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Halloween! Spells, Recipes, & Customs By Silver Ravenwolf

Witches’ hats and harvest moon
Ghosts that dance to haunted tune
Apples, goodies, food galore
Halloween has this and more!

Touch the cover to view this book on Amazon
Touch the cover to view this book on Amazon

I know that there are a lot of haters when it comes to Silver’s books, but I’m never ashamed to admit that I’ve loved her writing since I picked up my copy of To Ride a Silver Broomstick: New Generation Witchcraft all those years ago.
HALLOWEEN: SPELLS, RECIPES & CUSTOMS is a very fun book, as well as informative. She does most of her own illustrations, and they mesh with her writing beautifully. As much as you think you know about Halloween / Samhain, I’ll bet that you’ll still learn something new here. A bit of history, a yummy new recipe, or maybe even a new way to to try that spell you just can’t get to take!

It’s a great book for everybody, Christian or Pagan.
5 of 5 stars
Blessed Be )0(

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‘Hammered’ book trailer – from G.N.Braun

G.N. Braun is an Australian writer, and current president of the Australian H.W.A.
He writes fiction across various genres, but I found his short stories while searching for horror – big surprise, right? I found his work on Legumeman Books, and have recently (with help from our favorite author stalker – Suzanne) become friends with him on Facebook and Goodreads. You can download his short stories ‘Boneyard Smack’, ‘Bubba wants YOU’, ‘Insurrection’, free from Legumeman Books.
Obviously, I love his work – or you wouldn’t be reading this. I especially liked his dark & gritty short story, ‘Boneyard Smack’. I realized last night that my review/discussion was originally posted on my first book blog at ZF. (We all know that I didn’t back-up my reviews then, and I lost everything when the site closed.) I will be redoing that post soon, so be sure to watch for it!
Being such a fan of ‘Boneyard Smack’ is, I believe, what led me to want to read his memoir so bad. Ok, well… that and my own past struggle with opiates. Hammered: Memoir of an Addict was released in early 2012 by Legumeman Books.

(Taken from Geoff’s blog – ) Hammered is a memoir of G.N. Braun’s twenty-five+ years of drug abuse and addiction, and the way he finally clawed his way back to sobriety. It follows the descent into casual use of marijuana, through the years of speed use, and finally into the twelve years of opiate addiction.

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The Mythic Guide to Characters: Writing Characters Who Enchant and Inspire

Since there are so many aspiring writers here, and me being one myself, I wanted to share a book with everyone that is available for FREE DOWNLOAD today on Amazon.
This looks like it could be helpful, and, it only has 4 and 5 star reviews! I picked up a copy, saved five bucks, and will hopefully learn something along the way. If I discover just one new ‘thing’, I consider myself lucky.

The Mythic Guide to Characters: Writing Characters Who Enchant and Inspire [Kindle Edition] by Antonio del Drago (Author), and Derek Bowen (Editor) is available for FREE DOWNLOAD today.
Amazon synopsis says this:
As a professor, writer, and philosopher, Dr. Antonio del Drago has immersed himself in the literary and mythological traditions of the world.

Applying this knowledge to the writing of characters, he has developed a systematic, layered approach to character development that is based on psychology and archetypes.

In this guide, you will discover:
*The secret to writing multidimensional characters
*How to develop your character’s unconscious motivations
*Four ways in which characters interact with their worlds
*Five formative relationships that shape your character
*Nine mythic character archetypes and how to use them
*The difference between proactive and reactive protagonists
*Ways to define a character through dialogue and physicality
*The guide also includes a detailed worksheet that walks you through the stages of character development.

This is more than a book on how to write characters. This guide offers a practical, step-by-step approach to character creation that is sure to take your writing to the next level.


Bedtime Story

This weird blanket is from a SLEEPLESS project collaborated between The Great Eastern Hotel and fourteen students from the Royal College of Art’s acclaimed Design Products department led by Professor Ron Arad. This blanket has some traditional bedtime story on it. Plus, it has several sheets just like a real book.

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Literature & Art – Combined

These words may bring visions of museums and libraries to mind,
but that is not where I’m headed. Not this time.

In the summer of 2003, Shelly Jackson put out a call for people to be part of a 2095-word story published exclusively in tattoos, one word at a time, on the skin of volunteers.
The first tattooed word (SKIN, the story’s title) is on Jackson’s own wrist and subsequent words are slowly being issued in story order, based upon applications Jackson feels speak to her.

