandy has rewritten Dracula’s history, good vs evil, Heaven vs Hell, and even Epic Battles have rules!

It’s greatly written, beautifully illustrated, and includes an afterward from the author that show how much time, effort, and research went into this book.

I really enjoyed this story, and it has me thinking about the childhood lives of other monsters! Was The Creature From The Black Lagoon bullied in school because of the way he looked? Did the Warewolf have to seek therapy because of body issues? What if The Mummy was claustrophobic? Do you think The Invisable Man got lonley?

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