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By Anthony Renfro
It’s the first Christmas since the zombie invasion. You’d be pretty pissed, too, if you were trying to retain some of your Holiday Spirit and the damn zombies kept coming up and trying to eat your fake Santa, Elves, Reindeer, Frosty, and the rest! Your not stupid. Nothing is animated or lit up. Nothing playing music to attract attention. But, they still keep coming! Ooo… these ones are smart! They rang the doorbell and pretended to be Carolers! Now they’re grunting some macabre version of Jingle Bells. Isn’t that cute. Kill them or leave them be? It would be easier to decide if you could quit laughing!

Mike, Fred, and Jim, are not going to disappoint the neighborhood kids. They are going to wake up Christmas morning with gifts, and they will know that the Zombies did not steal Christmas from them! They’ll also think that Santa is one Bad Ass Zombie Killing Machine!

There is a plan in place, each of the men has a job to do. Mike has been planning this since September, and his planning made things a million times easier. The men did their duties together, then split up to finish their tasks. Each mans story ends about the same. What these men did to save Christmas for their neighborhood is truely a heartwarming tale.

This short story is about togetherness & Christmas miracles…and what we can accomplish if we put our hearts & minds to it!