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That’s what friends do…


Sometimes you find something so nifty, you have to drop EVERYTHING and play with it. And then, there are times when you find something that has a friend’s name all over it.
I found BOTH in one – and not playing with it… not an option!

I needed a work-space – and BBB became my PLAY-STATION!
See, just linking my friend to the super awesome thing – that’s no fun! For her to grasp the FULL EFFECT, she has to see…
Her name… SPELLED OUT WITH CATS! OMG! How great is this!?

Since I haven’t posted this yet, I’m going to make two more really quick. I always wanted to see my name in lights, but seeing it in cats… who can say no to that? Not I.

Shadow Girl

Becki And Dan

Nikki Hickman

Eric Nunn

Nikki And Eric

And, because I’m a dork, a childish dork, with a dirty mind…
OHMYGOD!!! LOOK AT THE “Y”!! And the exclamation point is a TAIL!!
You have no idea how happy I am right now…

After taking about this on FB yesterday – I had to make a few more…
Tonia was the first person I wanted to make one for, she appreciates all things quirky! I also thought that her RAILROAD! series needed a mascot…

2014-03-12 18.56.18

2014-03-12 19.04.08

That made me remember Chantal…

2014-03-12 18.54.12

By now, I’ve figured the font out a little better, and was able to fit BBB all on one line, and one more generic one…

2014-03-12 19.21.51

2014-03-12 19.07.41

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BBB’s Tips & Tricks For Surviving The Day

Happy Friday The Thirteenth Horror Lovers!
There is that little inner voice that is whispering things in your ear today, trying to goad you into being a responsible ‘adult‘. It says things like “Unlucky things happen every day” and “Superstition ain’t the way” and “If anything, you’re probably a bit safer today, because many people are hiding out and therefore unable to drop a safe on your head.”
Don’t listen to it.
Have we learned nothing from the multitude of horror movies we’ve watched over the years? At the very least, you should listen to the wisdom taught by Uncle Jason…
‘What does Shadow Girl do on Friday The 13th’, you ask?
I’ll tell you what I do! Besides posting these public service announcements to keep you safe, I do what I do best. I read. This year, I’m reading ASBO by Iain Rob Wright, and I’m going to be going back into recently finished books like THE SUMMER I DIED, STEPHEN KING, HOUSEMATES, and HIT, (among others) to sort my thoughts and tell you about them. I’ve been reading some amazing things, without stopping in between to review or discuss. ::finger of shame:: Bad Blogger! ::slaps hand::
What are you doing today?
You could be reading any number of Friday the Thirteenth themed books instead of rewatching the film franchise as it’s being looped on FX for 36 hours! [Or, you know, you could do that, too. Multi-tasking can be fun for horror hounds on days like today ::winks::]

CAMP BLOOD is the internet home of Jason Voorhees, and lists all the books and graphic novels that are attached to the movies in any way. The YA novels are written by multiple authors, and sound like so much fun… it’s a new quest of mine – to read them all. With lines like “I’ve got a little secret for you. The only time you’re safe―really safe―is when you’re dead.” [―Paul Sexton, Mother’s Day, P. 107], and so many crazy story lines (like in The Jason Strain by Christa Faust and Hate-Kill-Repeat by Jason Arnopp), I’m dying to get my hands on them all!

OK. We’ve covered READING for today. But, what other tips and tricks should you know to keep safe today? You should certainly avoid doing unlucky things!! I know you’re a rebel, but don’t purposely go stepping on sidewalk cracks today. Mothers around the world will thank you. Don’t try to be a bad ass, avoid walking under ladders, don’t run down the mirror isle of IKEA with a cart full of bowling balls, and stay away from umbrellas altogether. Here are 13 More Things You Should Definitely Avoid on Friday the 13th…

1. The internet.
The infamous Jerusalem virus of the ’80s (spread through floppy disks!) destroyed all executable files on infected computers every January 13. On January 13, 1989, the virus hit a bunch of IBM PCs in Britain. Keep the devices off.

