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Ghostland by Duncan Ralston

Published May 6, 2020 by Shadow Girl


People are dying to get in. The ghosts will kill to get out.

Be first in line for the most haunted theme park in the park in the world – GHOSTLAND! Discover and explore hundreds of haunted buildings and cursed objects! Witness spectral beings of all kinds with our patented Augmented Reality glasses! Experience all the terror and thrills the afterlife has to offer, safely protected by our Recurrence Field technology! Visit Ghostland today – it’s the hauntedest place on earth!


After a near-death experience caused by the park’s star haunted attraction, Ben has come to Ghostland seeking to reconnect with his former best friend Lilian, whose post-traumatic stress won’t let her live life to the fullest. She’s come at the insistence of her therapist, Dr. Allison Wexler, who tags along out of professional curiosity, eager to study the new tech’s psychological effect on the user.

But when a computer virus sets the ghosts free and the park goes into lockdown, the trio find themselves trapped in an endless nightmare.

With time running short and the dead quickly outnumbering the living, the survivors must tap into their knowledge of horror and video games to escape… or become Ghostland’s newest exhibits.

Featuring an interactive “Know Your Ghosts” guide and much more, Ghostland is over 400 pages of thrills and terror!

You can tell just how much work went into the production of this book, and the final result is perfection.


Don’t forget to grab your Ghostland map when you walk through the gates!

The details of the theme park, and it’s many exhibits, made me feel like I could just put down my book and go buy a ticket to see it myself. I can’t tell you how excited I am to go check out the official Ghostland website, and keep the park a reality in my mind! I’m also looking forward to checking out the Gallagher Brothers, and their ‘ghost hunting’ escapades – although I’m admittedly a little worried that they won’t be what my mind has made them into.

I really like how the footnotes, and excerpts from the interactive Know Your Ghosts guide were implemented – they didn’t distract from the story if you weren’t interested in checking them out, but so interesting and informative that they enhanced the whole experience for me.
The story that is in the center of it all is a rollercoaster of it’s own! I adore Ben & Lil, and if there is a way for their story to continue… I can’t wait to see where it goes!

Whatever you do, please don’t overlook all of the work that went into this! It’s incredible.


Click Here To Check out the ‘Know Your Ghosts’ guide,  written by the Gallagher Brothers.  Stay To Take A Virtual Tour.  DON’T MISS THIS!

The Official Website For Ghostland

Purchase Official  Ghostland Merchandise

Who Is Rex Garrote?

Watch The Ghost Brothers In Action

Find out about the upcoming prequel The Moving House




Celebrate EASTER with The Rabbit Man, and Duncan Ralston!

Published April 20, 2019 by Shadow Girl

What are you reading this weekend?

The Bloody Book Blogger

How far would you go for revenge?

When a six-year-old girl is abused and left for dead by a pedophile known only as the “Rabbit Man” due to the claw marks left on her body, police follow every lead but reach only dead ends.

Hungry for justice, her grieving father abandons wife and child on a harrowing journey deep undercover into Miami’s sex offender colony under the Julia Tuttle Causeway. His purpose is simple: to find the “Rabbit Man” among them, and put him in the ground.

Months later, with no one to trust and the pedophiles he lives among growing suspicious of his actions, he learns nothing is simple where the monsters live.

Imagine sitting down to a meal consisting of all your favorite foods.  WAIT! Let’s make this even more fun and pretend it’s your last meal before your execution – (yay)!

    At first glance…

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Celebrate EASTER with The Rabbit Man, and Duncan Ralston!

Published April 14, 2017 by Shadow Girl

How far would you go for revenge?

When a six-year-old girl is abused and left for dead by a pedophile known only as the “Rabbit Man” due to the claw marks left on her body, police follow every lead but reach only dead ends.

Hungry for justice, her grieving father abandons wife and child on a harrowing journey deep undercover into Miami’s sex offender colony under the Julia Tuttle Causeway. His purpose is simple: to find the “Rabbit Man” among them, and put him in the ground.

