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I was Jack The Ripper (Part Two) by Michael Bray

    Everybody knows of the terrible Murders which took place in Whitechapel, England in 1888. The notorious Jack the Ripper was responsible for the mutilation and murder of five women before he slipped away into the night never to be seen again. In this blend of fiction based on fact, Writer Charles Hapgood comes […]

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A Fistful of Guts: The Heartless Heart-Ripper #2

Jon Athan WARNING: This novel contains graphic content. Reader discretion is advised. William Keller, known as the Traveling Surgeon, is terrorizing the streets of Florida with two accomplices. They capture their victims, then they ‘operate’ on them. When they’re finished, they steal their victims’ large intestines and leave a bloodbath behind them. Unable to capture them, Homicide […]

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“Interview With The Vampire” – “From Hell”

  It’s been five years since the grisly events in Whitechapel, and the man believed responsible for the crimes, Jack the Ripper, has yet to be captured. Charles Hapgood is writing a book about the murders, and has agreed to meet with someone who has information on the case. Everything about this meeting is unusual, […]

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Forgive my unorganized way of blogging… this page has not been updated since… I  don’t know when.  If you are looking for a particular author, and they aren’t updated here,  use the search bar in the header or footer. 7/27/20 Wow, it really has been years, and updating this is my next project! How embarrassing. […]