2. The stock market.
Friday, the Thirteenth *[free download] was a weird and popular 1907 novel about an evil trader named Bob Brownley, who wreaks havoc on Wall Street. The novel’s helped cement the date’s evil portents in pop culture with inimitably purple prose:
Wall Street has lived through many black Fridays. Some of them have been thirteenth-of-the-month Fridays, but no Friday yet marked from the calendar, no Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday yet garnered to the storehouse of the past was ever more jubilantly welcomed by his Satanic Majesty than yesterday.
And wouldn’t you know, 81 years later, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 190.58 points, on Friday, October 13, 1989 — sure, that’s peanuts compared to the market of today, but why risk it?

3. Vegas.
Tupac Shakur died on Friday the 13th, 1996 after a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas.

4. The movies.
Alfred Hitchcock, the master of suspense, was born on a Friday the 13th, and you don’t want to live his nightmares.

5. The streets.
A 1993 study published in the British Medical Journal found that hospital visits from vehicular accidents increased as much as 52% on Friday the 13th. Stay home.

6. Work
Triskaidekaphobia expert Dr. Thomas Fernsler of the University of Delaware, known as “Dr. 13”, estimates that absenteeism costs the nation billions each Friday the 13th. So why even bother going in?

7. School.
This school caught on fire on Friday the 13th of August, 2010. It could happen again.

8. The air.
Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 crashed in the Andes on Friday, October 13, 1972. The event is the subject of the movie Alive.

9. The water.
On Friday, January 13, 2012, the Costa Concordia hit a rock in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the coast of Italy, partially sinking the ship and killing 30.

10. The outside.
Hurricane Charley made landfall in Cuba on Friday, August 13, 1992. It is still the eighth most destructive Atlantic hurricane in history. On April 13, 2012, a terrible tornado cluster hit the Midwest. Nature is to be respected. Be safe. (I’m using a clip from the weather channel, because the tornado footage from that day makes me cry)

11. The inside.
Even your house is not safe from today’s curse, at least if you want to sell it: housing sales are 32 percent less on the 13th, reports ABC News.

12. Traveling.
On Friday, August 13, 1993, the Royal Plaza Hotel in Nakorn Ratchasima, Thailand, caved in, killing 127 people. All six stories collapsed “swiftly and totally.”

13. Staying put.
According to NASA, an asteroid may SLAM into the Earth on a Friday the 13th in 2029. (Check out the freaky data & sciency stuff!) NASA says scientists are hoping it will not hit on April 13th, but ‘shave’ past us, being the brightest asteroid in recorded history. (Never fear! … There’s still a 3.9 in a million chance that 99942 Apophis will return to collide with us later this century.)

So, what’s left? What should you do this Friday the 13th?
~ Adopt a BLACK CAT from Black Cat Rescue
~ Download a Friday the 13th themed book
* or the original game – Escape from Elm Street
~ Do a Friday the 13th WORD SEARCH
~ Play Camp Blood TIC TAC TOE
~ Test your Friday the 13th movie knowledge HERE
~ Learn about Friday the 13th on Wikipedia
~ Play Friday The 13th online FREE
~ Load up your PINTREST boards with Friday The Thirteenth Flair!!

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Kitty Lit: Classic Books Updated With Pettable Protagonists

Two of my favourite things in a mash-up that will make you purr.

Literature, like the Internet, is full of cats. Literary cats range from the illustrated (like Garfield and Heathcliff), to the beloved companions (like Tao from The Incredible Journey and Crookshanks from the Harry Potter books), to legendary kitties (like Puss in Boots), to the downright bizarre (like the grinning and inscrutable Cheshire Cat from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland). And of course we could never forget T.S. Eliot’s Practical Cats. (w/Edward Gorey) You should know that I can’t do a post like this without mentioning the phenomenon that is Simon’s Cat. A YouTube cartoon by Simon Tofield with over 2 million hits (mostly by me) can be mentioned here because Simon’s Cat has just starred in his third book, yay!
It’s well known (among people like us) that many literary types are also feline fans, but what if even more novels were written with our furry friends at the forefront? I saw a post made on FLAVORWIRE where they posted their top ten favourite covers from a larger article over at AbeBooks. The editors at AbeBooks imagined the plots of classic books if they had been written about cats, having kittified the titles & covers to match! Once I saw the kitteh-synopsis of some of my favourite books, I knew I couldn’t share just the FLAVORWIRE cover pics.
I’m posting some of my faves here, but be sure to check out AbeBooks article in its entirety to see them all. (Some of these might have read better than the originals!)

