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by Jon Athan

WARNING: This novel contains graphic content. Reader discretion is advised.

Mark Murray loves his girlfriend, Rebecca Lucio, but she doesn’t love him. She believes their love has withered away and she has already fallen for another man, but she struggles to formally end her relationship with Mark. But Mark knows everything already—the lies, the deceit, the cheating. He has a plan to punish Rebecca in the most violent, disgusting way possible. He is going to make her sick… unbelievably sick.

Jon Athan goes back to his roots, and reinvents the definition of ‘lovesick’ in this disgusting, gag-inducing, and extremely violent horror novel.

(Taken, in part, from missing Amazon review.)

Jon Athan “reinvents the definition of ‘lovesick’”!

And he does it soo violently that it turned my stomach a few times! 👍 Good Job! Haha!
I highly recommend this to everyone, but an extra special recommendation to anyone going through a nasty break-up 💔 You’ll feel much better!
I’d be a little worried about the author (from this story) if I didn’t read his letters to his readers in every book. Since we know he’s head over heels in love with his fiance, and getting married soon, it just proves once again what an amazing and versatile writer he truly is.
But – I wonder if she’s read this one…🤔
Just teasing, Jon! Congratulations, again!
I’m impatiently waiting the wrap-up in Lovelorn, (and, of course, Do Not Disturb, just cuz it’s going to be great!).

Some Reading Notes From My Kindle:

Love-sick. Sickness. Bacteria. Diseases.”

Isn’t love itself, in fact, a disease? (Who’s bitter? I’m not bitter, you’re bitter. Shut up.


From the author’s notes: “Did You Research Bartholin’s cysts after reading it?

Yes, thank you so much for the new nightmares, but…good appetite suppressant! Too bad I’m already skinny AF…


“My books are usually a little longer than others in the genre, too.”

There’s another reason you are my first Amazon inquiry each visit!


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