The Giving(away) Season

These are the best things I’ve ever seen!!
I’m going to win the shirt, but that shouldn’t stop you from entering – there are many awesome prizes to be won 😉
Be sure to check out Dyer Wilk’s page, A Season Of Dusk, too.

My friend,artist Dyer Wilk (website here if you need design work done, affordable rates), made me these seasonally-themed covers and it got me thinking: I haven’t done a giveaway in a while.

Leave out some sugar cookies and let’s get me mailing out some crap.

To enter, all you need to do is leave a review for one of my bookson amazon (you can leave a good, bad, or indifferent review: it doesn’t matter as long as you read and are telling other about the book) and then drop me an email letting me know you’ve done so. Only new reviews count, so no trying to pull a fast one.

Private blog, goodreads, and Barnes & Noble reviews are all great and appreciated, but they should be in addition to an amazon one. That’s where most people get their books. I didn’t make the world, I just…

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