OMFG, Seriously, Amazon?

After approx. 7 years of having my Amazon account and profile attached to my blog, and 8 or 9 years of just being Shadow Girl and reviewing books, NOW my profile doesn’t meet Community Guidelines?!

They didn’t remove “possible offensive content” from my profile, they didn’t make my profile ‘private’ so the only person who could see it was me, nope. No – they fucking deleted it all!!

After YEARS of having to learn how to speak Amazonian, of finally knowing what you’re allowed to say, and what can get your posts removed, just to have the rules changed… ‘ABC is ok now, but JKL is what got your last post removed…’. It took years, but I finally had my profile perfected.

AFTER ALL THE YEARS OF THAT BULLSHIT… around late 2019 I think is when I noticed that none of my reviews were showing on Amazon. I hadn’t received a notice that I was once again offensive and something was removed… No, just NOT THERE. When contacted, Amazon replied that I don’t spend enough money on their site yearly, THAT in and of itself is against community guidelines, so I don’t qualify to leave reviews for products. Reviews for books that I’ve downloaded with my neverending monthly subscription to Kindle Unlimited don’t meet Community Guidelines because I guess even $120 a year in KU fees isn’t enough to allow me to review a fucking book.

Every once in a while, if I said a few words about a book, while still in the book – opened on my Kindle, once in a while those words got through. THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED TODAY.

Amazon deleted my profile because in the back of THE LOCKDOWN TRADE-OFF by Sam West I said “If you can see this, full review posted on my page – link available in my profile.” Links are not allowed to be included in reviews anymore. I get it, you should see the spam I get here. Links on profiles was encouraged though.

Guys, I’m so mad I’m shaking…

Not an hour after that, my profile is deleted. How the fuck does anyone survive daily life without Amazon? I can’t boycott. I can’t even bitch or the Almighty might take away my Prime status. I have to just bend over and take it, I guess. Lube-less. Then shoot off an unedited rage post before thinking about any consequences…

Am I the asshole? Have I done wrong?

Please comment… All thoughts, I promise not to get pissy if you say I’m wrong. Talk to me…

You think they’ll overnight me some lube with free Prime shipping?

6 replies on “OMFG, Seriously, Amazon?”

They must be on some kind of mission because I had the same thing happen last month. After 10 years of being an Associate, they sent me the same email and canceled my account immediately. I tried writing a very polite, very detailed appeal and was absolutely denied with no recourse for a follow-up. I gave it a week and tried creating a new account but it recognized my email and URL and I was denied.

It sucks. I was making some decent money, all paid in giftcards that I used to buy more books to review, and being shut down was a blow.

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I tried being an associate, and never made a dime! You’d think ppl would buy books, if they’re checking reviews, but not one sale. So, whatever you were doing – bravo! I know you’re as pissed off as me because I know what’s involved in being an associate, and how much work it was it set up!
They said ‘you violated community guidelines’? I’m wondering just how many have been shut down recently, and…why?
They only closed your associates, right? Like I said, if they banned us personally – we’d have to re-learn how to live without them! It’s a suck situation. You should use a different device to set up a new account. The new device, (even with same email sometimes), tricks their system. Once you’re back, use whatever the Hell device you want 😉
Where I screwed up was using one account for everything, this AND personal. I want to put out a call to see if there are more of us, but on the other hand, I can’t believe I rage posted in the first place.


OH!! And the fact that they just completely ignored your every attempt to fix things has me fuming. I fucking hate that they’re able to treat people like shit, and we still use them.
I need some Tegredy, to quote Randy Marsh.


Yeah, I’ve always maintained a few separate accounts – 1 for my romance/erotica reviews (which is where I earned 95% of my commissions), 1 for my SFF reviews, and 1 for my KDP publisher account, and I’ve always been careful not to let them get intertwined. They didn’t do anything to my profiles, just canceled my Associates account.


Do you mean full-on, different email (and name?) accounts?) I only do that on FB! That’s really a good idea. Not really for me because I only really R&R the horror genre, and I ALWAYS forget I have a KDP account!


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