Months later, with no one to trust and the pedophiles he lives among growing suspicious of his actions, he learns nothing is simple where the monsters live.

Imagine sitting down to a meal consisting of all your favorite foods.  WAIT! Let’s make this even more fun and pretend it’s your last meal before your execution – (yay)!

At first glance, my table would make most people chuckle because my favorite foods do not complement each other well, or at all. (I’m a grown ass woman and can have ice cream and Twinkies for dinner if I want to!).

My book shelf mirrors my dinner table / last meal.
Yes… I’m all about the extreme horror. Give me a story filled with buckets of gore, sprinkled with very wrong humor, and of course a gratuitous titty (or three) thrown in, and I’m in a very happy place.
BUT… I love ALL flavors of horror. Man cannot live on ice cream alone! Nor can I live on the extreme alone. Plus, [IMHO] there are only a handful of authors who can pull if off successfully – (for MY tastes).

Why the hell am I talking about this?  I’m so glad you asked!

REVENGE is a dish best served cold.

Dunc has proven to be quite the ‘master chef’.
Reread my review of GRISTLE & BONE – I think it was my first book by Duncan Ralston, and I didn’t know him then. I was floored by the stories in that collection by an author who was unknown to me at the time, and to this day I still go through a moment of mourning when I finish one of his books, not wanting it to come to an end. If you’ve read WOOM then you know he is one of the aforementioned authors who can pull off the extreme without losing the story.

WHERE THE MONSTERS LIVE is NOT an extreme horror story, but I want you to have a little ‘heads up’. It’s not super graphic, but it will sucker punch you right in the feels. It will disturb you a bit, and up the level if you have a child of your own.
I didn’t realize I was crying until The Dark Defender woke up to ask me what was wrong, and I had tears streaming down my cheeks.

I got a sinking feeling at one point, because I thought I knew exactly how this story was going to end (we’ll talk about it once you finish). That wouldn’t have made it a suck story – but I’m happy that it didn’t go for the ‘ironic twist’, and I’m very satisfied with how it’s wrapped up – and there could be a little wiggle room JIC case the story isn’t done with us yet.

 I don’t think I need to say this, but for the record –
⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆  5/5 STARS!!  ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆

Before we wrap this up, please allow me one more moment of inappropriate, and probably unjustified humor here… I cannot remember when or why this popped in my head while reading, but it did, and now it’s going to get stuck in your head, too.  #earrape #psychodad

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬
Who’s that riding into the sun,
Who’s the man with the itchy gun,
Who’s the man who kills for fun
Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad…


Now, please excuse me so I can get some food – I’m STARVING!
Peace, Love & Necrophilia  


You can find ‘WHERE THE MONSTERS ARE’ on Amazon, and Goodreads. To check out the titles I mentioned earlier, just follow these links – GRISTLE & BONE, and WOOM.


You can connect with Dunc via his Official Website: THE FOLD, ShadowWorkPublishing, and his author pages @ Goodreads, Amazon, BookBub, and BookLikes. Or through social media – Facebook, Twitter (@userbits), and YouTube



Be sure to grab the EASTER EGGS AND BUNNY BOILERS horror anthology before Sunday! While the rest of the fam is sitting around the table chewing with their mouths open, and talking about whoever is in the bathroom at the moment, you can keep your sanity by reading about the true meaning of Easter – demented rabbits, chocolate obsessed children drowning in their own greed, serial killers, and resurrection! YAY!! 







GRISTLE & BONE book trailer from Duncan Ralston

Published August 24, 2015 by Shadow Girl

Check out the full review of GRISTLE & BONE.

DEAD MEN WALKING by Duncan Ralston

Published April 22, 2015 by Shadow Girl

I’m probably going to lose points for telling you this, but… I did not realize what the cover art is until – just now! I was only seeing a window – not prison bars.

Cover art is titled "HANDS OF THE PRISONER" by BortN66.

Cover art is titled “HANDS OF THE PRISONER” by BortN66.

