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SPOOKY STACKS by Keene, Maberry, Nicholson, & Smith

Spooky Stacks Four Horror TalesSpooky Stacks Four Horror Tales by Scott Nicholson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

SPOOKY STACKS is Halloween book with SS from authors I already know & love, and it was free to download (>.<) FREE makes everything better, but SPOOKY STACKS earned the 5 star rating for it’s content, not it’s price.

“Fast Zombies Suck”Brian Keene
I wholeheartedly agree with this, fast zombies do suck! These things with the RAGE virus… they may be bitey, but they’re not real zombies.
Ken thinks this way, too. He wants his zombies traditional, shambling and moaning. He’s been ready for them to come, he’s seen all the movies. He knows what to do when TSHTF, and, it sure looks like today is that day…

“Pizza Face”Bryan Smith
Will Hopkins delivers pizza for a living, but he dreams of getting away, and of a bigger & better life. With one ring of a doorbell, his life is about to change forever – let’s hope he can survive what’s waiting for him on the other side. I think this was my favorite story in this collection. There were a couple points when I made audible sounds, earning me that ‘youre crazy’ look from my husband.

“A Farewell to Arms”Scott Nicholson
Casey & Maleah have holed up in an old barn at the edge of town. They met when the zombies came, and just kind of went in the same direction. They didn’t consciously decide to pair up. Now, though, they must decide if they want to team up, or is it better if they just go their separate ways.

“Cooked”Jonathan Maberry
Billy & Cooter had caused a bit of a ruckus the other day, kidnapping a few flamingos and garden gnomes from someone’s lawn. They thought it was the funniest thing in the world at the time. It’s not so funny anymore.

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MAX & THE GEEKS By Alan Gandy

Max & The Geeks
Alan Gandy


I had a blast reading this book! Maybe because I’m a nerd girl at heart ♥ The characters & the references are so witty, and so funny! I was giggling throughout the entire story! Then I read the afterward and I was bawling… but, you have to read this book to know why!
This is another ‘childrens book for adults’, like the My Little Brother Is A Zombie’ series, and it’s packed with original illustrations by Alan.

Max & his buddies are having a typical day, typical for them, when the zombie uprising occurs. Through their skill, knowledge, and maybe a little help from a super power picked up at the nuclear power plant, it’s up to them to save the day, save the town, save the world! Assistance from the new girl, brains from the gang, and a few hilarious games of “Got Your Nose”, bring them to the place where it all began. Do they have the power to stop it?

The Amazon synopsis :
Meet Max, a sophomore at Summerdale high. Max was abandoned as a baby, and ever since then he has been bouncing from orphanage to foster care until he finally ended up at the Summerdale House for Boys. The only constant in Max’s life have been the heroes in the comics he collects.

When a bizarre occurrence strikes Summerdale, Max and his two best school mates, Forrest the gamer and Kale the goth embark on a hilarious adventure filled with laughs, tears and a lot of geekyness. Can Max rise up and become like the heroes he admires? And more importantly can he find the Family he never had?

Max and the Geeks is jam packed with geeky references for all ages. So kids go grab your parents and parents go get your kids because sometimes it takes a family to see an adventure through to the end.

Max and the Geeks is suggested for ages 11 and up.

Get your geek on & get this book!
P, L, & N ♥