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Book Trailer for Michael Noe’s ‘The Darkness of the Soul’

Published May 5, 2016 by Shadow Girl

William is a writer returning to his hometown after a traumatic separation from his wife. Nick is a member of the Losers’ Club and is crippled by his anxieties and insecurities. William reconnects with Kelly, a women from his past, but Nick has fallen in love with Kelly, putting him on a collision course to destroy her. Now, the characters from William’s most recent story have a different idea. Sometimes there are no happy endings.

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Even Hell Has Standards: WRATH by Chantal Noordeloos

Published January 22, 2016 by Shadow Girl

‘Wrath’ is the second of seven short stories in the ‘Even Hell Has Standards’ series, where Chantal Noordeloos takes the reader through the darker side of human nature, and its road to redemption. This is Hell as you’ve never seen it before.

Fatima Oni never had a chance for a good life. Born into poverty, her hopes of anything better are dashed when she’s given away as a child bride to her abusive uncle. Her days and nights become a living hell on earth, and things grow from bad to worse when Fate rips her children away from her. Can she keep turning the other cheek when faced with the ultimate loss, or will she give in to the wrath that boils inside her and take her fight for retribution to Hell and beyond?


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Book 2 of ‘Up From the Depths’ by J.R. Jackson is now available!

Published October 28, 2015 by Shadow Girl

Acceptable Losses

Fight. Survive. Run!

As the virus sweeps the globe, governments collapse and the military chain of command is in chaos. Those that survived the initial outbreak must now face the horror as 99% of the world’s population has been mutated into flesh-craving psychotics.

There is no safe haven.


E-book Format now available at Amazon and these fine online retailers:

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Barnes & Noble – Submitted to Distributor on Oct. 27, 2015, 2:33 p.m.
CreateSpace – Requested Listing on Oct. 27, 2015, 1:37 p.m. (approximately 6 days before the physical copy will be available)
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Tolino – Published on Oct. 27, 2015, 2:35 p.m.

“J.R. Jackson is a former U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer. During his naval career, he has been deployed all over the world working with other branches of the U.S. military and military units from foreign countries. The Up From the Depths series is his first venture into fictional writing.”

“He currently provides military technical assistance to other authors and writes reviews for When not writing, he can be found deep in the woods perfecting and teaching the fine art of wilderness survival. He is also a disaster mitigation educator.”

Find out more on outpostzulualpha!


Published November 21, 2014 by Shadow Girl


Jason Jacks is a sadistic serial killer, with a penchant for killing couples.

Jaz and Edward Sullivan are newlyweds on holiday in Cornwall, staying in Ed’s old family home.

Jason Jacks is just about the worst kind of house guest anyone could wish for. Because if he comes a-knockin’, then you’re as good as dead…

This is extreme horror, as is everything by Sam West.
It is for the most hardened horror fans only.
(And even then, please proceed with caution.)

SamWest cover

I got my Kindle Unlimited subscription renewed a couple days ago, and I accidentally found this author, Sam West, while looking for any titles from Matt Shaw that I might have missed in the past couple months. Amazon said… ‘Oh, you like this twisted stuff? Here, try THIS guy. He might make you puke!’
There are five novellas available, I grabbed this one first only because it’s the first one Amazon recommended.
The synopsis, and the words ‘Extreme Horror Novella’ grabbed my attention right away. The cringe-inducing scene on the first page drew me in even further. As far as torture goes, Sam West is pretty original. Probably a bit unstable, too. (You know I’m teasing!) I learned a new phrase – “The back of beyond”. I like it. It sounds a little more civilized than BFE 😉
I can’t wait to read the other four books!

★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★

***Includes the first chapter of ‘Djinn’ at the end of the novella.***

SamWest 1
Sam West is a horror writer living in the UK. His stuff is hardcore, so be warned. He believes that horror should be sick and sexy and he is more than happy to offend a few people on his writing journey.

He hopes there are other like minded souls out there that enjoy a good dose of depravity and perversion. Because that’s what rocks his world. That, and his wife and young daughter who do brilliantly to put up with his diseased mind.
SameWest 2
Contact him at

A quick word from the author:
Sweet nightmares to you all. – Sam.



MY LOVELY WIFE by Dani Brown

Published August 17, 2014 by Shadow Girl

by Dani Brown
Print Length: 72 pages
Publisher: MorbidbookS. Everything Bleeds.

A story told by the most patient man in the world, his love at first sight and his obsession to make every perverse sexual fantasy a reality.
Despite the length of this book, it took me a little bit to finish it. I’d get squeamish, and have to put it down – only finding myself wondering what happened next.
Is it sexist to say that I was surprised that it was written by a woman? I hope not, because that’s the last thing that I am. I think that I’m just surprised that Dani Brown has such a strong command of this man’s psyche, and, well… his cock. Some of the detail, and descriptions, are just so spot on – IDK… I’ve seen men write from the women’s perspective, and not many have gotten it down to the point that I’d forget it was a man writing the story.
I didn’t realize this book was just released. I don’t remember how I ran across it, either. Surfing through bizarro blogs, I’m sure, but I wish I could remember exactly. While putting this post together, and gathering links, I found a great #FF – MorbidBooks & The Grim Reverend Steven Rage seem to be linked with LegumeManBooks (GN Braun, Matthew Revert, Bradley Sands, etc.), and that’s bonus points in my book! MorbidBooks has a WP site, (all the cool kids do!) – where everything bleeds, and I’ll most definitely be checking out more of their books, and writers.
I might need a break in between. Maybe go take a few showers, and a few Xanax. Watch some cartoons. Try to start eating again….