The Girl With The Kitten Tattoo

A kitten vanishes in Sweden, and none of the townsfolk are talking. What’s the matter – cat got your tongue? Only Lisbeth Salander, super-sleuth and cat-fancier, can follow a trail this cold. What follows can only be described as a deadly game of cat and mouse.
The original: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Flowers in the CAttic

The four kittens had such perfect lives until the old tomcat died and they moved into their grandmother’s attic. No yarn, no catnip, and only one litterbox. Days stretched into years of fearful captivity, but their own abiding love was a solid, furry strength.
The original: Flowers in the Attic

The Cat Hair in My Eye

Holden Catfield is a whiny, disillusioned youth barely out of kittenhood. As he roams New York City, he becomes increasingly despairing of the state of the world, and lacks faith and hope in the goodness of society. With any luck, neutering him will make him less moody. Or maybe a nice ball of string.
The original: The Catcher In The Rye

The Catanic Verses

Set in a modern world filled with both tabbies and tigers, the story is a magnificent odyssey that seamlessly merges the actual with the imagined. Author Salmon Rushdie had a catwa called down upon him as a result of its publication.
The original: The Satanic Verses

A Tale of Two Kitties

It was the best of times, it was the furriest of times…this immortal novel of the cats of the French Revolution tells the story of the courageous Sydney Catton, a manx ready to give his life for a tortoiseshell who will never be his.
The original: A Tale Of Two Cities


Don’t go in the litterbox. Don’t go near the scratching post. Don’t sit on the sofa. And now, for the first time….don’t go in the water. With razor sharp claws and a thirst for vengeance, Kitty is back, and this time….she can swim.
The original: Jaws


Litterbox-Five, an American classic, is one of the world’s great anti-war, pro-cat books. Kitty Pilgrim’s odyssey through time reflects the mythic journey of our own fractured nine lives as we search for meaning in what we fear most. Dogs.
The original: Slaughterhouse-Five

Lord of the Fleas

A group of adolescent fleas are stranded on a lush, furry tabby with no adult fleas, and the ever-present threat of a well-aimed claw. Eventually, despite plentiful blood and space, the stress of the situation becomes too great, and they turn on one another and sharpen a cat-hair at both ends.
The original: Lord of the Flies

The Great Catsby

The story of the fabulously wealthy Jay Catsby and his love for Fluffy Buchanan, of lavish parties at a time when everything was coming up cats. The New York Times noted “catnip was the national drug and yarn the national obsession,” and The Great Catsby is an exquisitely crafted tale of cat-life in America in the 1920s.
The original: The Great Gatsby


Fuzzy McGee, aka “Furball”, manager of the local Cat-ball team, is leading a revolution. Reinventing his team on a budget, he needs to outsmart the richer, purebred teams. Furball is a tale of cat-like cunning about a bunch of mix-breed kitties from the pound making good.
The original: Moneyball

Catlas Shrugged

Catlas Shrugged is the astounding story of a cat who said that he would stop the mice of the world–and did. It is a mystery, not about the murder of a cat’s body, but about the murder–and rebirth–of a cat’s spirit.
The original: Atlas Shrugged

The Very Hungry Cat

A kitten is born. But not just any kitten….a very hungry kitten. As he becomes a cat, he eats his way through a fish head, a chicken leg, a block of cheese, a can of tuna, six bowls of kibble, seven herrings and an anchovy pizza, until he is a full-grown cat.
The original: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Other Very Hungry Cat
The Other Very Hungry Cat

What would the Kittified title of your favourite book be?
Can you write a synopsis for me?
Can you do one for Twilight?