It’s awesome work, and I especially like how the shadow of the book’s title is being thrown onto the head of the accused. Maybe I just wasn’t paying close enough attention before now(?) IDK. ::sigh::
It reminds me of one of my absolute favorite pictures of Mike Ness.


“Stay dead, Bitch!”
~ from my Things I Wish I Would’ve Said collection.
~ from my “What I really said was…” collection

Welcome to Alamosa County Prison, Noob. You wanna fit in ’round here, just call it Alamo, like the rest of us. I’m George Palomino, your Welcome Wagon!
It takes a special kind of person to work here on Death Row. Yeah, that’s why we call it that – Z Block. Dead men walkin’, just like zombies.
Some people got what it takes to work here, and some people don’t. You got that look, though… you might just be OK here – if you can make it through your very first shift! I’m just kiddin’ with you, Noob. The man that you’re replacing? They didn’t tell you? That’s a long fuckin’ story, man. Well, we do have some time to kill before our rounds. It all happened on the night of José Vasquez’s execution.”

“On Z Block, we’re all dead men walking, whether we wanna believe it or not. Just a matter of fuckin’ time.”

“The man you’re askin’ about… that was C.O. Friedkin.
The late Jim Friedkin. Yeah, dead.
I’ve had this job at Alamo for a looong time. I’ve been here while eight death-penalty verdicts were ‘carried out’, and the old-timers have told me stories about even more. No matter how many you see, you’ll never get used to them.
They’re bad. Real bad.
But the worst, the absolute fuckin’ worst execution of all was José Vasquez. It killed Jim Friedkin. It literally killed him. That’s the night it all happened.
Chaos erupted so fast. José’s heart-monitor was flat-lining as he was ripping out of his restraints! Jim was using his baton, trying to ‘subdue’ the prisoner about the head & neck, but it was violently ripped from his hands. He was left with no way to protect himself.”

“There was so much blood in that room. Blood & vomit.
I’ll never play Jenga again.
José Vasquez was killed, the second time, by a shotgun blast to the head. He didn’t get back up after that.
Sometimes, I can still hear the beeeeepppp…”




Did you catch the author’s nod to Thomas Harris in the story?

You can smell my what?!
SotL had Miggs ~ DMW has Biggs



DEAD MEN WALKING on Amazon / Goodreads

Find the author on his website / Facebook / Amazon / Goodreads

Shadow Work Publishing

GRISTLE & BONE by Duncan Ralston

Published October 31, 2014 by Shadow Girl


Gristle & Bone ~ 7 Delectable Tales of Terror from Duncan Ralston

When successful restaurant owners Jim and Leanne Taymor confess to a grisly series of small town murders, their neighbor learns the gruesome truth that led them to kill. A young couple discovers the secret of a tourist town’s prosperity may lie in its sinfully delicious cuisine. Gonzo pornographers learn a brutal lesson following a tragedy they caused when life imitated “art.” Disgraced soldier Dean Vogel returns to his hometown and confronts the bullies, and a traumatic event, from his past. A reporter uncovers what really happened to the latest internet sensation, a troubled girl who disappeared on camera.

Gristle & Bone includes the novella, Scavengers, 4 novelettes, and 2 short stories.

Cannibalism, monsters, vengeful spirits, the apocalypse–chock-full of blood, mayhem, psychological horror, and good old fashioned gross-outs, Gristle & Bone is a tasty treat for horror fans!


I cannot praise this book highly enough.
Each short story pulled me into Duncan Ralston’s world a little bit further, and his world is a scary place to be. Not in the gross out and gory way that I’m usually going on about, but on a psychological level that is terrifying.
Candace and Joel McMurray have fallen into a joyless routine, living more like a brother and sister than husband and wife. The doctor informed the couple that they would never be able to have a baby. He literally called Candace ‘barren’, and said that it was most likely caused by years of taking childhood antidepressants. Not caring how callous she sounded, Candace said that she wanted her own children – not someone else’s.
As determined as she was to not let the news affect their sex life, the depression and despair wouldn’t stay outside of the bedroom. They crept in when she wasn’t paying attention, and within a month even Joel stopped trying to initiate sex. They developed individual hobbies to keep them occupied. Candice started scrapbooking, and Joel started masturbating. Little did they know that by summertime, they’d be hearing the pitter-patter of little feet in their home.

