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What’s next on your TBR?


I’m so far behind on my reviews, I feel guilty starting another book!
I need to get posts up for at least two more for Ed Lee, five for Jeff Strand (Pressure, Fangboy, and the first 3 Andrew Mayhem books – yay!), and, I started the Jack Daniels series by J.A. Konrath – (I’ve finished WHISKEY SOUR, and am halfway through BLOODY MARY).
FEAST OR FAMINE, the newest anthology from Zombie Fiend, is going to knock your socks off! Stand outs [so far] include shorts from Sara Gray, and Alan Dale.
Four stories from Terry West have turned me into a lifelong fan, Zané Sachs‘s SADIE was described to me as the female Peter Jenkins – and I adore her now, and I need to find more from the author. I finally read Jamie Johnesee‘s Bob The Zombie books – and I can’t wait for more – Bob is awesome ❤
Mitchell Crowe has four great shorts that I need to review, Adam Light and Kevin Strange are also on the list that seems never-ending.
If I ever get caught up, I will buy myself a surprise!

I updated Cover To Cover, the page that lists the books I’ve reviewed here on BBB. It was getting hard to follow, so I added a new page listing books alphabetically – by author.
I noticed how many reviews aren’t listed or linked, so I’ll get those up ASAP!


Books I plan to read soon include titles from Jeffery Thomas, (author of the Punktown series), Ray Garton, and Tom Piccirilli. Plus – I’m ashamed to admit how many stories from Matt Shaw have danced outside my budget… Tortured, Rotting Dead Fucks, Porn, A House in the Country, and Seed… omg! Bad Fan!

One more update – I added a new page in the ABOUT section, listing e-mail, and most of my social media links. So… find me, let’s connect!!

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DNA: CODE FLESH (Part One) By Alan Dale

DNA: Code Flesh
Part 1
War Within The War
between the Flesh

By Alan Dale
A great story, touching all aspects of all our lives – love, hate, life, death, family, laughter, war, government, friendships, sexuality, money, ethics… The characters are ones you can relate to, and I’m sure everyone who reads this will find a character that resembles themselves in more ways than one. I found some dark chuckles along the way, too. It’s a story that (in some ways) could happen, and that’s the kind of stroy that causes some sleepless nights. Unlike some Apocalypse theories, a lot of thought went into explaining the Hows & Whys of the ‘infection’. Some stories give very vague explinations of why the dead are returning, if any explination at all. DNA: Code Flesh is not like other stories, detailing the planning, the making, and the execution of the ‘Bug’, along with how it spreads and what could happen if plans went wrong, making the story more plausible, and therefore – even more frightening.

One thing that got to me was the way the author described how the government started conditioning the public very early on -brainwashing citizens from even BEFORE the very beginning (if that makes sense to you) – so that when the entire world is one populace to be governed by the NWO, and when (not if) the SHTF, people were ‘educated’ to submit and comply to all the governments ‘requests’. Failure to submit to these requests ends with monitary penalties and/or jail time – and in the time of the NWO – jail is NOT a place you want to end up.

It makes you think… When you are forced to choose a side, where will your loyalties lie? Will you choose to follow your head or your heart? Will you turn your back on your family, friiends, and your own morals – just because you’re afraid that those things will land you on the losing side?

Overall, I enjoyed reading this. I had a couple moments of confusion in the story, but nothing that made me miss any major plot points. At times, I felt strong emotions – and to me, that is what makes a good story. One that pulls me in enough to feel pissed off at the bad guys, or make my heart beat faster during the action… and even mushy when those stolen moments happen during a time when that is the last thing on your mind.