Publication Date: July 24, 2014
He had to have her the moment he saw her trachea ring. Six months later she was his lovely wife. He performed his duties as a husband and she as a wife. He tolerated a house filled with references to her late first husband and the children they had together. He put up with her prudish ways. He waited. He was patient. He planned. He was adaptable. He was rewarded over the course of a week in her basement. He turned his perverse sexual fantasies of worms and maggots and her lovely crusty trachea ring into a gruesome reality.

MY LOVELY WIFE on Goodreads

MY LOVELY WIFE by Dani Brown on morbidbooks

Dani Brown’s Amazon Author Page

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MorbidbookS Is A Grotesque Bizarro Ballet Where The Most Profane Things Occur. An Impious And Perverse Dwelling Of Dark Revulsion. A Cozy Cottage Where Torture Porn And Brutal Bible Tales Are Devised. A Quiet Place To Relax And Spin Tales Of Depravity And Wickedness. A Halfway House For The Disturbed Where Rules No Longer Apply. A Safe Haven For Deviant Serial Killers To Hatch Their Wretched Schemes. Far, Far Off The Reservation. Bring Your Pets. The Tasty Ones Are Always Welcome.

MorbidbookS, Where Everything Bleeds, is brought to you lovingly by
The Grim Reverend Steven Rage.
Always remember and Never forget … Jesus may not Love you,
but The Reverend always will.
Now why in the Holy Hell is my glass empty?
Who’s The Reverend gotta fuck to get a cocktail around here?!

Show some love to Dani Brown’s new horror cinema & collectibles shop – Doomsday

LARRY by Adam Millard

Published August 14, 2014 by Shadow Girl


In 1956, a young boy drowned in Crystal Lake. It was a tragedy that could have been avoided, if the camp counselors weren’t dirty sinners! Sneaking off for a little hanky panky instead of watching the campers turned out to be a mistake that the world paid for – thirteen times.

At the same time, but a different place, young Larry Travers is being terrorized by his fellow campers on the banks of Diamond Creek.
This is not a summer of love.

In 1975, Larry Travers sharpens his axe, dons his new mask, and returns to Camp Diamond Creek after almost twenty years. This is the year that ‘Pigface’ gets his revenge! 1975 becomes the summer of slaughter, and Pigface is happier than a pig in shit! He loves it so much, that he returns in ’76, ’77, and ’78.


The summer of ’78 didn’t end well. His killing spree was fantastic, and he had a respectable body count. But, when he was ready to abide by the new rules, and let the final girl walk free – she double crossed him!
Almost becoming bacon made Larry Pigface Travers rethink his career. If it were ten years later, Larry would have quoted Murtaugh… because he was indeed ‘gettin too old for this shit’.

That pretty much brings us up to speed!


Present day – The summer of 2014
A new generation of Happy Campers are about to take part in the latest sequel in the Diamond Creek franchise. Paying homage to the greats, this batch of soon to be corpses have very familiar names – Voorhees, Loomis, Bateman, and Myers – to name but a few. For that extra ::wink wink nudge nudge::, there’s Lakresha, whose last name might as well be Token, because we know she’s not going to see the dawn.
Following a very specific pattern, on the way to Diamond Creek, they roll into a dilapidated gas station – and the first harbinger. They get their “damn fool kids never learn” words of wisdom, some gas, a case of the willies, and they’re on their way!
Meanwhile, back at the ranch…
A now sixty-five year old Larry Travers is having some quality time with Wilber – (a pig by any other name would be a travesty), and his Ma. Larry is feeling plucky, and decides it’s time for some more fun! He’s still a homicidal lunatic at heart, and the heart is willing.
His bones & joints are singing a different tune, but, he just needs to warm up. Stretch a little. It will be fine…

This was one of the funnest books I’ve read in a long time!
I’m a huge fan of 70’s horror, and 80’s cheese – and Adam Millard captured all the best parts of the era.
When House Of 1000 Corpses was finally released – I was in line on opening night. As a dedicated Fangoria reader, I had been following the progress of the film, and every obstacle that got in Rob Zombie’s way while trying to get it released.
The lights in the theater dimmed, the music started, and I was whisked back in time – back to the horror of the late 70’s. He kept the music authentic, and the film even had that grainy look. Plus, you know…Bill Mosley.
It was perfection.

Reading LARRY gave me that feeling.
I can’t think of any higher praise than that.

Check out other titles from Adam Millard on his Amazon page, and on Crowded Quarantine Publications.

Start your stalking with his Facebook page, progress to his Twitter feed, and when you’re feeling especially froggy – you can send gifts & declarations of love via e-mail.

“Weird Al” Yankovic – Word Crimes

Published July 16, 2014 by Shadow Girl

WORD CRIMES is a general send-up of people with poor grammar.

Thank you, Wierd Al!!

“If you can’t write in the proper way / if you don’t know how to conjugate,” “maybe you flunked that class / and maybe now you find that people mock you online.”

He eventually delves into some brief grammar lessons, so you might actually learn a thing or two about parts of speech by listening.

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