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HORNWOLF by Evan Romero


Ashwood. A quiet Midwest town where nothing much happens. That all changes when the mutilated bodies of a young couple are discovered in the woods. Chief of Police Cynthia Carver initially dismisses it as an animal attack. However, the discovery of sexual assault against one of the corpses leaves her baffled. As more bodies pile up, Cynthia will discover the assailant isn’t an ordinary animal. And unless she can stop it, she may be his next victim…

When his balls are blue and the penis rises, the wolf comes out!

I don’t think that I’ve read anything by Evan Romero before, but I’m looking for more now.

This is a surprisingly fun read – in a ‘Serbian-Book‘ kind of way!

I’m dying to know what happened to BloodBoundBooksRedLine Series! After a rock solid beginning with Toxic Love by Kristopher Triana, followed up by #Horrible by KJ Moore, the series died off…no note, no cab fare. Just gone. Only a wet spot left behind.

Hornwolf is no longer available on Amazon, or on BloodBoundBooks‘ website. So, it looks like my main point of this post is to say ‘Suck it, losers!’

I’m just kidding!!  And, I’m sure you’ll be able to find a copy (unless something really weird happened) if you contact BloodBoundBooks, or the author. In the meantime, I’ll try to find answers re: RedLine, and I’ll keep you updated!



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Anthologies Book Reviews Extreme Horror Horror Series




This is a horrible collection of horrible stories about horrible people, perhaps even for horrible people.” ~KJ Moore

I enjoyed reading #HORRIBLE, the second issue in BloodBoundBooks’ RED LINE series.
Does that make me horrible? Who’s to say?
The author drags you through some unpleasant places, and makes you THINK – how can that be a bad thing?

A bit about the stories…

I love this one. I put the book down because I really started to think about the different people… Maybe I’m a bit more twisted than some, cuz I think I’d like to sit and people-watch at this point, too

I never thought about how this could be a viable source of income for certain individuals, or how fucked up it is when you think about it for more than a minute!
The mental torture that they must endure… wow …

I feel like I’ve read this one before, but not sure when or where.
*(Update: it was in the first volume of the D.O.A. Extreme Horror Anthology)
It made me feel claustrophobic.
It’s funny how most people, myself included, value the lives of animals over most humans.

Hmmm. I suppose that kids don’t really understand how wrong certain things are – but most kids don’t have these feelings, do they? I’m not sure.
Good story telling got me in the right head space, but I still don’t know if he’s just a very lonely & confused little boy, or something much darker.

Not sure what to make of this yet. I have to chew on it for a bit longer.

Angie, not exactly ‘boys will be boys’ material, is it?
Judy, think a little harder and/or longer when it comes to your mom, huh?
And, well, Courtney… If vibrators killed spiders, we wouldn’t need men at all now would we?

I wonder… If ‘Death’ wanted to find/have/keep love, could s/he?
It’s a heartbreaking thought, so an existential crisis might be a lighter topic to dwell on.

* I especially like the “self-inflicted stupidity” sentence 😉

Bypass my squeamishness you say… 😶

Best beginning sentence ever.
Ishmael can suck it!

Well. That was disturbing.

I’m not going to try to play the scholar, and say that this story’s ‘symbolism is clearly a statement about the blah blah & bullshit in today’s society…’
And, honestly, I’m usually not into sci-fi, but I enjoyed this short.
I’m still giggling about how we, as humans, have better profanity, and our bitching is top notch!
BTW – I want a schnooklybob. A pink one, not a blue one.


A review? I just can’t.
I needed to nope out at the second page, but I forced myself to read every word, with tears streaming down my face. Why? Because I used to know a woman who’s story is quite similar. The woman was not involved, the man was the birth father, and the infant (don’t judge me) thankfully did not survive. Like the author states in the forewarning, the physical logistics were too much for me to even try to comprehend.
I read it for Nevaeh.


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PRESENTED BY – Blood Bound Books
EDITED BY – David C. Hayes & Jack Burton


Two acquaintance have an accidental meeting in a foreign country, and take some time to catch up on things. Old friends, new delights – shopping for sex in the Philippines is taken to a whole new level.

