Let me remind you of a horrific holiday read from last year… if you haven’t read SEASON’S BLEEDINGS by JACOB RAYNE yet, now is the perfect time! Only $.99 or #FREE to KU subscribers.

The Bloody Book Blogger

‘Blood for the blood God.
Love, yes, we love God.
Take from us this gift of gore.
Keep the devil from our doors.’


This book contains two new twisted short stories for the holidays.

The title story, Season’s Bleedings, is Jacob Rayne’s version of how we came to follow certain traditions at Christmas – brightly decorated pine trees, gifts, and the man in the red suit with his magical sleigh.

In The Curse of Harry Land, a teacher knows that the best way to get kids to do something that you want them to do is to tell them not to do it.  Miss Hopper warns her students to avoid the house of Harry Land this Halloween.

‘It’s Hallowe’en, time for a scare,
If you trickor treat you’d best beware,
Don’t knock on the door of Harry Land,
Or the devil will come and chop off your hand.’

Season’s Bleedings also…

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