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Edward Lee
EDWARD LEE is the author of almost fifty novels and numerous short stories and novellas.
Florida ·

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R.J. Spears is a writer, and he writes about the undead.

He grew up in a small city in southern Ohio, attended a large Midwestern university and studied film-making.  He kicked around the Midwest, working in the hollowed halls of academe, but kept piddling around with writing.  Just a few years ago, he got serious and now has 4 novels, two novellas, twenty or so short stories, a short story collection and a bunch of stuff on the web and in print anthologies.


He’s written two series:

Forget the Zombies

Forget the Alamo
Forget Texas
Forget America

Books of the Dead

Sanctuary from the Dead
Lord of the Dead
Dead Man’s Land
Into the Deadlands (coming soon)


He has also written several zombie short stories & horror stories, along with crime flash fiction and mystery shorts.

To learn more about R.J. Spears, and his books, check out his Amazon author’s page.

Here’s a link to his [not recently updated] blog:
R.J. Spears Blog

You can follow him via his Facebook page

And you can chat with him in the Zombie Fiend chatrooms!

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I swear to tell the truth…

He just wouldn't stop!
He just wouldn’t stop!
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‘A Taste Of Darkness’ – Read by Chantal Noordeloos

I listen to books/stories all the time. There is too much time not being utilized throughout the day – so I pop in my earbuds whenever I get the chance.
Some I hear through a tts synthesizer, (IMO, Ivona has one of the best tts programs), and others I’ve downloaded off of Audible, or author websites. Podcasts are great, too.
Some have professional narration, sound effects, and music – tons of money poured into getting things ‘just right‘. *[Choosing from all I’ve heard, I’d bet that Stephen King’s NEEDFUL THINGS was the one that cost the most to produce – Read/Recorded by King himself.]
YouTube is home to a billion and forty two videos of people reading short stories, excerpts from longer stories, and even poetry. NONE have effected me like this one.*¹

This reading of ‘A Taste of Darkness‘, [one of the stories in the Horror collection ‘Deeply Twisted’] is by the author. Chantal Noordeloos put on her Author Hat/(Coyote Hat), and recorded her story with as much heart & emotion as she put into writing it. We’re hearing it told the way it was written, and the effect is chilling. I’ve seen a lot of authors, (on YouTube), that cannot pull this off – speaking in a monotone voice, and never looking away from the monitor, they sound like Ben Stein. Chantal gave me goose bumps.
Chantal is not merely a writer/author- she’s a storyteller.
If I ever win the lottery, I’m going to ask her to record all my books!
I think that listening to her read this story made me appreciate it more, and it upped the creepiness levels! There is so much that I’d like to say, so many feels that I’d like to express – but, I won’t.
Watch this video – do it!

*¹ – I want to mention the fact that although I’m friends with the author online, it had no impact on how I feel about this story, or her telling of it. In fact, how I gush in this post is a little embarrassing – maybe she won’t see it >.<


SERIAL: Part Two by Jack Chaser

Posted on September 24, 2013 by Jack Chaser


Hi, this is Susan. I can’t come to the phone right now so please leave me a message and I will call you right back.


Hey, it’s James again. I thought I would just give you another call to say how much fun I had the other night. Especially walking you home after. You looked really great standing there…….. I just really wanted to kiss you.


I guess I should have waited for you to try to kiss me. I am really sorry about that. I just couldn’t help myself. No hard feelings right?

So just call me when you get the chance……… please?


Hi, this is Susan. I can’t come to the phone right now so please leave me a message and I will call you right back.



Hi, this is Susan. I can’t come to the phone right now so please leave me a message and I will call you right back.


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Zombie Anthology

Working title: Feast or Famine
Publisher: TBD
Deadline: August 1, 2013

Anthology Theme: There are individuals known as survivalists, or now known by the recently coined term: preppers. These people are making preparations to ensure their safety and continued existence in the occurrence of a catastrophic disaster or event. But what happens when the SHTF? Really? You will have a population of have and have nots. Those who were ready and prepared and those who are caught unaware and panicked. The struggle for available resources will be another catastrophic event in and of itself as humans fight to either defend and retain what they have established or to take what others had the foresight to store and prepare.

This is the end as we know it. For some, life and death hinges on acquiring basic human needs, while for others life is good, if not better in accordance with their due diligence.
The Zombie Apocalypse has arrived. Will it be feast or famine?

We are accepting short stories, poems, recipes, and artwork for this anthology. Written items should be edited to the best of your ability but they will be reviewed for any missed grammatical or sentence structure errors. In the case of glaring errors or obvious oversight, content change may be encouraged. Artwork should be submitted in a quality resolution jpg file no larger than 500×750 pixels.

Written submission requirements:
Must be a member of
All entries must be in a .doc or .rtf file.
12 pt., Times New Roman font
Single spaced
Indent paragraphs
Approximately 5,000-10,000 words
Author’s name and email, story title, and word count must be on first page.
Only unpublished stories will be accepted

Artistic submission requirements:
Must be a member of
Color or black/white images will be accepted
jpg file
No larger than 500×750 pixels

Author/Artist rights:
Rights remain with the author/artist. Upon submission, it is understood the item will not be published or shared elsewhere by the author/artist until after the Anthology is released. After publication, we encourage the author/artist to share their work as much as possible.

Creators of accepted items will receive a copy of the anthology, invitations to any events pertinent to the Anthology, and samples of promotional or marketing materials created for the Anthology.

Publisher rights:
1st publishing rights
The right to use the item as long as there is demand for the Anthology
The right to refuse an item which does not meet our standards or requirements
The right to edit accepted written work for grammatical and sentence structure errors
The right to encourage content change if there are glaring errors
The right to use the author/artist name and parts of accepted items for marketing and promotion purposes

Please submit your work to:
For questions or comments visit the Anthology discussion on Zombie Fans:
For additional technical background groundwork see James Jackson’s group: Prepping 101: The Basics