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21 Short Stories from 3 Michigan Horror Writers Chris Reed, Chris Robertson, and Rick McQuiston I just love finding out that an author is from my home state. It sounds weird, but, it makes me feel like I know them a little… like we’re neighbors or something. Having something in common is what sparks most […]

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Still Celebrating

Fun Fact!! I can add Rosie the Riveter to the official Michigan Madmen list! Awesome! The true identity of Rosie the Riveter has been the subject of considerable debate. For years, the inspiration for the woman in the Westinghouse poster was believed to be Geraldine Hoff Doyle of Michigan, who worked in a Navy machine shop during World […]

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I TRY MY BEST by Shaun Hupp

I Try My Best: A Mother’s Tale by Shaun Hupp My rating: 5 of 5 stars I TRY MY BEST is a heartbreaking short story from one of my favorite Michigan Madmen, Shaun Hupp. Raising a child as a single parent is never easy. Being the single parent of a special needs child can be […]

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CHERUB by David C. Hayes

Nothing lasts forever… …except a mother’s love. “Get ready for a ride through the absolute worst in human nature. Hayes has the unique ability to convey the most sickening acts in a way that will have you laughing between retches. Once the book closes, you’ll need to shower and after that you’ll wonder what it […]

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Michael Ling’s movie adaptation of Edward Lee’s ‘THE BIGHEAD’

The Book They Said Could Never be Filmed… …Is now the movie you won’t believe  anyone dared to make… It’s been about a year since I reviewed the book The Bighead by Edward Lee – (see review HERE).  I had heard rumors at the time about there being a movie adaptation in the works, but anyone who’s […]

A – Z by Author

Forgive my unorganized way of blogging… this page has not been updated since… I  don’t know when.  If you are looking for a particular author, and they aren’t updated here,  use the search bar in the header or footer. 7/27/20 Wow, it really has been years, and updating this is my next project! How embarrassing. […]

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Wicked Smart Carnie by Mark Matthews

Wicked Smart Carnie by Mark Matthews A young man’s visit to the carnival revels secrets of the Carnie culture that leaves him changed forever. Read what happened that compels him to go back to the Carnival, year after year, looking for the prize that eluded him. A short story of 2500 words. Included is the […]

Cover To Cover: Book Reviews

7/27/20 – A quick update, and a SUGGESTION for you re: these two indexing pages – just read em at a glance, like a spring board towards something cool to read.  Why? Because this index has not been updated, or even kept up with in a looong time. If you looking for a specific author […]

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Friendship, betrayal, makeovers, and… revenge!

âťť The Count of Monte Cristo meets Mean Girlsâťž

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THE KNOCKOUT GAME by Chris Robertson

The Knockout Game by Chris Robertson My rating: 5 of 5 stars I hate seeing the new games played by the dumbasses of YouTube, but I usually find myself watching a few anyway. I think it is just to make sure that Darwinism is doing it’s job.Chris Robertson took the one of these ‘urban trends’ […]