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So, how’s your blog doing?

So, how’s your blog doing?.
Resurrected to share the fun!

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Want to talk about it? I do!


I’m trying to get all my ducks in a row, going over my notes and bookmarks, to get you up to date on everything I’ve been reading. I’m working on my HOUSEMATES post now, and I have so many things I want to talk about. I’m sitting here, laughing at myself, because my notes are… extensive, to put it lightly. But, I’m also having an idea…
These notes that I take while reading, you’d laugh if you saw everything I write down. Highlighted sections that made me giggle, OMGWTF moments, maybe something that made me think of something, I keep it all. After boiling everything down, I’m really not saying much to you at all, not a whole lot more than an extended synopsis in some cases.
It’s because I don’t want to post spoilers. You wouldn’t be here if I did! You’d be pissed, the authors would be even more pissed, and there would be a crowd coming for me – with torches and pitchforks – in no time.
But, here’s the thing… I want to talk about these books – more than just “Hey, this book kicks so much ass!! Five stars, go get it!” I want to discuss the characters I’ve just met and spent so much time with. I want to talk about plot twists, and places I’ve visited. AAANNND… I want to know how you feel!
I think that I’d like to open up a discussion page, and the more I think about it – I’m thinking I might know exactly how I want to set things up.
For you, it will be easy. I’ll put a link right at the bottom of every review. If you want to discuss something else, I’ll have a main discussion page set up, with the titles I’ve reviewed on BBB so far. Just click on the title you want. If I don’t have something set up yet, you can just comment or e-mail me, and I’ll be all over it a.s.a.p.!

I’m probably going to be doing this very soon, but I’m curious if you’ll participate.
Have you read something Because I’ve recommended it? Will you come back to discuss it? What if you’ve already read it? Will you click the link to see what other people have to say, maybe comment?
Disagree with me and my recommendation? Come back to say I suck!! Haha! Seriously, come back & tell me what you didn’t like about the book, or the author.
Let’s get more interactive!

Until next time…
P, L, & N ~

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Evil Lurking WithinEvil Lurking Within by Matt Shaw
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m not ready to discuss, I want to be sure most of you have finished the story. It’s different, not what I expected – not that I can ever ‘expect’ anything from Matt!
Maybe I have a cold soul, but I did anticipate something totally effed up, in a different way. Maybe it’s there, and I’m becoming one of the sick & twizted myself?
You decide.
I loved the characters, and thinking that a kidnapper (fresh from a stint on the inside) is a ‘likeable kind of guy’ might say something about me that I’m not ready to face just yet. The napped kid is a smart little dude, not once annoying – as kids can tend to be. (Remember Lewis? Yeah.)
As usual, there were a couple lines that made me chuckle out loud, again… that says something about me ‘just ain’t right’. I can’t share the funny without giving you more information than you need right now. I went in almost blindly, and I’m hoping you will, too.
I’ll update this after a bit, after seeing the title moved over to more READ shelves than WANT TO READ.
Until then…
P, L, & N ❤

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BBB’s Horror Lover Challenge – Part One

I was hopping around the blogosphere this morning, trying to reconnect with everyone and get up to date with the latest news, reviews, and fun. I was on my new BLOGGER account, ( even though I haven’t posted anything there yet. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with that one, but… it will be cool & awesome, so be sure to check it out some time!!
I stumbled upon a great bit on FreddyInSpace‘s blog, ( that is what I’m sharing here, except -you know- with MY answers! If you haven’t been to FreddyInSpace, that is someone you should follow! FreddyInSpace is the brilliant mind behind some of your favorite internet memes – but never gets credited! All the Ben & Jerry Horror flavors were created by F.I.S. I’ve shared a few of them here – that’s how I learned about – through a comment left on one of my shares! I’m 99% sure that the Horror Happy Meals originated there, too.
Here is the Horror Lover Challenge.
I’ll post MY answers tonight in Part Two!