This SS, is told in the form of a doctor’s file, and starts by showing a questionnaire that has been filled out by a volunteer in a medical trial to test a new chronic pain scale.
After the questionnaire are the doctors notes – taken during the trial, while the subject is being given various stimuli and asked to rate their pain on a scale of zero to ten.
The tests kept getting worse and worse, and the doctors never relented – even when the patient screamed and bagged to be let out of the test. But, the patient is not released… because the testing, after all, is done in the name of science!
* The author’s name isn’t listed in connection with this SS, but James L. Grant is the only name not attached to a SS in this collection. I used my Sherlock Holmes like wisdom and deduction skills to put the two together, and I hope I’m not wrong! I’d like to find more work from him. This SS made me smile, I even laughed out loud at one point. But… you already know I’m a bit twisted.

Demons are full of illusions, and this one has conjured up the extraordinary replica of a teenage girl. She screams, and she pleads, but I’m not falling for it’s tricks. Demons lie.

CATERPILLAR: Craig Saunders
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so he breaks up his days with violently beautiful daydreams. One day he’ll have the respect he deserves.

COLD AIR: Edward R. Rosick
Helen and Douglas, med students, just finished their final class of the winter semester, and are beginning their externship in the hospital. Helen started voicing some of her thoughts during their long hours together… sbYhe believes that she has found the secret to a person’s soul, and that she’s solved the mystery of the fountain of youth. What lengths will she go to while in her quest for answers, and how much Douglas endure to be with her?

Cassie is taking a semester off from school, looking for work to help fund her next semester. She finds an ad looking for an ‘Artist’s Subject’ wanted and calls the number. She talks with the man on the phone, follows the directions to his mansion, and she is charmed by him immediately. She accepts a drink from him, starts to feel a little fuzzy, and the last thing she hears him say to her before losing consciousness is that his art is… taxidermy.
When she wakes up – her real nightmare begins.
I like the author’s nod to Bret Easton Ellis in this story 😉

PLAGUE HULK: Glynn Barrass
Ash, Terry, and Will are the only ones brave enough [read stupid enough] to explore the mysterious ship that drifted into their small harbor town. Twenty years ago the ship itself had been filled with sufferers of the plague, then sent to sea for ‘disposal’. The trio are out to steal whatever isn’t nailed down, so waiting until the CDC cleared the abandoned vessel was not something they cared to do. They’ll soon find out that the plague isn’t the most dangerous thing waiting for them.

We all have a story to tell. This one starts with nine months of planning & preparation, followed by fourteen hours of labor. For what? A demonic Jim Rosenthal look-alike?!

CENA: Chad McKee
Bradley went to Mexico as a humanitarian, imploring the locals to stop the dog fight, stop betting, and go hone. His effort was not met with kindness. His cries to save these dogs changed to cries of encouragement when his own life was on the line.

This SS might have just changed my life…
If you’re quick enough, and smart enough, you just might be able to gain some ground. But you have to be brave if you want to make it home.
Sometimes, though… sometimes you’re gonna take a grill to the face from a semi-truck. There will be times that despite how hard you try – you won’t get the high-score.
It’s almost theology, ain’t it?

Don & Graeme got stranded while traveling across Alaska;
half of their sled broke through the ice, trapping their sled dogs, too. They are cold, and because all of their supplies were on the sled… they’re starving, too. They’re frost-bitten, and they’re very possibly getting sick after being bitten by a rabid sled dog. They disagree on whether they should wait for rescue, or go for help – but one thing is certain… they want to survive.

Fiona didn’t normally go home with men after her shift at the club, but this guy looked legit, and money talks. She is more than surprised to find out that the actual client is a withered, and blind old man. That isn’t the only surprise in store for Fiona. If she makes it out of this house of horrors alive, she’ll think twice about doing any more side jobs.

“When I hear music, I fear no danger. I am invulnerable. I see no foe. I am related to the earliest times, and to the latest. ~ Henry David Thoreau”
Sophie creates uniquely individualized products, and provides a very special service for her clients – music to their ears. She discovered her skill at a young age, and has perfected it over the years, because her clients deserve nothing but the very best.

Her maker taught her everything she knew way back then, and it took lifetimes to learn that he had taught her nothing at all. It’s been many years, and many victims since her maker met his untimely demise, and she’s learned through it all. Most importantly – blood is never enough.

Clark’s father taught him how to use the key. It’s not real, he’d never do these things to Melissa in real life. But in the dreamworld, everything is different. The rules don’t apply. Besides, she isn’t his daughter or anything. A foster-child isn’t his daughter, not really.

