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Hell Yeah, RedLine is Back, Bitches!

Fast Reads. Insane Content. RedLine from BloodBoundBooks.

book discussions Book Reviews Extreme Horror Horror Series

HORNWOLF by Evan Romero

Ashwood. A quiet Midwest town where nothing much happens. That all changes when the mutilated bodies of a young couple are discovered in the woods. Chief of Police Cynthia Carver initially dismisses it as an animal attack. However, the discovery of sexual assault against one of the corpses leaves her baffled. As more bodies pile […]

Anthologies Book Reviews Extreme Horror Horror Series


  This is a horrible collection of horrible stories about horrible people, perhaps even for horrible people.” ~KJ Moore I enjoyed reading #HORRIBLE, the second issue in BloodBoundBooks’ RED LINE series. Does that make me horrible? Who’s to say? The author drags you through some unpleasant places, and makes you THINK – how can that be […]