Dear all,

“It is our sad duty to inform you that LegumeMan Books is closing its doors. When we released our first book six years ago, we had no idea what we were hoping to achieve with this endeavor, and looking back, it seems we achieved rather a lot. We have put a lot of time and energy into doing everything we can to introduce readers to interesting authors while affording particular focus on the activities of the oft-ignored genre-writing scene in Australia. We hope we came some way toward achieving this goal.”

“The reasons for closing are many, but it can be distilled down to lack of time necessary to give our books the support they truly deserve. We could have kept going, but this would not have been in the best interest of the authors who entrusted us with their work. We want LegumeMan to be something we can look back at fondly, and prolonging closure would compromise that outcome.”

“To every person who ever spent their money on a LegumeMan book, or took time out of their day to promote us, we thank you. It truly means the world to us to know there are so many people out there who showed enthusiasm for the work of our wonderful authors. We would not have lasted this long without you and we owe you everything. Every royalty check our authors ever received from us, no matter how small, was entirely thanks to you.”

“So what does this all mean? Over the coming months, all of our titles will be delisted with the rights being given back to the authors. Some of these books may go on to live second lives and some may not. If there is a title you have been thinking about picking up, this may be your last opportunity to do so.”

“Thank you all once more. It has been wonderful and we will never forget it.”

Let the Night Be,
LegumeMan Books
Robert Hamilton, Matthew Revert & Brooke Walters



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G.N. Braun
Garrett Cook
Garrett Cook
Ray Fracalossy
Andrew Gallacher
Jess Gulbranson
Steve Gerlach
R. Frederick Hamilton
Jordan Krall
Brett McBean
Avgi Meleti
Sveinung Mikkelsen
Reverend Steven Rage
Bradley Sands
Scott Tyson
Scott Tyson
Jason Wuchenich


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G. N. Braun:
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Garrett Cook:
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Michael Dhillon:
Ray Fracalossy:
Andrew Gallacher:
Steve Gerlach:
Jess Gulbranson:
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Brett McBean:
Reverend Steven Rage:
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Bryce Stevens:
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