June hated the temper tantrums that that her husband threw. When one of her girlfriends asked her if she and her husband ever wanted to have kids, she was only partially joking when she replied with “I’ve already got one kid to worry about, thanks”. They’re multi-tasking a vacation this weekend – attending the wedding/union of their friends Max & Darrin, June’s photo shoot to help scout locations for an upcoming movie, and the annual 4th of July party held in a multi-million dollar mansion in the same town. Today’s tantrum was brought on when David couldn’t find the letter inviting them to the ultra-exclusive Independence Day party.
June was only trying to calm her husband down and pacify him by saying that perhaps the maid had mistaken the letter for trash, and accidently threw it away. David jumped on the opportunity to place the blame on anyone other than on himself, and promptly complained to the front desk. Again, trying to keep any semblance of peace, June jumped in when the clerk asked how the hotel could make up for the negligence of one of their employees. She asked the clerk if she could recommend a restaurant – the couple referred to themselves as Foodies, and were always on the lookout for something special – a diamond in the rough.
Whatever the reason – the staff at the Seaside Inn directed the couple to Ambrosia. The smells and the atmosphere pulled them in immediately, and they fell into a kind of trance while listening to the Chef prepare their meals – only coming back to their senses when they were back in their car and David was vomiting up his spleen.
Something had come over them while they were in that restaurant, and when June returned to Ambrosia unannounced the next day – the nightmare truely began.

Dean Vogel returned to his hometown after being dishonorably discharged from the armed forces.
He has been placed in the care of his aging parents, and is about to start his court ordered therapy. Therapy that he had no intention of finishing. By his fourth session, Dean was on the verge of a major breakthrough.
With help from Dr. Baswell, the skeletons that have been hiding away in Dean’s subconscious have started moving again – and they were ready to come out once and for all. Dean is about to remember the truth behind the incident from his childhood, and the truth doesn’t always set you free.

Mason Adler is a paranoid man, he can be summed up pretty neatly by the t-shirts that read “Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me”. The relationship that develops between Mason and Jenna, (his CPU), started out like the relationship that Joaquin Phoenix had with Scarlett Johansson in the movie HER, but it took a left turn at Albuquerque – and things got really messed up from there!

If forced to choose a favorite from Gristle & Bone, VIRAL would be it. It centers around a fourteen year old girl, and a video that was uploaded on YouTube moments before she disappeared.
Daria Walker’s story isn’t a new one, she is picked on at school, and feels invisible in her home. She started cutting when she was twelve, and she used it as a way to deal with her depression. It was never about wanting attention, or crying out for help or sympathy. What sets Daria’s video apart from others like it, is the same thing that caught the attention of reporter Tara Maxwell – the teenager didn’t just end up missing, she literally disappeared – right in front of the camera.
Most of the people who have seen the video call it a hoax. But, Tara sees something else. She can see the pain in Daria’s eyes, and can hear the desperation in her voice. She sees herself at that age, and that is what is pulling her into the story. Tara knows what it is like to feel invisible at home, and wish to become invisible at school. She knows each and every one of those feels. That is what is driving Tara to find out exactly what happened to Daria.
If she can help Daria, will she be able to save herself in the process?

This SS has the feel of a Girls Gone Wild video, with a little bit of Boogie Nights sprinkled on top. Throw in a vengeful spirit, and let the fun begin!!  It’s hard to talk about each story individually when they’re all so damn good!

