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“No one looks up anymore. They’re always looking at their phones or their feet or the back of the person they are stalking.”   ~ Jack Chaser

“Lions and tigers and bears my ass!” ~ Jack Chaser

“There’s a whole different world you see from the rooftops that no one ever thinks about. You can see things no one realizes. Like people fighting trees. Or flying sex toys. Or cougars on the prowl. Baseball games and peanut butter cookies.” 

“Take a look inside. There’s a whole new world to see when you see the things I see up here.”     ~ Jack Chaser


Cougars, Cookies and Construction is written by one of my very favorite WP blogger buddies, Jack Chaser from The Things I See Up Here.

I’ve posted/reblogged some of Jack’s writing here before. His horror story SERIAL was featured during Coffin Hop 2013 – and I’ve been dying to read more ever since! (You can click HERE to read part one of SERIAL, then follow the links to read the additional segments, up to it’s horrifying conclusion!)

I married into a family of contractors, so Jack’s blog has been a constant source of entertainment for me and The Dark Defender. Now we have an entire book filled with seventeen years worth of on the job shenanigans! Read at your own risk – most of these stories could cause you to fall onto the floor laughing, or break a rib trying NOT to laugh in the middle of the night. But… amid the tales of dildo wars & bathroom emergencies are heartwarming insights into human nature – kindness, friendship, family, and A Legacy of Heroes.

Pick up your copy of Cougars, Cookies and Construction: The Things I See Up Heregrab a beer,  and  join us around the campfire… Jack Chaser has some stories to tell!





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