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SOME KIND OF CU*T by Matt Shaw

“Some Kind of Cu*t” is the story of one man and his family; all of them willing to do whatever their ‘father’ asks of them – including murder.


When his uncle came for him, he didn’t even know his name. The six year old boy, sold to a waitress for the price of his mother’s beer tab, has already been pushed from the frying pan into the fire. Where do you go if you’re pushed from the fire? He’s afraid of learning the answer, so he tries to smile when he looks at his uncle and says “I like the name Tom ”
He watches as life happens around him. There are fights, and blood, and times when people don’t wake up again. He sees the news on TV, and sees the same flashing lights outside the dirty windows. It’s time to go, again.
He can’t sleep in this new place. He’s cold, and a man in a uniform wakes him up almost every night. The horrors here last until he’s old enough to be set free.

He’s never had the love of a true family. He’s never had comfort, and has never known peace. He’s hoping that will all change now that he’s met Father. But the new life he’s entering into comes with entirely new horrors.

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