Animation Domination Turns Damnation!

Mmm-kay? Mmm-kay.

I’m home sick today, I left work early and have been feeling guilty since I got home. I should be working, but my head is fuzzy and floating three feet above my body. I should be reading, but I doze off when I start watching the words swim around the pages. There are a hundred things I should be doing. But, I’m remembering being sick as a kid, and I’m thinking of all the great TV there used to be when I would stay home from school! Those thoughts led to Saturday morning cartoons, and those thoughts segued into Halloween cartoons. AND, HERE WE ARE.

Do you remember the Bugs Bunny Halloween Specials?
Transylvania 6-500 is the one that gets that song stuck in your head & you sing AbraKaPocus for a week…

The Gossimer Monster, Witch Hazel, the Jekyll/Hyde Tweety Bird, Bugs dressed in a variety of gender bending costumes… I LOVE them all! There were a couple characters that freaked me out as a kid, and today there are ones that bring tears to my eyes from laughing so hard! Which ones do you remember, and love the most?

If we are going to talk about Halloween cartoons, I cannot go any further without talking about the Treehouse of Horror. This year’s Guillermo del Toro episode is the 24th Treehouse!! This year’s intro is a pretty iconic one –

What is your absolute favorite Treehouse Of Horror moment?

Another long-ish running cartoon with epic Halloween episodes… SOUTH PARK!
The HELL ON EARTH episode with Butters chanting Biggie Smalls into the bathroom mirror is one of the best things ever. Plus, the cartoon versions of Ted Bundy, Jeff Dahmer, and John Wayne Gacy… priceless! Oh, the Steve Irwin, TOO SOON gag – High-Larious.
There’s Spooky Fish, with Evil Cartmin & Nice Cartman, and the word HELLA.
Scooby Do / Korn episode came out exactly when I was really into Korn.
Pink Eye was the first, (zombie Kenny), and last night’s Posers episode is the most recent. The lines drawn in the sand between The Goths, The Emos, and The Vamp kids is great, the music spoofs The Cure and everything is SO FUNNY!! (per se)
I have too many favorites to post here! Do you have a favorite SP Halloween episode or character?

Click on Vampire Butters to watch THE UNGROUNDABLE

This post started as something entirely different, but that’s OK.
It’s fun, and maybe I’ll meet other cartoon lovers!
I didn’t even go into American Dad, Family Guy, Futurama, Cleveland Show, even Bob’s Burgers Halloween episode this year will go down as one of my fav’s!

I wish they would animate HOUSE OF 1000 Corpses!!

Peace, Love, & Necrophilia ❤

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