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Cougars, Cookies and Construction: The Things I See Up Here by Jack Chaser

SQUEE!!  Look what Shadow Girl finally got her paws on…

Hey !
Yes, you.
I bet you didn’t see me up here but you can bet I saw you.
No one looks up anymore. Always looking at their phones or their feet or the back of the person they are stalking.

There’s a whole different world you see from the rooftops that no one ever thinks about. You can see things no one realizes. Like people fighting trees. Or flying sex toys. Or cougars on the prowl. Baseball games and peanut butter cookies.

Take a look inside. There’s a whole new world to see when you see the things I see up here.

Cougars, Cookies and Construction is written by one of my very favorite WP blogger buddies, Jack Chaser from The Things I See Up Here.

I’ve posted some of his writing on BBBB before. His horror story SERIAL was featured here during Coffin Hop – and I’ve been dying to read more ever since! You can click HERE to read part one of SERIAL, then follow the links to read the additional segments, up to it’s horrifying conclusion!

The Things I See Up Here is a constant source of belly laughs for me and The Dark Defender, and I’ve reblogged some of my favorite posts many, many times! So, you can imagine my joy when he released Cougars, Cookies, and Construction! It includes new stories and shenanigans from the job, as well as a few of our old favorites… ‘Flying sex toys,  cougars on the prowl, baseball games and peanut butter cookies’.

Stay tuned, you know I’ll review it here when I’m done!!


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