Jesus is supposed to follow in his father’s footsteps, but martyrdom is boring. Fuck that. He wants to come back and party, but for that – he needs a body. That’s where Satan and the stoners come in.

DIGITAL MEDIA: Michael Cieslak
We’ve become reliant on the internet, and having access to limitless information is almost expected. We create endless accounts, and download so much information – agreeing to terms and conditions is nothing these days. When was the last time you stopped to actually read these contracts that you agree to? After reading this SS, I guarantee you’ll think twice before just blindly checking ‘I Agree’ again. Just hope that it isn’t already too late.

SISTERS: Chris Reed
As soon as she walks by, Tony knows he’s got to spend some time with Lakiesha. He is laying down his best moves, but she’s reluctant to go anywhere without checking with her sisters. Lakisha is just one in a set of triplets, and… they might want to spend some time with Tony, too. • http://www.usedaddictions.com

MY DARK LOVER: Stacy Bolli
The ‘voice’ inside Lindsay Davidson has been with her for almost longer than she can remember. He’s helped her, and guided her throughout it all. He eventually wants something in return. Sadly, Lindsay’s second failure proved that it is something that she cannot provide herself. Being a world renowned and respected surgeon, it’s going to be very easy to do what is asked of her – people trust her. She just hopes that he’ll keep his promises to her, and they’ll be together forever.

Have you lost your muse? Forrest Ingle got his Ph.D. in Psycho Shit and finally has it all figured out – write what you know. Sitting & staring at a blinking cursor won’t help… you can’t wait for your muse, you need to grab her and drag her back with you!

IN THE MAKE-OUT ROOM: Matthew Keville
Every school has a designated make-out area. The one here is located just off of the “Lost Hallway”. It used to lead to the school’s second, underground gym, but the gym is closed off now – leaving a hallway that leads nowhere.
No one knew what was in the underground gym now, but not many cared if they could get their date to that little room off to the side. But, they should have paid more attention to those locked doors.

SICKENED: Tonia Brown
Clement has a job that no one talks about. Even non-believers don’t mock him, or what he does. He is the town’s Sin Eater – the man who will eat the sins of the deceased before burial. It’s believed that if the sins are consumed by another, the soul can make it’s final journey with a clean slate. Clement is about to learn that the sins of the departed may may not entirely belong to just them, they may be sharing a sin with a living soul – that’s when things go wrong.

William is a man who would settle for nothing less than the best, and he is willing to pay for it. But, a surprise case of the clap from a $20,000 hooker gets him thinking… he starts to question everything, then decides to make some serious changes in his life.

GUYS: Eric Dimbleby
Inviting a couple of the guys over for steaks & brew is a normal thing to do when the wife is away, so Tommy called up twelve of his closest buddies for a ‘Guy’s Weekend’. Guys need to ‘let their hair down’, too – time for some good, old-fashioned fun!
“Hot damn – The hookers are here! Where’s my axe…”

GO TO YOUR ROOM: Shane McKenzie
Mike is in pretty bad shape these days. The eviction notice note on his door almost assures homeless, and he knows that something has to happen – quick. He makes a hasty decision while feeling hungry, and hopeless, and it will change his life. Forever.

‘Is the real nightmare dreaming, or waking?’
Adrianna is suffering from night terrors, and they’re getting progressively worse. She’s waking up and not recognizing her own husband. I know that waking up in a panic is not an ideal time to see a stranger lurking.

DADDY: Uri Grey
A horrifying recording is discovered in a talking teddy bear found in the woods. The old, and weathered teddy bear reveals the story of an abused little girl living with her father in an isolated cabin. Her story continues in a found journal, then again on the internet – but her name and location are a mystery. When an abandoned cabin is located, a grisly discovery concludes her story.

GOOD GIRLS: R. Warren Smith
Five year old twins, Jessica and Brittany, innocently sit in their classroom with other students. As the teacher reads aloud from a book on her desk, it’s apparent that none of them are aware of the time that had passed while they sat frozen at their desks. They soon discovered what occurred during that time, though – and what the twins are capable of.

Billy Lloyd once had it all, but a head injury quickly took everything away. He used his money to get to L.A., and has been living on the streets ever since.
While rooting through a dumpster looking for food, he found a tiny baby that someone threw away. This isn’t the first baby he’s found, and it breaks his heart. He takes it home, promising the baby that he will make things better for it.