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17 Problems Only Book Lovers Understand

I wish I could take credit for being this clever, but, since I’m not….
This is a BUZZFEED post that I wanted to share, but because I don’t think enough people actually visit links to see posts in their entirety, I’m copying the BUZZFEED page, posted on August 16, 2013 at 3:02pm EDT & contributed by ‘a member of the BuzzFeed Community‘. Please, click the links and visit the original post. Thanks!!
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If you’re a self-proclaimed bookworm –
(or a bibliophile in denial),
you can probably relate to these 17 problems.

#1: When someone asks you what your favorite book is and expects you to pick just one.

#2: When someone interrupts your reading.

**** Because, really, a book is basically a Do Not Disturb sign.

#3: When the movie version of a book gets everything wrong.

#4: And completely ruins your mental images of characters.

#5: When someone you like tells you they don’t like to read.

#6: When you forget to eat or sleep because a book is so good.

#7: When your favorite character dies.

**** And you pretend they’re still alive but it’s just not the same.

#8: When a book you love gets a harsh review.

#9: When an author stops writing mid-series.

#10: When someone spoils the ending of a book.

**** Or worse, the ending of an entire series.

#11: When you walk into a bookstore.

#12: When you lend someone a book and get it back in terrible condition.

#13: Or never get it back at all.

#14: When you finish a book and have to wait a year for the sequel.

#15: When a book makes you cry hysterically in public and everyone thinks you’re crazy.

#16: When no one gets your obscure literary reference.

#17: When someone says you read too much.

**** Because you know there’s no such thing as too many books.