Holiday Horror Humor Shenanigans

#HumorousHolidayHorrors ~ Feed me, Seymour!

Who wants cookies and milk if you can have flies and blood?!

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Becoming a member is free & easy, and the benefits are MANY.
(They DO accept donations, but it’s not a requirement, and you’re not hounded about it.)
I do not work for the HBA, but I am a member – check them out when you can ๐Ÿ™‚
I’m going to paste a paragraph from their page…

“Welcome to the Horror Blogger Alliance, a site dedicated to the individuals that pour their tireless effort, heart, and soul in to writing about the genre they love: Horror. It is always important to recognize the hard work that every person contributes to the online blogging community, and every single person deserves the right to be read. As such, this Alliance is an open-admission organization that will hopefully be used to promote new and existing blogs and bloggers, and help introduce the community to a wide variety of different talents! What does it take to join? Nothing! Who decides if you are a member? You. If you are interested in joining, join. You are free to use any of the banners and icons provided on the site to promote yourself as an official Horror Blogger Alliance member. We also welcome everyone to submit introductions to any of our team members to be included as a new blog post on the site so that other bloggers will be aware of your online presence. All new members will be linked to on the right hand side of the screen, and we welcome any banner ads! We also recommend visiting all of the HBA members’ individual blogs and following them to continue to help build lasting friendships and community.”


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