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What’s next on your TBR?


I’m so far behind on my reviews, I feel guilty starting another book!
I need to get posts up for at least two more for Ed Lee, five for Jeff Strand (Pressure, Fangboy, and the first 3 Andrew Mayhem books – yay!), and, I started the Jack Daniels series by J.A. Konrath – (I’ve finished WHISKEY SOUR, and am halfway through BLOODY MARY).
FEAST OR FAMINE, the newest anthology from Zombie Fiend, is going to knock your socks off! Stand outs [so far] include shorts from Sara Gray, and Alan Dale.
Four stories from Terry West have turned me into a lifelong fan, Zané Sachs‘s SADIE was described to me as the female Peter Jenkins – and I adore her now, and I need to find more from the author. I finally read Jamie Johnesee‘s Bob The Zombie books – and I can’t wait for more – Bob is awesome ❤
Mitchell Crowe has four great shorts that I need to review, Adam Light and Kevin Strange are also on the list that seems never-ending.
If I ever get caught up, I will buy myself a surprise!

I updated Cover To Cover, the page that lists the books I’ve reviewed here on BBB. It was getting hard to follow, so I added a new page listing books alphabetically – by author.
I noticed how many reviews aren’t listed or linked, so I’ll get those up ASAP!


Books I plan to read soon include titles from Jeffery Thomas, (author of the Punktown series), Ray Garton, and Tom Piccirilli. Plus – I’m ashamed to admit how many stories from Matt Shaw have danced outside my budget… Tortured, Rotting Dead Fucks, Porn, A House in the Country, and Seed… omg! Bad Fan!

One more update – I added a new page in the ABOUT section, listing e-mail, and most of my social media links. So… find me, let’s connect!!

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A Goodreads Exclusive Short Story from Adam Light.
It is free to read today, too!
Just check out Adam’s Blog on Goodreads

Tommy RottenTommy Rotten by Adam Light
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a wonderfully written Halloween ghost story.
The town’s Urban Legend tied in with a spooky old, abandoned house at the end of a lonely road.
I think we all had that house in our neighborhood growing up. That house gets creepier with each passing year, and the stories grow a little ‘taller’ with each re-telling.
This gave me a warm, nostalgic feeling, just under the goosebumps it caused! Adam puts a new story onto a classic theme with Tommy Rotten, and wrote a Campfire Tale that I will talk about every year.