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October 5 is World Teachers’ Day

‘According to a Japanese proverb, “Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.” There’s truth in those words, as anyone who has ever had a great teacher will know!’

I’ve had a few teachers that had an impact on my life. The one who has always shined the brightest is Mr. Wright – my homeroom, civics, and government teacher.
Sadly, he passed away shortly after he retired from Lincoln Park High School, (Go Rails!).
Between Mr. Wright, and a friend named Alicia Burman, I pulled my act together, was inducted into the National Honor Society, and graduated LPHS with honors. I haven’t been able to locate Alicia since high school, social media hasn’t helped me on my quest at all. But… if she ever sees this blog – SUPER HUGS AND A MILLION THANK YOUS!

Infograph provided by Grammarly

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