I started this story, and fell into a Grant Mazzy trance…

 Grant Mazzy: Mrs. French’s cat is missing. The signs are posted all over town. “Have you seen Honey?” We’ve all seen the posters, but nobody has seen Honey the cat. Nobody. Until last Thursday morning, when Miss Colette Piscine swerved her car to miss Honey the cat as she drove across a bridge. Well this bridge, now slightly damaged, is a bit of a local treasure and even has its own fancy name; Pont de Flaque. Now Collette, that sounds like Culotte. That’s Panty in French. And Piscine means Pool. Panty pool. Flaque also means pool in French, so Colete Piscine, in French Panty Pool, drives over the Pont de Flaque, the Pont de Pool if you will, to avoid hitting Mrs. French’s cat that has been missing in Pontypool. Pontypool. Pontypool. Panty pool. Pont de Flaque. What does it mean? Well, Norman Mailer, he had an interesting theory that he used to explain the strange coincidences in the aftermath of the JFK assasination. In the wake of huge events, after them and before them, physical details they spasm for a moment; they sort of unlock and when they come back into focus they suddenly coincide in a weird way. Street names and birthdates and middle names, all kind of superfluous things appear related to eachother. It’s a ripple effect. So, what does it mean? Well… it means something’s going to happen. Something big. But then, something’s always about to happen.

But this isn’t Pontypool, and these Scavengers are more the LURKER type.
(If you don’t know Pontypool – yes, this is a huge compliment)


Published June 30, 2017 by Shadow Girl

Extreme Horror fans are familiar with the name, and hardcore works of  Sam West. But, very few fans know much about the person behind the author’s photo on the back cover.  That’s all about to change!
Sam’s philosophy is that horror should be sick and sexy.  From Meet the Meat to The Dark Side of Red, this author has proven time and time again that it’s a theory that works.

His For The Keeping Meet The Meat: An Extreme Horror Short The Green Fog: An Extreme Horror Novella Dreamworld: Extreme Horror Home Intruder 2: Born This Way: An Extreme Horror Novel Two Minds: An Extreme Horror Novel Victim: An Extreme Horror Novel Snuff Club: An Extreme Horror Novel School Reunion: An Extreme Horror Novella
Splatterpunks: An Extreme Horror Novel Mary Blake: A Nasty Novelette  Bad House Dead Dot Com Suffer Hard: An Extreme Horror Novella Home Intruder: An Extreme Horror Novella Flesh Factory: An Extreme Horror Novel Djinn: An Extreme Horror Novel

With the extreme horror genre is in the spotlight now that Amazon has started their modern day book burning and censorship of all indie horror. It’s the perfect time to chat with the ‘Queen of the Extreme’.  Yeah, you read that right.

Ladies & Gentlemen… Meet Sam West

Hi Collette!! ::huggs::  The only way to begin this is with your big news! You’re officially ‘out’ as Collette Metcalf, the sick & sexy heart & soul of your nom de plume – Mr. Sam West.  

Why did you ‘come out’ as a woman, and why did you feel the need to pretend to be a man in the beginning?

Extreme horror is a male dominated niche. With a few notable exceptions, female extreme horror writers are pretty thin on the ground.  I wanted to be known as an ‘extreme horror author’, not a ‘female, extreme horror author’. I wanted to be judged on my writing alone, not my gender. It seems to  me that women horror writers, no matter how talented they are, are still defined as such. We are not  women writers, we are just writers.
* Plus my husband has a WAY prettier face than me.

My reading habits prompted Amazon to suggest your books to me, and Cathy H. was right when she told me that I’d like your work. I think I’ve finally read every one of your books, and I have to ask…
Is there anything TOO TABOO for you to write about?

Yes. All joking aside, child cruelty. Even I have my hard limits. Although many brilliant authors have tackled such a harrowing subject with grace and compassion, I feel my writing style is entirely inappropriate for such a delicate subject. Like the best kind of horror movies, I write to entertain, with my (metaphorical) balls to the wall. I am all about the gore and sex with a side-helping of black humour.
* Thankfully most authors I read think the way that you do.  But, FFS – Even Ed Lee skims over those scenes! (The Backwoods).

