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Muckbang Princess by Rayne Havok

You know what I’m talking about… That invisible line… the one that signifies where you shouldn’t go beyond, or you’ve had it up to… Yeah. That one. For the longest time I thought I was just a freak, that I didn’t have that line in the sand. Maybe I was born a serial killer who […]

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KILLSTREME by Rayne Havok

If you got a rando invitation from a company that produces snuff films, to appear in your very own [film], what would you do? Well, let break that down into two groups: are we the snuffer, or the snuffee? *¹ Assuming that it’s an invite to do some psycho shit with no repercussions, I bet […]

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Boys Will Be Boys by Rayne Havok

WARNING: Boys Will Be Boys is Extreme Horror, and NOT for the squeamish, the easily offended, or those with large sticks up their butts. It gets graphic, and may trigger things long buried. Here’s your second WARNING. ‘Bri goes hiking with her friends, determined to make fun memories before her and her friends are off […]


Tantalize By Rayne Havok

WARNING: SOME SCENES MAY BE CONSIDERED OFFENSIVE. “It’s her fault, really, flaunting herself. She invades my mind, taking over until I must do something to regain it, to be free of her.” “Things have escalated, but I have it all under control.” Rayne Havok Wow! Gavin’s descent into madness didn’t take any side roads! I […]

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XXX by Rayne Havok

Xavier: “I escaped from prison, hauling ass in a stolen car, putting space between me and that barbed wire fence- when the damn thing runs out of gas. Luckily, I come across an old farmhouse that looks empty, even luckier, it is not. The threats about daddy coming home don’t scare me… maybe they should […]

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#IWD2021 – What Are You Reading?

Or, I guess what I really mean is WHO are you reading? It’s INTERNAL WOMAN’S DAY, a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. Women are killin’ it in extreme horror these days, too! They’ve always been there, but they’ve been gaining ground and shaking things up in the Boy’s […]

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Fresh Blood on #BleedingMemes!

Has it been a minute since you’ve checked the gallery? Swing by and see what you’ve missed. Today’s additions include a psycho quote from Bret Easton Ellis, (American Psycho that is!), and some sharp words provided by Shaun Hupp. The Maniacs With Knives post led me to obsess over Rayne Havok even more, (if you’re […]

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Maniacs with Knives: Unapologetic Horror from Shaun Hupp

To a regular person, they’re just tools. . . A chef uses them to prepare a meal. A surgeon uses them to save lives. To the maniacs in this story, however. . . Theirs is a much darker purpose. For them, the first cut is NOT the deepest. It’s just the beginning. . . This […]

A – Z by Author

Forgive my unorganized way of blogging… this page has not been updated since… I  don’t know when.  If you are looking for a particular author, and they aren’t updated here,  use the search bar in the header or footer. 7/27/20 Wow, it really has been years, and updating this is my next project! How embarrassing. […]