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Jon Athan’s 50th Novel!

THE GIRL IN THE ATTIC Jon Athan, the illustrious author of The Abuse of Ashley Collins and Grandfather’s House, brings you his 50th novel with this story of family and tragedy, discipline and abuse, and good deeds and bad consequences. After tragedy strikes their home, Frederick Chandler—a stern, irritable, violent widower—pulls his teenage daughter, Sydney, […]

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THE GROOMER by Jon Athan

Andrew McCarthy grows concerned for his family after he catches a young man, Zachary Denton, photographing his daughter, Grace McCarthy, and other children at a park. To his dismay, Zachary talks his way out of trouble when he’s confronted by the police. He hopes that’s the end of it. Then he finds Zachary at a […]

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I don’t  know why I ever chose to torture myself and willingly read A CHILD CALLED IT,  but Dave Pelzer broke something inside me – I haven’t been right since.  Knowing that, you’d think I’d have learned a lesson, (yeah, I know… I’m audibly laughing right now, too).  Nope. Years after ‘ACCI’ I decided that I wanted to read […]

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In our second trip to Hoo-Doo County, we find three more horrors hiding among the trees – Letter From The Bottom of a Mine Shaft, Corpse Eater, and Owing Ira. Fredrick Price finds himself alone during the zombie apocalypse, and confronting the things he did before getting to the bottom of an empty mine shaft; […]

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‘I made this place and filled it with all these monsters…’ Hoo-Doo County is a fictional high mountain county horror author Jonathan Moon uses often as a setting for his dark and beautiful stories. Containing both new stories and rewritten classics from Mr. Moon this is the first collection of shorts in the series. This […]

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Welcome Back To B³ I’ll Be Your Tour Guide, I’m ‘Shadow Girl‘ – ‘The Bloody Book Bogger’. Please bear with me as I try to transition to an adultier, and more professional looking layout. Don’t worry – content stays the same, no one can MAKE me grow up, they can only encourage me to play […]

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Who doesn’t love a list?

IDK if I’m overly organized, if it’s my ADD, or maybe I’m just a huge nerd, but I love lists. I have stacks of lists to do, to buy, to read, to research… Sometimes, if I am feeling particularly unproductive, I’ll make a reverse list, I write down something I’ve done, so I can cross […]

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Look what I just grabbed…

Hot off the presses! Description A cold case turns blood-hot when the butchered remains of a mobster are discovered in a gory crime scene resembling the murder of a veteran detective. Chase Hauger, a homicide detective diagnosed with terminal cancer, suspects the Enigma Killer—a serial killer known for using elaborate traps to ‘teach’ and torture […]

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A Family of Violence

by Jon Athan WARNING: This book contains scenes of graphic violence, disturbing themes, and some sexual references, including references to sexual abuse. Many of these scenes involve minors. This book is not intended for those easily offended or appalled. Please enjoy at your own discretion. Stanley and Richie, two naive teenagers, entered the woods in search of a haunted […]

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Bad Appetites

by Jon Athan WARNING: This book contains scenes of graphic violence and disturbing themes. This book also contains scenes discussing depression and suicide. Please enjoy at your own discretion. Cindy Moore, a morbidly obese woman, has struggled to lose weight for years. Hours of exercise and a meticulous diet has only led to disappointment and depression. […]