Let’s do one more semi-serious question before we start acting like ourselves…
Do you read your reviews?
I try not to, but yeah, I do.
The secret of this game is not to let praise go to your head, or criticism get you down. I’m all for constructive criticism, but I’ve had one-star reviews calling me a woman-hater and a God-lover. Which is pretty cool, considering I’m a feminist and an atheist. And a bird, obviously.

As an adult, have you ever read a book that legit scared you? 
The only horror novel (or novella) to ever truly creep me out, is ‘The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.’ I love a bit of gore, but this story has none and disturbed me on the most base level. The descriptions of Mr. Hyde, the subtlety of it, genuinely makes my flesh creep. It I had nuts, I’d give my left one to write like that.

Your book, SUFFER HARD, is being adapted to a movie… 
Who would your ideal actors be to play those characters?
Who would you want to NEVER see as one of your characters?
Which actors would actually GET the job?
(you know… totally wrong for the part, but the director didn’t ask you…) 

To play the four friends on the clifftop hike, about to have the pub lunch in the boozer from hell, I would like to cast four of the most irritating actors and popstars going. I think I would choose Justin Beiber, Zac Efron, Miley Cyrus and Kylie Jenner… Then I would slaughter them in the most vile of ways. But I wouldn’t be able to afford those guys so I’d probably have to have some washed-up actors in their 70s playing teenagers. (*Now all I can picture is ‘The Breakfast Club’ Brat Pack!)

What is your main character’s favorite color? Don’t act like you don’t know
I never thought to ask them. I can’t ask them now because I killed them.

Since this is an author interview, let me ask you about your writing process… Do you write naked?  Have you?
All I wear when I write is a smile and Chanel No 5….
Actually, no, that’s a lie. I have a favourite writing and house skirt. I love it so much I can wear it for weeks at a time and only take it off when my family starts vomiting with the smell of it.

Do you have any phobias?
Flies. I have a big problem with flies. I mean, how dare they puke up on my food and then suck it back up again, vomit and all. Jesus, that is so disgusting. And that buzzing, man, even when I’ve killed them, I can still hear them in my brain. And why do they have to pop like a big zit when one squidges them? They are made of acne pus. Urgh.

Have you ever been in trouble with the police?
No. I’m boring like that

The police raid your house, and take your computer for evidence…  
Are you going to jail? (*I know I’d be going to jail… sg)
What is the worst / most embarrassing / what is the absolute most fucked up thing we’d find in your computer’s history?
I do a lot of crazy research for my books. The best one was for Gynophagia, that is, the fetish of eating people, be it either consensual or brutally non-consensual.  Oh wow, I had to bleach my eyeballs and wash out my brain after seeing that stuff.

What were you like as a kid?

You have to choose how you’re going to die from one of  YOUR death scenes, which method, (and which title), would you pick?
I don’t suppose I am known for my gentle death scenes. Softly into the night my characters do not go….
Do I have to pick one? Because that would be weird. Oh, okay then, I’ll get raped by a clown who then hangs himself on my intestines. ‘Dead Dot Com’, btw.

Is there a reason that you picked the one that you did?
I dunno. Because I’m ill in the head?
* I don’t think I could have picked one way to die from your stories – you’re freakin’ brutal! (Yeah… it’s a compliment).

What will be written on your tombstone?
“I told you I was sick.”

What is your favorite book quote?

From American Psycho. “I like to dissect girls. Do you know I’m utterly insane?”. Also: “There’s no use denying it, this has been a bad week. I’ve started drinking my own urine.”
* I’ve always loved Patrick Bateman! “My mask of sanity was a victim of  impending slippage.”

How about a movie quote?

I’m one of those geeks that always quotes Tarantino lines … I think I’m really cool and have a good snicker to myself, and my husband, is like, ‘my God, you’re such a saddo…’

Pam: Hey Warren. Who is this guy?
Warren the Bartender: Stuntman Mike.
Pam: And who the hell is Stuntman Mike?
Warren the Bartender: He’s a stuntman.


