New #BleedingMemes Are Up!

I hope that you’ve been sitting by your computer waiting, wanting, needing… no, I’m teasing! I do hope that someone out there is as excited about the #BM Reboot as I am. I’m having so much fun!!

New #BM for Pete Kahle’s ‘The Specimen

If you weren’t already a fan of the #BleedingMemes in the small sidebar gallery, let me quickly explain to grab your attention. I take a quote that I love, (what, you don’t have an on going list on a notepad in your Kindle? You can’t pull up one of your favorite Jeff Strand quotes from 2014, just to make yourself giggle? Oh…ok then…) I try to find a pic that will do justice to a great quote I Just Read. I don’t have any of the author’s permission, but so far everyone has had great reactions.

I posted the first one first because it’s one of my favorites even though it is relatively new compared to some of my others, but I’m so pleased with how it turned out – I smile every time I see it. The next one is one of the first real #BM’s, and it’s a quote from John Waters – yay!

Originally Published 11/9/14

And I’m throwing in this older Marvin Bell #BM because its awesome, and it’s eye catching, and I’m hoping it will grab you by the arm to escort you to the #BleedingMemes Gallery page to see what else it there. I’m always updating, hence this particular post, so check back often, K? Cool.

Originally Published 8/3/14

You can look at the top menu and see a tab to take you there, or a menu item on the right will whisk you to your destination. But if you just can’t wait another second, here’s a direct link – #BLEEDINGMEMES GALLERY

Peace, Love & Necrophilia ♡


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