Interview with Rich Restucci, Author of Run

Crossroads: The Up From the Depths Saga


Can you provide a brief summary of your novel, Run?

Zombies! Run!  Brief enough?

What was your motivation(s) to write this particular book/series?

I love the genre. I’ve read tons of books and seen so many films.  Fully 80% of them suck, but you still have to turn the page or keep watching.  I thought to myself, “Self?  What would you like to see in a book or movie?”  Boom.  Run.  Hope it doesn’t suck…

As a real world chemist with a background in prepping, how did that affect your writing?

I like to blow shit up. I always have.  I can blow lots of shit up with the chemicals under your kitchen sink.  Gimme a Brillo pad and some ammonia and I can burn your playhouse down.  You let me in the garage… well that’s a party.  Let me ask you a question:  Do you have a spare tire? …

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