TV Question! American Dad or Family Guy?
Family Guy. But only because I’ve never heard of the other one.
(O.o) uhhh… must fix that… go HERE for a YouTube “best of” A.D. montage.
Bob’s Burgers or Archer?
Who or what now? I’m British, we only get The Simpsons. Which I think is great, since you ask. (*Awww… I’m sad for you now!  They are both cartoons, and both star H. Jon Benjamin, and you will love Archer!)  Bob’s Burgers montage / Archer montage / Archer S:1 E:1

Do you like waffles?
Don’t know enough about them to form an opinion, really. I’m British; we’re more about the crumpets and marmite. And Devonshire cream-teas.

Ahhh, yes. The Devon / Cornwall War.

What’s the title of your favorite ‘guilty pleasure’ read. And, appx. how many times have you read it?
I don’t know about ‘guilty pleasure’, I’m not ashamed of anything I read over and over, it just means that I think it’s bloody good. I love American Psycho and Orwell’s 1984, for instance. I’ve read them a ton of times.

Have you ever been stalked?
Yes. Because I am so hot.
stalked someone else?
Yes. I am a notorious stalker. Just ask my girlfriends. I stalk them until they give in and say yes to being my friend…

What’s the worst, most mortifying thing you’ve ever done on social media?
Not much. I used to ignore facebook from one week to the next, and posted something every two years at best. But now I’ve tempted fate, I expect some kind soul will post the most humiliating photo or video of my life.

If you have to be remembered for just one sentence, what would it be?

From ‘The Dark Side Of Red’… “The Dark Side Of Red is your own reflection in the mirror across the bar when you fall into the abyss of your own, twisted desires. It is the sickness of the soul. It is death. And it is my life.”
* Okay, so that’s technically 5 sentences. But some of them were short.
** Noticed what I did there? Plugged my new book? I’m such a clever-clogs.

OK – Lightning Round! No thinking, just shout ’em out!  Ready? 
Tell me 10 #RandomFacts about Sam West ….. Aaaaannddd… GO!

Fact  1:  I am a bird, not a geezer.
Fact  2:  I like cheese.
Fact  3:  I collect perfumes. I am a hardcore fume-head.
Fact  4:  I am very sensitive and can sulk for years.
Fact  5:  I am such a crap waitress, I even got fired by lesbians. And you know, I have really big breasts.
Fact  6:  I shave my big toe.
Fact  7:  That final scene in ‘Return of The Jedi’ always makes me cry.
Fact  8:  I paint.
Fact  9:  I am a real woman’s woman.
                 I love my girlfriends and find women much easier to be around than men.
Fact 10: I am a natural blonde. Honest.


Until next time…   Peace, Love & Necrophilia ♥  ~sg


If you enjoy authors like Matt Shaw, Tim Miller, Duncan Ralston, Ed Lee, Michael Bray, Jon Athan, and Ryan Hardingthen give Sam West a try. You don’t know what you’ve been missing.

You can stalk ahem… find Sam West on Amazon, Goodreads, FacebookBookLikes, LibraryThing, and FictionDB,



VS: US vs. UK Horror

Published February 21, 2017 by Shadow Girl



vs. cover

Who writes the best horror: the US or the UK?

Find out for yourself in VS: US vs UK, a competition anthology featuring some of the year’s best horror, judged by horror enthusiasts and us: the readers. DON’T FORGET TO CAST YOUR VOTE!


The Contenders…

Duncan Ralston vs Rich Hawkins 
James Ward Kirk vs Kit Power
Glenn Rolfe vs Lex H. Jones
Tim Miller vs Daniel I. Russel
John Ledger vs Jim Goforth
Essel Pratt vs Daniel Marc Chant
Thomas S. Flowers vs Kyle M. Scott
Jonathan Ondrashek vs David Owain Hughes
T.S. Woolard vs Toneye Eyenot
Michael Noe vs Dani Brown
Sisters of Slaughter vs Matt Hickman
Salome Jones vs Kitty Kane
Peter Oliver Wonder vs Kevin J Kennedy

This was so much fun to read!
And – you could feel that everyone was having fun while putting this book together, that shines through.
As for the winners… I tended to agree with the other judges, for the most part –  I’m not going to say which stories, or authors that I voted for – you should read this collection, and make up your own mind!

