What is Zombie Punk?

Move over Splatterpunk, you’re getting a new neighbor! #ZombiePunk


William Gibson helped make Cyberpunk a household word in the Eighties. One could argue that HG Wells and Jules Verne created the idea of Steampunk in the late eighteen hundreds. In both these cases the concept that something is ‘punked’ equates to taking a paradigm of thought and tilting it on its axis. They are and were using the mainstream and making it extraordinary.

Cyber Eye

To ‘punk’ something is taking whatever you have and not just making it work for you, but moving your resources fifty times beyond what anyone would have thought possible and a hundred times what people thought you would be capable of.


Punk Rock itself is an example of this. These mostly dirt poor kids banded together to create music and reinvent how people look at the world. Punk Rockers set the stage of the internet. They were the first to move past monopolies and money and…

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