I’d love to see your answers, too!
Add a link to yours in the comments

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Jack Chaser’s REVOLUTION

I am The First Shadow of the Revolution! Let me explain…

“A great revolution in just one single individual will help achieve a change in the destiny of a society and, further, will enable a change in the destiny of humankind.”
― Daisaku Ikeda

JACK CHASER, fellow blogger and, writer of The Things I See Up Here, was thinking about these ‘blogger awards’ we sometimes are honored with being chosen for. I, like him & every other blogger I know, am very grateful, and I feel very humble (and giddy!) when nominated for one.
To quote from his post directly, he writes –
“The basic concept behind the awards passed around the blogosphere is simple. It’s a chain letter. You pass it off to others who then select a chosen few to perpetuate the cycle. It is a great way to help drive traffic from the blogs you have selected back to your own blog by making it part of the “rules” that the recipients have to link back to you.”
I’d really like you to read his post, because, he explains how these awards can quickly turn from Prestigious Award to a headache of a task when you can’t award just anyone back. You must adhere to a strict set of conditions, always sticking to someone else’s rules.

Jack is the first to slam his fist down & shout “NO MORE!”
Again, I quote –
“Why can’t I give the ” Blogger I’d Like to Fuck ” award to someone who posts photos of food they have cooked that looks so good I want to lick the computer screen? Why can’t I give the “Best Moment” award to someone who posts a video of their kid falling asleep on the toilet?”

“This moment, as you read this is the birth of a revolution. We, as writers, literally shape this world we have created and a revolution begins with a single change. I want to change the way we think about each other and the way we appreciate each other.”

And, that is what he has done! He has made a brand new award! One to be passed like a torch to any blogger who inspires us, or touches us. One that has no rules or stipulations. No seven facts about your genitals, or eleven reasons why you write what you write or your top 69 favorite foods. The only requirement… pay it forward.
Bestow it upon a blogger who made you smile, (or laugh, or cry) today.
Present it to someone who treats their blog as they would their novel.
Pay it forward to someone you think deserves it.

What a fantabulous idea!
The very first recipient for the Revolution Award is… Ohmigod, IT’S ME!!
Let me tell you why he chose me, so you know why I am overcome with emotion, and why it means so very much to me – “Her work at giving a voice to new authors who wouldn’t normally get noticed is beyond exemplary. She deserves great accolades for directing the paths of anyone who reads her work towards some of the best new indie horror I have ever seen. In a world where that bitch that cashed in on the Twilight franchise simply because soccer moms hadn’t yet been introduced to Fifty Shades of boredom, I feel it is beyond my honor to point anyone I can towards her work.

So to all of you reading this, pay it forward. Take this award as your own to bestow on anyone who inspires you. If they choose to honor you by telling everyone about you , so be it. I believe in the freedom to tell someone they are talented without having to list out the seven types of bowel movements you have had in the last month.

Before I present anyone else with this award, I would like to present it to it’s maker. I think Jack Chaser deserves The Revolution Award not only for creating what I hope will be the new way of acknowledging greatness in the blogosphere, but, for providing me with countless laughs from reading about his contractor nightmares!
I’m married into a family of contractors, so when I laugh at his stories, my laughs turn into leg slaps and belly aches!
Stories of rooftop dildo fights, customers saying things like… ” I like my contractors the same way I like all the men in my life. Anal.”, and catching people, literally, with their pants down, have me reading his posts aloud to my husband, so he can share in the laughter. He, in turn, takes the stories back to work to share with his dad.
Let’s not forget the pictures he provides!! He deserves the award for showing us his purple ass, and telling us how it got that way!!
And, they all have such great titles!
The Vagina Dentata Story, It’s Raining Men, Smells, The Fattest Man Alive, and The Last Square, just to name a few!

It is my honor to present The Revolution Award to JACK CHASER, one of the first blogs I ever followed. For making me smile, for making me feel special, and – For Being Who He Is. JACK CHASER.

Welcome to the Revolution.

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BBB ~ House Rules


Where your Book Addiction is Normal.


♦ There is NO such thing as too many books.

♦ It’s not cheating if they live in different books.

♦ It’s not fair that the world carries on like nothing happened when I’ve just been cut to shreds at the hands of a paperback (or Kindle)

♦ Abibliophobia is not a silly fear. (Fear of running out of reading material)

♦ Born to read, forced to work

And, most importantly, never forget…



So, how’s your blog doing?

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