I’ve become obsessed with this project.
The story is a closely guarded secret and the volunteers are able to read it only after they’ve been inked. If she has her way, the complete text of SKIN will never be made publicly available, in print or online.
Once a chosen person has gone through the forms, contracts, non-disclosures, etc. & gets their ink, from that point on, they are referred to as ‘Words’. Participants will receive a signed and dated certificate confirming their participation in the work and verifying the authenticity of their word.
Tens of thousands of applicants for a 2095 word story makes me think that my chances of being accepted into the project are pretty slim, but, this project is… alive, for lack of a better term. And, as life is apt to do… it ends. The story may never be fully realised, as it seems possible that before the last word has been “born” one of the others may have died. The author is quite aware that many of her words could outlive her. But this seems to be part of her grand design, an integral part of her artistic vision: “As words die the story will change; when the last word dies the story will also have died.”
A side note on the death of her ‘words’ – “The author will make every effort to attend the funerals of her words.”
* Further information available here -

That is one version of combining art & literature.
The art becoming the literature.
And, although that is what inspired this post, I’d like to talk about different types of literary tattoos. There are a gazillion examples of this on the web.
Some beautiful, some horrendous, some inspiring, some fun…

Paying homage to a favorite author…

Yes it is real and yes it did hurt along my pinky right there. I’ve had numerous people stop me and ask what is on the side of my hand and when I show them I always get a laugh. I got it because I am a fan of Sherlock Holmes and this is his original Corn Pipe that he used to smoke. I also wanted to have it somewhere to make it completely original. I can honestly claim FIRST! My artists name was Scott Fearin of Delta 9 Tattoo here in Indianapolis, IN. #PipeTattoo

Or, a certain book that changed your life..
The Library of Congress call number for J.D. Salinger

Some people choose poetry…

They may cause others to stare… But, you know why they’re there!
(I’m reluctantly adding pics of my vampire bite tattoo here, because I hate how it turned out. My love of vampire lit started at a young age, and my obsession took over with Anita Blake. Sadly, it has become my most hated piece. Especially when tweens approach me and say something moronic, like ‘Team Edward’. I hate those people.)
266995_250868381594177_7538104_o 266995_250868378260844_5189281_o
I wish I could find an artist to fix these, without making them bigger & uglier. ::sigh::

Literary quotes have become a huge market.
This is a tattoo from Stephen King’s Bag of Bones, from the quote: “When an imaginative person gets into mental trouble, the line between seeming and being has a way of disappearing.” I have always liked this quote, and, since it is one of my besties favorite books… I chose this example…

And, this ‘Fear & Loathing… ‘ one just kicks ass…

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas tattoo.
Done by Ryan @ White Lion Custom Tattoo in Toowoomba, QLD, Australia

I could post hundreds of inspirational literary quotes…
“Question everything. Learn Something. Answer nothing.”
“One flew east, One flew west, One flew over the cuckoo’s nest.”
And, of course, one of the best…

The best tatts are ones with meaning. Something special, unique to the bearer. It could be something as simple as a date, or as elaborate as… something big and elaborate.
One of the coolest tatts I’ve seen lately is this –

Matt Shaw’s Happy Ever After ink, done at Dragstrip Tattoos (run by a nice woman called Laura) in Bitterne, by Alex.

Do you perceive it as the author’s skin being pulled back, to show the story within? OR, do you see it as the story bursting out of the author, too powerful to be contained? Either way… it speaks.
This one marks a special occasion, the authors first publication date –

I would love to see your ink! What, when where, why…
Post links in the comments.

Any authors wanting to duplicate Shelly Jackson’s project, I’m down!

One last thing… Grizz, how strange is this?! Unless I ran across a random picture of you while Googling… It’s bizarre!

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You know you’re a prepper if…

You know what things like `TSHTF’, `BOB’ and `TEOTWAWKI’ mean.
Bert from `Tremors’ is your favorite movie character.
When the SHTF, you would eat better than you eat now.
You can’t put your groceries in the trunk of the car because it’s already jammed full with emergency kits, first aid supplies, and fully-stocked BOBs.

If these things sound familiar, please take a look at our buddy James’s post on – YOU KNOW YOU’RE A PREPPER IF…

BBB Exclusive Non-Fiction Original Random

Electric Air

It’s the middle of the afternoon, and it’s dark.
The thunder has been rumbling in a constant vibration for over an hour,
The storm just hit – right outside my door.
There is something about today.
Something electric.
I can feel it all around me.
I’m inspired.
Something big is coming – I can feel it.