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I didn’t get into this book the first time I tried to read it, but I recently gave it a second chance – and I’m happy I did.

Once I got comfortable in Robert Devereaux‘s ‘Tale of Love & Sacrifice’, everything started to make perfect sense. Marriages are threesomes, and pain & suffering are the norm.

It’s sex, death, and public education.


‘Let the little children suffer. God-damnit, let them suffer.’

Prom night has always been a big event for most students, and a night that a lot of us look back upon fondly . But this story isn’t about any school dance that we remember.

Prom in the Demented States of America is an important event watched by the entire nation. The sacrifice of the young is a rite of spring, and an honor to their Lord. On prom night the chosen couple is slaughtered and bits of them are kept as souvenirs.
This year’s Designated Slasher at Corundum High is straying from tradition, and the bodies are starting to pile up. Once the students & faculty realize that everything about the night is going very VERY wrong – it might be to late for them all.

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