It’s A Thrilling Thursday at Coffin Hop!

Last year around this time, (a little later, maybe) I started reading holiday themed horror books – to review on a new website I was a part of. I went crazy! Zombies, serial killers, supernatural, humor horror ranging from light & silly all the way to the darkest of the dark. And everything betwixt & between!
It was some of my best work. I was calling it my Holiday Horror Binge, and I was really proud of it. And in one mood swing, it was all gone. The site’s owner locked down and closed up with no warning. Everything I had done, even before the Holiday Of Horror, was gone, and… silly me… I didn’t have back up notes. I wasn’t big into Goodreads, and I didn’t want to leave identical reviews on my blog and on Amazon. I still don’t remember everything I did for that, but I think the number was around 12.
That was when I decided, after two attempts of working under someone else, That it was time for my own Blog.
I rewrote a couple of those Holiday Horrors from scratch, like A HACKED UP HOLIDAY MASSACRE. I had to skim through the book again, (the notes I take while reading would make you laugh), and they probably turned out better than before. But, my habits have changed!
I have a very long list of books I want to tackle for my 2013 Holiday Horror Binge & Purge Blog Event.
I did a quick roll through one part of my storage and came up with these lists…

I have more than 20 unread Halloween books – examples are…
* Penny Dreadfuls: Halloween Special – anthology
* October Roses – Mark Allan Gunnells
* October Girl’s – Scott Nicholson

HOLIDAY HORROR 2012 – Read/Reviewed (lost) NEED TO RE-REVIEW
* A Christmas To Remember: (Twisted Tales) – Matt Shaw
* Let It Snow: Seasons Readings For A Super Cool Yule – anthology
* Naughty: Nine Tales of Christmas Crime – Steve Hockensmith
* Holiday of the Dead anthology

I own:
*An Apple For The Creature – anthology
* A Murder of Scarecrows – Mark Leslie
* Fall Leaves and the Black Dragon – Erik Gustafson
* November Coming Fire – Jeff O’Brien
* The Twelve Days Of Dickson: A merry holiday bundle from Allson
* Dreaming of an Undead Christmas – Dane Hatchell
* Jingle, Jingle – Keri Knutson
* Santa’s Claws & Steven, Space Stowaway – MJA Ware (Young Adult) FREE DOWNLOAD / AMAZON
* Santa’s Claws – Edmond Richard Humm (glad I got this when I did, it’s priced at $99.99 now!)
* Creatures For Christmas: anthology
* A Very Zombie Holiday – C.S. Daley
* A Zombie for the Holidays – Ian Desabrais FREE DOWNLOAD ON AMAZON RIGHT NOW

I just noticed I have DEAR SANTA [TW Brown], THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS [Rebecca Besser], & TRICK OR TREAT [Eduard Joseph] in my Smashwords Library 😮

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