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Published July 19, 2015 by Shadow Girl


Mikhail Lerma is celebrating the release of the third and final book of his Z PLAN series with an online party! There will be contests, games, and prizes from him and other authors. You won’t want to miss out!

Join the event!

Haven’t read the first two books in the series yet? You can check them out here…




Published June 28, 2015 by Shadow Girl

Enter to win one of two autographed sets of Scott M. Baker, Author’s Rotter series!!

How to Enter
Go Scott Baker’s Facebook page and, if you haven’t already, like it.

Go to the ZF website and answer the following scenario question: Stay or GO???

Scenario: You survived the zombie apocalypse and now live in a large compound that is well stocked and well-defended. A scientist shows up at your compound and says he has a vaccine for the zombie virus that will give the survivors the ability to immunize themselves against zombie bites and allow them to wage war against the living dead. However, it is in an underground military bunker five hundred miles away, and the chances of retrieving the vaccine and getting it to the right people are minimal.
Question: Do you take the risk in the slim hope that what is left of the world can be saved, or do you stay where you are and ride out the apocalypse from the safety of your compound?

Contest ends at Midnight on July 11. 2015!

CYP Contest Winners!

Published June 25, 2015 by Shadow Girl

Enter to Win! Autographed set of James Schannep’s Click Your Poison books

Published June 5, 2015 by Shadow Girl

YOUR fantasy world awaits…

If you could choose an adventure, where would you go?

Enter to win amazing prizes simply by telling us here what YOUR fantasy adventure is and liking CYP on Facebook.

Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!

Grand Prize: Autographed set of James Schannep’s Click Your Poison books

First Prize: A cameo in James Schannep’s next Click Your Poison and CYP/ZF swag

Second Prize: Autographed CYP book of your choice

Third Prize: Complete set of CYP ebooks

Fourth Prize: Click Your Poison & Zombie Fiend swag!

Simple Contest Rules:

Visit the CYP Contest Page on Zombie Fiend

Contest ends June 13, 2015 at midnight

Enter to win by responding to the discussion on the ZF CYP Contest Page with your fantasy adventure.

Like James Schannep’s Click Your Poison Facebook page


Published April 27, 2015 by Shadow Girl

R.J. Spears is a writer, and he writes about the undead.

He grew up in a small city in southern Ohio, attended a large Midwestern university and studied film-making.  He kicked around the Midwest, working in the hollowed halls of academe, but kept piddling around with writing.  Just a few years ago, he got serious and now has 4 novels, two novellas, twenty or so short stories, a short story collection and a bunch of stuff on the web and in print anthologies.


He’s written two series:

Forget the Zombies

Forget the Alamo
Forget Texas
Forget America

Books of the Dead

Sanctuary from the Dead
Lord of the Dead
Dead Man’s Land
Into the Deadlands (coming soon)


He has also written several zombie short stories & horror stories, along with crime flash fiction and mystery shorts.

To learn more about R.J. Spears, and his books, check out his Amazon author’s page.

Here’s a link to his [not recently updated] blog:
R.J. Spears Blog

You can follow him via his Facebook page

And you can chat with him in the Zombie Fiend chatrooms!

Become a part of the first Crowdsourced Beta Reader group

Published April 22, 2015 by Shadow Girl

You are invited to become part of a crowdsourced Beta Reader group,  the first of its kind! 

The group is to review the Up From the Depths zombie apocalypse series by J.R. Jackson.

Scenes, chapters, and chapter excerpts will be posted to the group and members will have a chance to read and make comments on how to make those excerpts, and the entire series, better.

This is the first time that something like this has been done [that I’m aware of]. You, the readers, will have actual real world input into an unpublished series and the author will literally be able to hear from those same readers and provide edits, additions, changes, deletions, etc to make sure that the work is at the level that the readers of the zompoc genre deserve.

Not only do you get access to a new zombie apocalypse novel, you get to be a Beta Reader and provide valuable insight that usually only comes in the form of bad or indifferent reviews once the book is released.

That also means that once this series gets to the point where cover art is created, members of this group will be able to pick what cover is most popular for each book.


This is what the series is about: a zombie apocalypse.

Seriously, there is a zombie outbreak, not the usual contrived, cliche type of outbreak. No space aliens, no returning space probes, no rogue comets/asteroids, no 10,000 year old alien thawed out, nothing that Mystery Science Theater 3000 would make fun of.

No. The cause of the outbreak is more based in the real world.

There is no central Main Character, the MC as it were. There is an ensemble cast with a core element of main characters. That means that there are several characters spread all over CONUS (Continental United States. This abbreviation is also in the Glossary page of this group) and small sections of the world, one character in the UK.

There is a relatively heavy military thematic element to the series as it takes a look at various US military units, before, during, and after the outbreak.

Due to the inclusion of those units, there will be a glossary of terms and abbreviations posted to the group (separate page so you can have that tab open while reading any excerpt) that will allow you to be more informed about what is being done, used, or spoken about in the various scenes. That does not mean that the series is rift with these terms but the average reader is not that well versed in military terminology or what some might call ‘Mil-Speak’.

To any active, prior, or retired service members, any insight into the interaction between military characters that would increase detail would be greatly appreciated. I have some knowledge on how units might operate and interact with each other but I’m sure there’s some details missing that could be added in to make those scenes containing that interaction more true to life.

To clarify how this group works, there will chapters, chapter excerpts, scenes, and sequences posted from the various books, in order, so you won’t be reading something from book 5 when there was something previously posted from book 1. Each topic posted will be identified as to what book it came from. That way we’re all on the same page and the same book.

All the topics posted will be in order starting from Book 1, Denial Measures and moving all the way to Book 6, Secondary Objectives.

Your task, should you decide to participate, will be to review the posts and make comments on how they could be changed to provide more balance between plot and character, more detail to let the reader know what’s happening, resolve any obvious plot holes, make sure there’s continuity, and provide information on how to make this series better.

If you feel you can do that as a member of this group, then sit back, buckle up, and prepare for a trip through a zombie infested world that will blow you away.

To view the chapters in order, what that means is the most recent posting will be the first posting, you may have to change the sorting options. That can be done under the ‘Sort by’ then select the option that will help you get the chapters in numerical order.

If you’d like to participate, or check out the group before making a decision, just click on the link provided.


Best. Book. Review. Ever.

Published April 12, 2015 by Shadow Girl

Originally posted by Joy Killar on Zombie Fiend

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