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CONTEST! 7 Habits of Highly Infective People

Enter to win an autographed copy of William Todd Rose’s zombie novel ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Infective People’


#1. Visit and like William Todd Rose’s Facebook page

#2. In the Zombie Fiend contest discussion HERE tell us Your opinion on the age-old apocalyptic question:

Which is better defense from the zombie hordes: A Gun or Knife?

Contest Rules
– 2 participants will be randomly selected to receive an autographed copy of WTR’s zombie novel‘The Seven Habits of Highly Infective People’
– Must be a ZF member to win
– One entry per contestant
– Contest ends at Midnight on October 17, 2015

3 replies on “CONTEST! 7 Habits of Highly Infective People”

With a knife, the human has to get close to the zombie….. and that’s not a good thing.

With a gun, though the human can take down a zombie from afar, he has to be a good shooter, and alas, the bullets are limited.

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Great answer!
But… I messed up – I copied the text from the ZF website, and didn’t edit the ‘HERE’ to be a link to the contest page.
I’m going to fix that right now, and I’ll get you entered into the contest there. I’m going to screen shot this to both William Todd Rose, and Joy Killar at Zombie Fiend 🙂


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