Peace, Love & Necrophilia ♥
 ~ sg

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Birthday Boy by Cory Cline

Published January 6, 2017 by Shadow Girl

I wanted to keep with today’s theme, so since it’s my birthday I decided to read 

BIRTHDAY BOY by Cory Cline


“Chaz is the type of guy who thinks he will do anything to get laid. His limits are about to be put to the test when he wakes up in “Boy’s” barn.

He is the guest of honor at a special party that “Boy” and his family hold dear to the heart.
Some tradition’s never get old…”

Like Chaz, I, too,¹ have woken up the 6th of January with hazy, Polaroid memories, wondering – “where am I?”, “where are my pants?”, and most importantly… “where is that cat that shit in my mouth?”  I’m happy to say that the answers that slowly come to me after a fun filled night of Jäger Bombs are nowhere near as horrifying as Chaz’s!

If this doesn't scare the Hell out of you...

If this doesn’t scare the Hell out of you…

...THIS will haunt your dreams forever!

…THIS will haunt your dreams forever!

I was about to add another one of Cory Cline’s books to my Amazon TBR list, AS SEEN ON TV , and BAM – “You purchased this item on November 28, 2015.” Nice!  I remember seeing the book, because it’s the same title as my book/ss – (the one that might never see the light of day).  I HAVE to read it now… what if we had the exact same idea?! 😮 hahaha!! No… the synopsis is below, silly.  (I have it loaded up and ready to go, so watch for it!)




Gus Grissom is newly divorced and ready to get into “killer” shape. The high-tech exercise machine he bought from one of those late night commercials promises to help, but Gus will learn what they mean when they say, “buyer beware”

If you haven’t read anything by Cory Cline yet, Amazon compares him to some writers that you do know – Matt Shaw, Sam West, Shaun Hupp, Michael Bray, Matt Hickman, Tim Miller, Duncan Ralston, and Ryan Harding.



You can find Birthday Boy on Amazon / Goodreads

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I can find a Stefon quote for any situation!

I can find a Stefon quote for any situation!


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*¹  Comma placement

TWO MINDS: 50 Shades Of Fucked Up – An Extreme Horror Novel by Matt Shaw & Sam West

Published December 6, 2016 by Shadow Girl


My rating: 4 of 5 stars  ⋆⋆⋆⋆

These two authors are a match made in… well, Heaven for me!
I’ve been a fan of Matt’s for a very long time. When I stumbled across Sam’s work not very long after, the two people who introduced me to Matt said I’d enjoy Sam’s writing as well – (thank you Suzanne and Cathy!) – and they were right.
IMO, Sam West’s stories have been getting increasingly better this year, and this collaboration came at the perfect time for both of them.

“Two Minds” is told through the viewpoint of the two characters living the story.

The woman – convinced the man she is talking to is responsible for her sister’s disappearance – and the man… Who is he? Did he have anything to do with the sudden disappearance of Samantha’s sister or is he nothing more than an innocent bystander?

Only one thing is for sure… After this night, neither of them will be the same again.

I wish the ending were a little… ‘beefier’ (for lack of a better term, or perfect tongue in cheek?).  I just felt like I needed a bit more there, but that’s only one readers opinion.  I love how it was written. It’s a great style, and I bet we’ll see more authors experimenting with it. This story, (plus the little preview I had), has got me even more excited for The Devil’s Guests!! Have you been looking for something a bit more twisted than usual? The Devil’s Guests is gonna do things to you that no book has done before – trust!

A note to the authors… your introduction(s) made me laugh out loud at work. Thank you for helping convince my boss I’m a lunatic for sitting down to read “50 SHADES OF FUCKED UP” on my break, and giggling.

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Check out the READ MORE section below for a look at THE DEVIL’S GUESTS


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